BOA 的 auto pay 一直受人诟病,经常会有没 pay 成功或者 pay 的数额不对的情况。果然这个功能被集体诉讼了。当然,老样子还是 BOA 拒绝承认自己的错误,但是出钱和解。最终的钱数将根据大家由于这个功能的问题产生的额外利息来决定。这个集体诉讼不需要主动 claim,钱会自动发放。

看这个解释,貌似是从 pay due 切换到 pay 全 balance 不成功,然后导致大家只是不用交 late fee,剩下的 balance 继续算利息

The Class is made up of any current or former Bank of America credit card holder who was enrolled in the bank’s eBill AutoPay for their credit card, selected the “Amount Due” payment option between June 3, 2014, and March 7, 2021, and as of May 21, 2021, switched their payment option from “Amount Due” to “Account Balance” after making an “Amount Due” payment and being assessed interest.

time line 如下

  • Final Hearing: 11/17/2021
  • Settlement Website:
  • The deadline to opt out of or object to the settlement: Sept. 11, 2021.