Plastiq 给部分用户发送邮件,告知将推出新的 Plastiq Pay 功能。你可以通过他们的平台管理所有信用卡和银行账户,并用账户进行付款。你可以通过邮件加入 list 获取三个月的免费体验,之后价格是 $59 每个月。

The New Plastiq Pay – Coming soon.

Later this month, we are debuting premium features in Plastiq Pay to help businesses like yours automate payables with invoice data capture for fast and efficient bill payments. An all new dashboard will let you see all your card and bank account balances in one place so you can get a snapshot of working capital and improve cash flow.

Save your spot now to get 3 months free*. After that, plans will start at $59/month. The all new Plastiq Pay will save your team half the time you spend managing accounts payable. Join the list »

*Terms and conditions will apply and be presented when the new Plastiq Pay is launched.

这种管理功能倒不是什么新鲜事,mint、personal capital、Maxrewards 都支持添加信用卡和银行账户,还免费。我估计这个 Plastiq Pay 也就是针对商业用户开发吧,应该会多不少几张报税之类相关的功能才有市场。