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Mr Rebate Cashback Portal Review【$5 Sign up Bonus】

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Net cash back Mr.Rebate introduced [send registration

Introduction 1. Mr Rebate

Mr. Rebate Net cash back is established in 2002, it can be said to be among the first to make a return to the existing network. Now Fatwallet is ebates acquisition, while the new network, such as cash back: Splender, Giving Assistant springing up, Mr.Rebate been standing down is probably not the cause of its good track, not easy to lose a single. In addition, I think back to all the existing network inside, Mr. Rebate interface is the most simple and clean.

2. Registration and registration incentives

Register Now Mr. Rebate through the referral link, after the completion of the first back now, you can get $ 5 bonus.

After registration, you can see $ 5 pending in the accounts

Net cash back Mr.Rebate introduced [send registration

3. Basic functions

3.1 get cash back

Mr. Rebate directly in the search bar to search for places you want to go shopping on the line. Such as search walmart, you can see walmart business presentation. From Shopnow enter walmart, finished shopping, this shopping you can get 5% cash back up.

Net cash back Mr.Rebate introduced [send registration

3.2 click tracking

After you click into other businesses from Mr. Rebate, click the record will appear in the Click Summary, the case did not get the cash back, when you submit a complaint, this can be traced clicks. In addition, you can also add click behind his memorandum, such as a note to buy something and the like, but also easy to manage and track cash back.

Net cash back Mr.Rebate introduced [send registration

3.3 extract cash back

As long as your account is now back to more than $ 10, you can apply for a withdrawal. Mr. Rebate offers three ways to cash:

  • Check Mail
  • Paypal payment
  • Amazon Gift Card

After the application withdrawals, checks will be issued next month. Redeem Amazon Gift Card and no additional discounts, or by check or Paypal directly for more cost effective.

4. Features

4.1 Weekly Events

Mr. Rebate every week some businesses choose to provide multiple cash back. Especially in the shopping season, a 10% cash back shopping is still very good.

Net cash back Mr.Rebate introduced [send registration

4.2 Referral Rewards

Most of the existing network and back different, Mr. Rebate incentives for people is recommended nominees can get cash back of 20%. If you have something to engage in purchasing or reselling a friend recommended he registered Mr.Rebate, you will be able to get him a lot of cash back of up to 20%!

Net cash back Mr.Rebate introduced [send registration