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Simply Best Coupons Review【Free $5 and cashback】

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Net cash back SimplyBestCoupons introduced [send registration

1. Simply Best Coupons introduction

Simply Best Coupon (SBC) is also commonly used to return the existing network, merchants 4900+ to provide additional cash back. About 34% of the maximum cashback merchant (data network) of all proportion cashback network.

I use SBC’s main value is that he not only gave some businesses offer higher cash back, but also provides many exclusive coupon. In this way, you’re in the business of online shopping, you can stop inquiry coupon in the SBC, then the corresponding merchant to complete the purchase and get cash back up.

2. Registration and registration incentives

By now recommended links registered SimplyBestCoupon, you can get $ 5 bonus. After extracting the minimum requirements to meet cash back, we can put together the cash.

Net cash back SimplyBestCoupons introduced [send registration

After Sign up, you can see $ 5 pending in the accounts

Net cash back SimplyBestCoupons introduced [send registration

3. Basic functions

3.1 get cash back

SBC directly in the search bar to search for places you want to go shopping on the line. Such as search walmart, you can see walmart business presentation. From Shopnow enter walmart, finished shopping, this shopping you can get 5% cash back up.

Net cash back SimplyBestCoupons introduced [send registration

3.2 click tracking

After you click into other businesses from SBC, click the record will appear in the Click, the case did not get the cash back, when you submit a complaint, this can be traced clicks. Tracking data includes time, businesses, the proportion of cash back.

Net cash back SimplyBestCoupons introduced [send registration

3.3 extract cash back

As long as your account is now back to more than a certain amount, you can apply for a withdrawal. SBC provides very many ways to cash:

Net cash back SimplyBestCoupons introduced [send registration

If you then use Direct Deposit in the United States directly hit the bank account is the most convenient. Checks need to mail, but you can choose a bank deposit they need. Paypal, Dwolla also suitable in the United States and outside the United States while this type of account. Western Union, Money Gram for Chinese users. Amazon’s Gift Card if you need them direct exchange is also very convenient.

In short, so many ways there is always a right for you. Try to choose No fees, cash the easiest on the line.

4. Features

4.1 Merchant Coupons

SimplyBestCoupons biggest feature is that it provides many businesses discount coupons (Coupons). Compared to other cashback network, SBC inside Coupon particularly full, and sometimes there are no official online discount coupons. For example, Target $ 7 off $ 70 like Coupon, simply can not find anywhere else, but as long as you link to the past from the point of SBC, the shopping cart will automatically use this Coupon. Once this Coupon can be used on Visa Gift Card, let a lot of people drilled a big loopholes.

Net cash back SimplyBestCoupons introduced [send registration

So, you use this time to go back to the current network of merchant shopping, be sure to remember the way to glance at the below listed Coupon, maybe also give you further save some money.

4.2 browser plug-in

There are a lot of cash back network provides a browser plug-in to facilitate the use of automatic cash back when online shopping network. After loading the plug-in, when the business of shopping, the proportion of cash back will automatically pop back and exclusive link the existing network to complete the purchase will automatically get the cash back to the site. At this point, SBC user’s browser plug-in to provide extra businesses cash back. So if you often use, you can install a plug-in, not only easy to buy, but also to get some extra cash back.

Net cash back SimplyBestCoupons introduced [send registration

Additional plug-ins users can access more than 0.5% cash back

4.3 Referral Rewards

Most of the existing network and back different, SBC incentives for people is recommended nominees can get cash back of 5%, each person is recommended up to contribute $ 50. Compared to 20% of Mr.Rebate it is a lot worse. The benefits can define their own referral link, you can recommend a business directly from the interface.

Net cash back SimplyBestCoupons introduced [send registration

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