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Ebates Cashback Site Full Review

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Net cash back Ebates Guide [8/3 Update: cashback exchange Gift Card Bonus]

[ 8/3 Update ] message is received, you can now get the last quarter of the cash back convertible into the Gift Card, different brands bonus, 1% to 15% between reward. For example bestbuy 4%, Sephora 10%, Nike 12%, Gap Series 15%. Just personally I feel that gc to use these words, or at least cost-effective. I could not find a direct link in the account, it may only be redeemed through the link in the message to.

Net cash back Ebates Guide [8/3 Update: cashback exchange Gift Card Bonus]

Ebates Introduction

Ebateds basic function of course is a net cash back every time you are shopping search from Ebates want to go to the merchant, then click on the merchant site to complete the purchase within Ebates, which will be able to receive a certain percentage of the purchase amount of the cash back . If you are not aware of this process, you can refer to ” cash back rebate network entry carried out for the detailed steps ebates of” in.

As a cash back I was the first network to use, the most important point is that customer service is the best of all is now back network, usually have any problems, customer service always give you a solution within 24 hours. There, ebates recommendations friend (refer a friend) also return all the current network the most generous, sometimes a quarter the recommended three people will be able to get $ 75 cash back! He also recently launched in-store shopping can also get additional cash back feature, simply shopping party and the party’s gospel wool ah.

Registration and registration incentives

Register now using the net cash back Ebates, as long as you’re within 90 days of cashback website to buy $ 25 or more things , you can get the cashback $ 10. Welcome to use our referral link to register:

Net cash back Ebates Guide [8/3 Update: cashback exchange Gift Card Bonus]

Net cash back Features

Get cash back time

In general, after the purchase of items shipped, ebates will show cashback pending in the. As for the electronic delivery of certain things, such as groupon the gift card, godaddy domain name fee, ebates will be pending within an hour.

Store back now I have not used, I feel that since the credit card that has not even sure the track is not a problem, it should post the money out, you can see it back now. We hope to have the relevant experience of readers own experiences ~


Compared Giving Assistant tracking to be able to pay, and Topcashback businesses immediately after confirming the payment, cash in Ebates is to go through a long wait. Ebates cash back is paid once a month, the specific time is as follows:

Ebates Cashback Site Full Review

Paypal and withdrawal methods are mailed check, payment is still very timely, generally 5-10 days prior to the above, it is sent to the hands of time. If you do not receive, can submit a ticket in custom support, the customer service will reply soon.

Tracking and complaint functions

As a veteran back to the current network, ebates the most comprehensive tracking and accuracy are particularly high. For example, after you’re done click on the merchant sephora, you can see a time and click on the ticket # 857249560

Net cash back Ebates Guide [8/3 Update: cashback exchange Gift Card Bonus]

After that, you can also view the click of the cashback activity inside information

Net cash back Ebates Guide [8/3 Update: cashback exchange Gift Card Bonus]

This feature is not useful in normal circumstances. However, if this occurs without a trace to consumption, when you submit this issue, you can choose directly this time click, very convenient. If the above example, I clicked on the sephora complete consumption, but not tracked, then this problem can be found in the Help, select the click to complete the form

Net cash back Ebates Guide [8/3 Update: cashback exchange Gift Card Bonus]

Surprising that, ebates will immediately put this consumption is set to pending status. Unlike Topcashback, after submitting to investigate several weeks, it is estimated we have forgotten this, and he earned.

Registration is recommended over many rewards

Most cash back network can recommend a friend register, recommender can get some reward. Most recommender incentives are between $ 5- $ 10, and different ebates, often launch activities. This quarter the recommended three individuals, each person after successful registration and use, you can get $ 25 referral reward.

Net cash back Ebates Guide [8/3 Update: cashback exchange Gift Card Bonus]

Basically every quarter this recommendation was an additional incentive activities, essentially recommended the first few people can get a high recommendation reward. So, if you are around a lot of people do not understand, then back to the current network, they rushed to the popularity of this cash back cafe!

Exclusive rewards

Now ebates also introduced exclusive reward, offer each account ebates receive may be different. The following is the offer I received:

Net cash back Ebates Guide [8/3 Update: cashback exchange Gift Card Bonus]

After login account, click on My Account will be able to see, and then activates the required offer on the line. The buy 25 get 10 certainly can not let go, directly on ebay buy gift cards to get.

Store cash back (in store cashback)

In addition to online shopping can get cash back outside, Ebates also supports shopping in the store get cash back (in store cashback), this one has all cash back network is unique! This is a feature that has shown in the APP and the computer end ebates. Can be viewed directly in the In-store-cashback options. It should be noted, to choose the United States sign in the job. You can view the official website for steps plane: official web surfaceNet cash back Ebates Guide [8/3 Update: cashback exchange Gift Card Bonus]

Including business analysis

Now you can get cash back in the business has a physical store:

Ebates Cashback Site Full Review

  • Bedbathandbeyond (2%) : This shop sells visa gift card, Ebay, Amazon and other gift card $ 200. AMEX OFFER recently with a $ 25 return $ 5 to use, it can be an additional 2% rate of return. See recent good AMEX OFFER summary
  • The Body Shop (4%): This store regarded as cost pricey purchase skin care products and washing supplies businesses, and often have activities to buy the store to send xx xx’s. AMEX OFFER recently with a $ 25 return $ 5 to use, it can be an additional 4% rate of return. See recent good AMEX OFFER summary
  • Ann Taylor (2%), Saks Fifth Avenue (4%), Express and Express Factory Outlet (2.5%), American Eagle and Aerie (2%), etc., suitable for shopping needs people to buy.

Steps for usage

  • First in ebates-in store cashback-link your credit card to pay, currently only supports credit cards and VISA AMEX channel

Net cash back Ebates Guide [8/3 Update: cashback exchange Gift Card Bonus]

  • Offer Add this to your credit card (it must be added manually, an offer can only be applied to a card, if you need to add multiple cards to each card once)

Ebates Cashback Site Full Review

  • After the addition is complete, it is linked to all cards (cards represent ebates all you have to add on the link), xx cards available (in addition to the link of your card, there are a few cards can link this offer)

Ebates Cashback Site Full Review

  • These are the ones linked to use of the card at designated merchants to the consumer

Best use of the program

in store cashback is the most suitable buy some must go to the store to buy things, such as clothes and shoes must be tried on in the store, only some Deal only in the store, some of the GC as VGC, AMAZON, EBAY only the store will sell. If you have just to be on top of these stores, or wants to engage in deal and amex offer money, you must not forget to sign up for a ebates, to take advantage of this in store cashback project.

Currently, ebates has not mentioned the purchase giftcard they be able to get cash back in the term, so it should be no problem. Personally feel that after a while everyone is likely to make good use of the project after the money, ebates and businesses should change the term. So we quickly it.

ebates credit card

And upromise Like, ebates himself launched a credit card. Its main feature is:

  • Use ebates by ebates credit card cash back shopping network, you can get an extra 3% cash back (to obtain a total of 4% from credit card cash back)

This is if you are interested in playing, you can find a buy gift cards and can get cash back shop on ebates, then you buy the gift card at the same time either get cash back itself ebates provided they can get ebates credit card section 4% cash back. Of course, the best gift cards is visa gift card, but ruled out the terms ebates vgc cash back giftcardmall do not know actually how.

Anyway, if you are a user ebates depth, you can get more than $ 500 cash back (for buyers, purchasing and the like to mention) a year, then you can consider applying for a credit card in conjunction with the launch of ebates. Introduce specific card can see the official link below:

to sum up

Ebates cash back as a veteran network sector, the most accurate in the track list, the best customer service attitude, as well as generous referral reward. Ebates credit card for certain specific populations also have a good effect. Recent instore cashback is even more ambitious. We hope to redouble their efforts to introduce more fun features.

Net cash back series

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