ExpertFlyer 近期宣布,将暂停下列航空公司的里程票数据,也就是无法直接搜索这些航空公司的里程票和余票数量了。受影响的都是美国之外的航空公司,对国际航线的查询有一定的影响。

Due to ongoing issues in obtaining award data for some airlines, we have decided to remove airlines from the Award & Upgrade search tool whose award data is no longer available:
• British Airways (except for Gold Elite Awards)
• Qatar Airways
• Iberia
• Korean Air (only Saver award classes removed)
• KLM (only Saver award classes removed)
• Emirates (only Saver award classes removed)
• Etihad
• Virgin Atlantic
• Fiji Airways
• Icelandair
• Some of the smaller oneworld airlines
• Some of the smaller Skyteam airlinesAny award classes that are no longer available will have “ (currently unavailable) ” appended to their description in the Class Codes reference and when viewing any Flight Alerts for them.
This also means that any active Flight Alerts for those award classes will no longer work. You are receiving this email because you have an active alert for an award class of one or more of the affected airlines. You can view your active alerts by logging in and clicking on the View Saved Alerts link under Alerts on the left side of the page. No other data or alert types for these airlines have been affected.


Expert Flyer 是目前市面上机票查询的最大最专业的工具之一。不仅可以查询各个航空公司的机票,还可以同时查到属于什么样的仓位,这个仓位还剩几张票。更妙的是他还提供里程票提醒的服务,一旦有你需要的票放出来,会自动发邮件提醒。这对于一些热门航线抢票是非常有帮助的。此外,在一些复杂的多停留开口以及路径的规划上也能提供很大的帮助。