三则 DP 均来自于 miles per day,这位老哥可以说是 king of shutdown 了,你能叫出名字的账户,他都被关过

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这位读者有两张 AMEX 卡的 Statement Balance 比较高,接近了 20k。而且每天在 Citi 卡上做一些 MS 活动,估计是撸疫情的超市福利。首先你所有卡的 statement balance 都会在信用报告上有,银行可以 soft pull 你的信用报告看到,所以不要觉得银行只有他们自己的数据。当然,你可以在出 statement 之前还掉一部分,保证出账单的 balance 比较低。

Last week, a reader had his Citi accounts shut down. He never spent over CL and figures there were 2 possible reasons. First reason could be because he had 2 recent AMEX statements close totaling over $20K. With the current climate, banks are worried about ability to pay, so they may have gotten nervous that he had balances that high. The second reason is the more common MS method with Citi, which he was doing daily. I’ve heard of others getting shut down due to this as well, so this is more likely the culprit (although once again, I know others who are doing this just fine.)

Either way, the lesson learned is definitely to try not to close cards with high balances in the current environment.

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这个读者的 7 张个人卡和 checking、Saving 都被关了,Chase 也没有给出确切的理由。但是从 checking、saving 被关来看,似乎不只是信用卡的问题。排除一下他说的没有 MO,似乎有可能是存现金的原因?总之确实比较迷 

My Chase closure: current state of affairs. As I reported before, all my 7 Chase personal CCs were closed early July 2020 (while I was on the road) . Later I received a letter which did not give a reason, only “We have decided to close your accounts”. I called the number and was told Chase will not give a reason, no reconsideration is possible and the decision is final. Let’s call this a hard closure. I received another letter that my checking and savings account will be closed on August 5. Fine, I emptied the accounts. I also have a Starbucks account which still works though I drained it today to avoid problems getting my money out, and I have an “You Invest JP Morgan” account. No closure notice on that one but when I inquired, I was told by JP Morgan side that the Chase side had “restricted” the account. He could not figure out why but told me that I needed to move the account out before it would get liquidated (not good because I had appreciated stocks in the account) . This was confirmed by a Chase branch (as far as they understood what an investment account is) .

I also called the Chase reconsideration line (I know, intended for CC refusals) , hoping that someone might disclose something but no luck, and I wrote a letter to Jamie Dimon, asking for clemency (“the punishment doesn’t seem to fit the crime” was my argument) . More about this later.
Now my 1 million UR points. Chase gave me 30 days to use them. I was pretty worried because I didn’t have a sapphire personal card to transfer points out. The rep tried to transfer the points but told me the computer wouldn’t allow it. Instead, a case was created and I would hear within 7-10 business days

Re: the letter, I received a call last Thursday from a Jeanine at the Credit Card Executive Office who told me she would investigate and let me know. She left her phone number in case I wanted to talk. I called yesterday morning and left a message but have not heard back. At this point, I’m ready to let it go. Chase refunded most of my annual fees (even a prorated amount for an AF I paid last December) . If Jeanine ever calls me, I’m going to ask her if there is any way a negative flag like “unsatisfactory relationship” can be removed from my name.

Just FYI, I don’t think I abused Chase in any way this year. I did do 2 x $1500 on Freedom Cards and I did 1 x $5000 on a Marriott card in “groceries” but that is it. I used the Freedom Unlimited at Simon Mall 3 times earlier in the year (Jan-Mar) . Never missed a payment, no MOs in the checking account; I only used it to pay Chase CCs. Sorry for the long story but I wanted to be as complete as possible. Chase is done with me but I am also done with Chase, at least for a while!

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六张卡被关,快速撸了 30k 的 MS 消费,而且是没有额外多倍奖励的。。。不得不说老美的脑回路还是惊奇。他还有一张 0apr 的卡上面有大量的 balance.

Too much MS too quick. Bought 30k in [unbonused spend] across 3 cards. Prompted an acct review because I was maxing out my available credit. I’ve done a ton of MS but I’ve read Covid has them on edge. 6 cards down the drain.

Average spend was always around 15-20k across portfolio in prior months and paying the balance off before statement close. Also was carrying 25k balance on a 0% apr card which was money I invested during April lows. What put my Acct under review was maxing out available balance on one card that had 40k limit. Like immediately after I made that purchase everything got locked up. Even though I wasn’t going to carry that balance it still tipped the scales


疫情期间,大家信用卡的消费都在下降,这种 MS 产生的单一大额消费就特别显眼了。此外,银行也怕大家刷了卡还不起钱,风控的力度也有所扩大。所以,不管从自身安全的角度,还是从保护好信用卡的角度,MS 还是先减少一点吧。