Alaska Airlines 阿拉斯加航空发出邮件,通知大家降低保级/冲级难度,并将要推出新的会员等级等级。



  1. Fast Track to Status promotion 延迟到 12/31/2021, 活动内容是所有机票获得 50% 的额外 EQMs,也就是定级里程
  2. 会员获得的 2020 年等级保持到 4/30/2022
  3. 在 2022 年底推出新的最高会员等级 MVP Gold 100K


“As it relates to future travel, we recognize that normal travel habits have been significantly disrupted by this pandemic and you may have concerns about not being able to enjoy the status you once had when your schedule begins to pick back up. We are committed to helping you get back to your status and are pleased to announce we are offering ‘boosts’ to help you get there.

  • Our Fast Track to Status promotion has just been extended to the end of the year. Fly now through Decem‌ber 31, 20‌21 and earn 50% more elite-qualifying miles*. No registration necessary—so book and get a boost to your EQMs.
  • If circumstances are such that you have not been able to requalify for your status by year end, we will maintain your 202‌0 status through April 30, 202‌2. This will give you added opportunity at the start of next year to maintain your status by flying a minimum number of miles January through April. More information to come on that.
  • In the meantime, there is a lot to look forward to in 202‌2 with Alaska’s Mileage Plan™ becoming even more rewarding:
    NEW REDEMPTION OPTIONS: Now, as part of the oneworld® Alliance, we’ve unlocked a world of travel possibilities to 1,000+ worldwide destinations. Redeem Alaska miles for award travel on
  • our newest redemption partner, Qatar Airways, and treat yourself to the best long-haul business class cabin in the sky: the Qsuite.
    NEW ELITE TIER: Our newest elite tier is rolling out early next year. Introducing MVP Gold 100K elite status with even more bonus miles, top upgrade priority on Alaska flights, a complimentary inflight snack and more. Members earning more than 100,000 elite-qualifying miles, with a minimum of 24 segments on Alaska in 2021 will be eligible to enjoy MVP Gold 100K benefits after the new tier launches next year.”

关于 MVP Gold 100K

此等级超过 MVP Gold 75K 成为最高等级。

我猜测的加入寰宇一家后造成相对于 75K 的会员数量激增,然后会多很多来自联盟的乘机人,增加一个更高等级能一定程度上刺激消费。在定级航段和里程的要求上也能看出主要是针对联盟方向的。

但仔细观察这个 100K 的内容,其实并没有比 75K 好多少。


什么好处?相对于 75K 来说,100K 的额外福利真的是太少了,和定级差距实在不相等,额外的福利如下:

  • 多 25% 的飞行里程累积
  • 升舱最优级
  • 多一张 American Airlines 单程国际航班的升舱券
  • 乘坐阿拉斯加航班经济舱多提供 snack 小食