Acorns 将提高最低档 Acorns Lite 的月费,从 $1 提升到 $3。同时 Acorns 也给出一个选项,如果你经济上有困难的话,可以点击下面的链接保留 $1 的月费。

Thank you for choosing Acorns to help you save and invest every day. To continue growing our technology, business, and team for you, our $1 subscription fee tier, Acorns Lite, will no longer be available as of September 21. At that time, you will be automatically upgraded to Acorns Personal, and your subscription fee will be $3 per month, billed on your regular billing date.

You do not need to take any action, but if you are experiencing economic hardship and need to stick with the $1 per month tier, simply click here by September 21. Enter this email address where you see the prompt, and we will honor your request.

如果你不是 student 的免费会员的话,可以考虑点点,或者觉得用处不大就直接关账户。

值得注意的是,现在 refer 的奖励是 refer 四个人得 $1000,如果有兴趣可以找四个人合作然后平分 refer 奖励。