Wells Fargo 因车贷、房贷、支票账户等一系列的错误被 CFPB 开出 $3.7B 巨额罚单,总计影响了 1600 百万个账户。其中 $2B 将赔偿给那些收到影响的用户,$1.7B 将支付给 CFPB 作为罚款。


  • 车贷和房贷由于系统错误,支付出现问题,导致被收取了额外的费用和利息
  • 房贷更正被拒绝
  • debit 支付和 ATM 被收取了错误的 overdraft fee
  • 账户被无故冻结,费用免除没有成功
  • Unlawfully repossessed vehicles and bungled borrower accounts: Wells Fargo had systematic failures in its servicing of automobile loans that resulted in $1.3 billion in harm across more than 11 million accounts. The bank incorrectly applied borrowers’ payments, improperly charged fees and interest, and wrongfully repossessed borrowers’ vehicles. In addition, the bank failed to ensure that borrowers received a refund for certain fees on add-on products when a loan ended early.
  • Improperly denied mortgage modifications: During at least a seven-year period, the bank improperly denied thousands of mortgage loan modifications, which in some cases led to Wells Fargo customers losing their homes to wrongful foreclosures. The bank was aware of the problem for years before it ultimately addressed the issue.
  • Illegally charged surprise overdraft fees: For years, Wells Fargo unfairly charged surprise overdraft fees - fees charged even though consumers had enough money in their account to cover the transaction at the time the bank authorized it - on debit card transactions and ATM withdrawals. As early as 2015, the CFPB, as well as other federal regulators, including the Federal Reserve, began cautioning financial institutions against this practice, known as authorized positive fees.
  • Unlawfully froze consumer accounts and mispresented fee waivers: The bank froze more than 1 million consumer accounts based on a faulty automated filter’s determination that there may have been a fraudulent deposit, even when it could have taken other actions that would have not harmed customers. Customers affected by these account freezes were unable to access any of their money in accounts at the bank for an average of at least two weeks. The bank also made deceptive claims as to the availability of waivers for a monthly service fee.

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