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内部通告:传言不实,Chase Freedom 不会被消失

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还在担心前不久的 Chase Freedom 即将被全部转成 Chase Freedom Unlimited 的传言吗?DoC 获得了 Chase 的内部备忘,证实了前不久在 Reddit 等地流传的该传言并不真实。


What to know about those Chase Freedom rumors
June 10,2016
We want to clear up some rumors circulating on some blogs stating that our Chase Freedom credit card will be discontinued at the end of the year
Here are the facts
There are no plans to discontinue Chase Freedom or the 5% categories that come with it.
Chase Freedom is one of our most popular cards and will continue to be available online.
Chase Freedom Unlimited debuted in March to give customers more options for earning cash back – not to replace Chase Freedom.
As always, use your resources to help customers apply for the card that’s right for them. If customers want to apply for Chase Freedom in the branch, you can help them apply on chase.com. [Last few words are cut off in the picture I saw]
All States – All Branch Employees (A)

大家可以安心,要申请不要申请 Freedom 的都可以原有的计划,不用赶着申请/不申请。当然,这也有可能是 Chase 的糖衣炮弹,用来掩饰一下。

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