Bilt 官方发布了对于盗刷的解释,并且给每个受影响的人发放了 1000 积分补偿。虽然不多,也总算是蚊子腿肉。不过其他银行很少听说过这种大面积暴力盗刷的情况,bilt 还是得把信用卡本职的功能做好才行。现在尚且不知道会不会有相应的集体诉讼出现,要是有的话可不止这 1000 积分了。

What happened: This incident occurred as a result of an external fraud attempt to guess account numbers and other card related data (for example, expiration date) to commit fraud. In short, the fraudsters tried random combinations of account information to see which ones work. The large majority of these are blocked through monitored controls, but in this case, attempts from trusted merchants impacted a subset of Bilt customers. Remember, as a Bilt Mastercard cardholder, you won’t be held responsible for promptly reported unauthorized transactions.1

What we are doing: We continue to implement new security measures to help protect our cardholders and we remain committed to providing you with safe and secure products and services. Please closely monitor your credit card statements and if you have been impacted, contact us immediately at 833-404-2272.

As a thank you for your patience, we are issuing 1,000 Bilt Points to your Bilt Rewards account. It will appear in the next 30 days.

关于 Bilt 房租神卡:

Bilt 前段时间出现不少“盗刷”现象,官方在 Reddit 给了解释,称受到 BIN attacks。如果你也出现被盗刷,第一时间联系富国银行:1-800-723-5533。相信 Bilt 已经解决了这个问题。