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Wells Fargo Platinum Credit Card Review

Credit Card Review ymlulu 2年前 (2017-08-07) 3305次浏览 0个评论

Wells Fargo Platinum Credit card to send a 15-month interest-free period]

Wells Fargo Wells Fargo Platinum Platinum credit card introduced

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Basic Features

  • Open card reward: a 15-month interest-free period
  • No cash back consumption
  • No Annual Fee


  • Insurance comes with the phone : If your monthly spending, damaged or stolen mobile phone to pay phone with this card, you can get compensation up to $ 600 ($ 25 before the need to pay their own)
  • Complimentary FICO score : Experian to provide FICO credit score monthly. See: Free Which strong credit points
  • 0 APR 15 months : 15 months after opening the card purchase and balance Transfer has no interest. See: 0APR play Introduction

My review.

If you use 15-month interest-free period is good. Do not have access to this, then do not be deceived by the name of platinum.


  • Application difficulty : this card application threshold is generally recommended to have more than one year credit application, have his best home checking
  • Application Status : Wells Fargo application status inquiry link (login required or enter this code)
  • Note : This card only has a green card or US citizenship to apply! If you have any other credit card bank within 16 months, you will not get the rewards card open and 0APR

Application Links

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