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TopCashBack (TCB) Review

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The market is now more than a dozen cashback network, using the methods and principles are very similar to make money, are interested can see the ” cash back network is how to make money .” To stand out in a number of sites, we must not lose to others in all aspects, but also to highlight their strengths. Today, we have to introduce a cashback network –TopCashback I often use

TopCashBack (TCB) Review

[ 7/6 update ] link to register now recommended by Topcashback, you can get $ 10 Gap GC rewards, incentives can be extracted together after getting the $ 10 cash back. This event July 19 deadline. TCB approximately 3/4 of the time is not registered reward, there is need to register can register a waiting deal with free items and then make a purchase, implement Double dip.

Net cash back TopCashBack (TCB) Guide [7/6 Update: Registration send GC]

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1. Registration and registration incentives

Usually register the network is no cash back reward, whether registered or recommended links from others directly in the official website link. If you support our work blog, welcome to use our referral link to register. Not urgently, you can have incentives such as when registering.

[ 6/4 update ] link to register now recommended by Topcashback, you can get $ 10 bonus reward after obtaining $ 10 cash back can be extracted together. This event 6/13 deadline. TCB approximately 3/4 of the time is not registered reward, there is need to register can register a waiting deal with free items and then make a purchase, implement Double dip.

You can see the $ 10 pending registration

Net cash back TopCashBack (TCB) Guide [7/6 Update: Registration send GC]

2. Basic functions

Net cash back

Topcashback basic function of course is a net cash back every time you are shopping search from topcashback want to go to the merchant, then click on the merchant site to complete the purchase within topcashback, which will be able to receive cash back up. If you are not aware of this process, you can refer to ” cash back rebate network entry ” in ebates of steps, of course, you have to sign in to search into topcashback go to businesses, rather than ebates.

Track time and get bonus time

In general, the tracking speed is very fast, the stuff shipped, topcashback here there appears pending. Of course, mainly depends on the business.

TopCashBack (TCB) Review

If you see pending, and it means you’ve tracked down the shopping in the TCB system. Wait until you confirm the purchase of business (depending on the merchant processing speed back now, three weeks – 2 months, ranging in), you will this cash back from pending changes to confirmed. Before long, it will become payable state, you can get the money up.

Topcashback not as ebates that is made once a quarter of the money, but as long as your cash back becomes payable, you can take the money. Some sites faster processing speed (eg ebay) pending from a month will be able to become payable, those beauty products shop more slowly, usually takes two months or so.

Take the money Methods

TCB take the money now, there are four methods, which use amex gift card as a payout can have 3% to 6% bonus, but with the amazon gc payout is 3% bonus. If you do not want to toss, another checking account, then use ACH most convenient, after fill checking number and routing number, the money can go directly to your bank account inside. Of course, you do not want to provide banking information with paypal money, then the money from paypal or go directly to the bank in paypal use is also possible.

Recently Topcashback type with increased cash back redemption of Gift Card, Amazon and exchange AMEX GC can get 3% bonus, exchange nike, hotels.com, Gap, petco 5% bonus.

Net cash back TopCashBack (TCB) Guide [7/6 Update: Registration send GC]

Note, AMEX GC can not be directly used to feed the birds or buy the MO. But as a direct payment to spend in the store or online, such as pay water and electricity bill, phone bill it is possible, the equivalent of a 5% bonus you get a piece of the upper limit of 5% cash back amount of cash back cards .

3. Features

TCB is the reason why I used a website, there are several reasons:

  • A high proportion of cash back
  • Businesses covering a wide
  • Higest Cashback Guarantee
  • Submit an online missing cashback
  • Often can receive free stuff

Cash back cover ratio and businesses

Basically you want to get back to the current site can be found on the TCB, especially girls often buy bags, the proportion of cash back beauty products are high. And, sometimes they will provide ultra-high limit cashback, such as 20% below the Rebecca Minkoff cashback, the equivalent of a direct discount for each purchase!

TopCashBack (TCB) Review

Higest Cashback Guarantee

The market so much cash back network, each network offers a cash back a return to the same business now often different, this is not a headache? Can not always choose the highest cashback cashback network, the minimum amount of time to extract enough money, then I have not been everywhere on its hands. To this end, TCB provides a Higest Cashback Guarantee function. Simply put, if the other network is now back in the business to provide higher cash back, then after you submit an application, TCB will give you provide the same percentage of cash back.

TopCashBack (TCB) Review

In the Account – Customer care, we can find this Higest Cashback Guarantee function, click the Claim, we can begin.

Net cash back TopCashBack (TCB) Guide [7/6 Update: Registration send GC]

Note that, TCB only offer cash back several relatively large proportion of matching cash back networkTopCashBack (TCB) Review

Matching cashback basic process is as follows:

  • By TCB to buy something
  • TCB to track your shopping (appeared in pending)
  • In other return than the current network found TCB gives you a higher cash back (copy this cashback network interface corresponding to the business)
  • Fill in the form above and choose the merchant and the corresponding time, select the required matching cash back network, copy the link above to fill in the URL
  • After complete the submission, usually within a few days you will see a success

Below is my TCB through a $ 500 shopping ebay, then TCB provides only 1% cash back. And I found shopathome offers 2% cash back, so he submitted an application, TCB will soon give me back now added this section.

TopCashBack (TCB) Review

If you want to use this match function, with particular attention to:

  • You must submit an application to the track to, but also to submit an application within seven days after the track to the
  • You must be a day of shopping, other cash back network to provide a high proportion of cash back
  • Other considerations see the official explanation: official links

Missing Cashback

For there is no trace to shopping, TCB also provides a function for online submission. If your shop has not been traced to within 7 days, you can use this function, step by step, submit an application. Also, you can Account – Customer Care to find this feature inside.

TopCashBack (TCB) Review

To be honest, I have been to this feature almost useless, because of the large Cashback are tracking well. However, there used to listen to people complain that the processing speed is very slow, for several months nothing happened.

Receive free items

TCB often send free stuff (free after cashback), the majority of new users, but users also have the old. Details can look at some of the following deal:

4. Notes

  • TCB sensitive to the use promo code if you use the promo code on TCB did not provide shopping in the business, there might not receive cash back.
  • If you cash back more than $ 600 a year, there may be tax tables TCB will be issued to you, ask you to return. So, as much as possible with several different cash back network, to avoid tax situation.

5. Summary

Higest Cashback Guarantee function so I do not think about when shopping, go directly back to the existing network, see higher direct match on the line. This feature is particularly suitable for lazy people like me, get a cash back net all back now.

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