AMEX 将在 4 月 1 日给一系列卡增加 Phone Protection,卡有:

  • AmEx Platinum 个人卡和商业卡(包括 Schwab, Morgan Stanley)
  • Platinum Delta SkyMiles 个人和商业卡
  • Delta Reserve cards 个人和商业卡
  • Centurion cards 个人和商业版本

这个 Protection 包括什么内容呢,我看了下 AMEX 给的 Term,貌似主要内容就是可以补偿手机维修或者被偷的损失。最高 $800 一单,每次 claim 有 $50 的损失需要自己付。12 个月最多 2 次 claim

  • Reimbursement for the actual cost to repair or replace a Stolen or damaged Eligible Cellular Wireless Telephone.
  • The maximum liability is $ 800, per claim, per Eligible Card Account. Each claim is subject to a $ 50 deductible.
  • Coverage is limited to two (2) claims per Eligible Card Account per 12 month period

需要在事情发生的 90 天内 claim。