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[Deal Gone]住酒店还能拿至少5000航空里程的方法

已过期 OneMoreDay 4年前 (2015-07-02) 3580次浏览 4个评论

Screenshot 2015-09-14 08.37.41Rocketmiles.com在搞活动,新用户在美国中部时间(CT) 7月3日11:59PM 前预订酒店(住店时间不限)就可以获得5,000航空里程。可以选的航空公司包括我们熟知的美联航UA,美国航空AA,西南航空Southwest,阿拉斯加航空AS,加拿大航空AC,全日空ANA等等,具体列表如下:

Screenshot 2015-07-02 07.57.18


1. 去Rocketmiles官网注册一个账户,注册链接在此 (这是我的推荐链接),只需要输入你的邮箱即可。

2. 之后两个页面可以点绿色方框跳过,来到这个页面:

Screenshot 2015-07-02 09.28.54

3. 点右上角的“Account” 修改你的”Profile & Account”,输入姓名,设置密码,链接你的航空公司会员号。

4. 在美国中部时间(CT) 7月3日11:59PM 前到以下这个网址预订酒店就可以了:



注意,必须要通过这个link预订酒店,否则可能回拿不到这5,000 miles!

酒店价格方面,我试着在Rocketmiles搜了下,这是8月20日-21日奥兰多Double Tree的价格:



Screenshot 2015-07-02 09.36.12



Rocketmiles每年都会有类似的Promotion,去年是4,000 miles的奖励,我注册并预定了酒店,以我的经验是,只要你成功入住了很快就能拿到奖励。

以下是本次活动的Terms & Conditions:

Qualifying Activity: This offer is strictly limited to new Rocketmiles customers. To be eligible for this promotion, a hotel reservation must be booked using this promotional address (www.rocketmiles.com/vacation-fpb-062015) or on the iOS app using promotion code “vacation” by 11:59PM CT on 3 July 2015. Limit one per customer. Limited to one stay. Promotional offer cannot be applied to existing bookings or retroactively applied to bookings not made using the link above. This promotional offer cannot be combined with any other offers, including a sign-up from referral bonus. Additionally, the promotional bonus cannot be redeemed for Norwegian CashPoints or applied to a Rocketmiles for Business account. Rocketmiles reserves the right to retract a bonus at any time if it detects technical errors, cancel/rebooking activity (defined by identical search criteria), or any deceptive behavior attempted to circumvent the limits expressed above including multiple accounts. If Rocketmiles is not contacted directly about reservation modifications until after points have already been posted, any approved refund amount may be reduced by up to the full retail value of the reward. Rewards that cannot be posted due to incorrect or incomplete information may become ineligible after 12 months and no customer response to our e-mail outreach. See www.rocketmiles.com/terms for full terms. Please contact your loyalty program directly for information about redeeming points, or for questions about earning rewards for past flights

HT: Loyalty Lobby



Q:Can I book for other people and earn the rewards for myself?

A:Absolutely. Log into your account, book the room, and enter the actual guest’s name who will be checking in as “primary guest”. If you are booking for a company, contact us and ask to be put in touch with one of our Corporate Account Managers who can explain how to fully take advantage of Rocketmiles for your business.

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