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GoCashback Review【$5 sign up bonus】

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Net cash back GoCashBack introduced [send registration

GoCashBack Profile

GoCashBack (North America rebate) is a cashback website founded in 2013 by the Chinese, with the rebate offer more than a thousand American big business. By GoCashBack go to the business website shopping, users can get up to 31% of the amount of consumption of a rebate.

In addition to the basic functions of cash back, one major feature is a lot for some functions used by the Chinese. Such as: GoCashBack provide many Chinese prefer the deal, such as beauty products, electronic products and so on. Optional payment on Alipay payment. You can also switch the interface to the familiar Chinese version, easy to navigate and view the deal and Shopping Guide. In addition, APP GoCashBack in function as well as cashback restaurant, especially for some restaurant also offers a 10% cash back is very good.

Registration and registration incentives

Register now GoCashBack through the referral link, you can obtain registration bonus of $ 5. After extraction with incentives need to spend $ 20 cash back.

Click on the upper right corner, Sign Up Get $ 5, after the completion of registration may see $ 5 in the Pending state.

Net cash back GoCashBack introduced [send registration

basic skills

Get cash back

Search for the business you want to go shopping directly in the search bar GoCashBack on the line. Such as search Macys, Macys you can see the business description, and what things can get cash back. Shop Now Macys enter from the official website, complete shopping, this shopping can get a 6% cash back.

Net cash back GoCashBack introduced [send registration


Click tracking

Click to enter other businesses from GoCashBack, click the record will appear in the Click History, the case did not get the cash back, when you submit a complaint, this can be traced clicks.

Net cash back GoCashBack introduced [send registration

3.3 extract cash back

As long as your account is now back to more than $ 20, you can apply for a withdrawal. Payment requests submitted by the 25th month will pay in the early next month, the 25th to the 25th of next month submitted early next month will be paid next month. GoCashBack offers three payment options:

Net cash back GoCashBack introduced [send registration


The greatest feature is now back through the Alipay payment! Simply fill in your Alipay account number and user name on the line, cash back will be converted into RMB hit your PayPal account in accordance with the day’s exchange rate. Of course, it charges $ by check or Paypal directly is also possible.

Special feature

You can switch to the Chinese after the registration page to view some of the features for the Chinese,

Net cash back GoCashBack introduced [send registration

APP restaurant offers cash back

One is to provide features GoCashBack restaurant back now, especially some Chinese restaurants and Asian restaurants. But the vast majority of currently offer cashback restaurants in California.

Net cash back GoCashBack introduced [send registration

Step back now get:

  • Download GoCashBack of APP: the Apple Store
  • Account registered with the above, the following selection in the food store local (nearby), you can see cash back offers restaurant businesses near you.

Net cash back GoCashBack introduced [send registration

  • After dining checkout, select the corresponding APP restaurants, go to the page. Then upload pictures right single flowing water, water too long can single click on the “+”, the end of filming click “Finish”

Net cash back GoCashBack introduced [send registration

  • Fill in the relevant information, such as selecting the corresponding businesses, enter the amount of consumption, upload small ticket

Net cash back GoCashBack introduced [send registration

  • After this you can view the status of friends in cashback account information

Chinese shopping guide

Raiders star product introduced many businesses and major discount every year, if you are a novice or first came to the United States, you can look at to give you some general direction.

Net cash back GoCashBack introduced [send registration


Referral Rewards

Refer a friend registered GoCashBack, the other party may obtain registration bonus of $ 5. While the Recommended award consists of two parts, it is recommended that other people can get $ 5 bonus, you can also get the nominees for the first year of 5% cash back. If you have something to engage in purchasing or reselling a friend recommended he registered GoCashBack, you can get a lot of cash back!

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