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Giving Assistant Cashback Portal Review

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Recently, many places are promoting a new cashback network – Giving Assistant . Its main feature is through this online shopping on Amazon, you can get 1.5% of the donation (used to be 5% cash back). And, unlike other cash back once net settlement three months, the site can pay for once-daily Debit card receivables regarded as a great boon for patients with a forced Zhang.

Net cash back Giving Assistant Guide

1.Giving Assistant Introduction

And Ebates, Topcashback, as cash back Upromise network and the like, we are going shopping to designated merchants by clicking on the link Giving Assistant businesses in order to gain money and shopping related cash back. If you use cashback sites do not yet know can refer to: cashback Network Profile .

This site has been the most glorious time to provide Amazon 5% cash back on any purchases, relying on the advantages of rapid accumulation of a large number of users. But now is not a good time, they instead on amazon shopping cash back only user charitable contributions.

Net cash back Giving Assistant Guide

But basically no other cash back shopping amazon network to provide all back now, so we recommend at amazon buy buy buy, do not forget to contribute to charity through this network back now, in particular, can be donated to the China-related charity . Which I specifically covered in Chapter 4 will.

2. Account reward

General cash back CAPE households will send certain incentives, Upromise recently sent $ 20 + $ 5, EBATES perennial send gift cards $ 10, Topcashback sometimes have to send $ 10, while Giving Assistant only be acquired accounts reward of $ 5 by recommending link to register.

After registering in their accounts immediately see $ 5 already in the pending state, and if you’ve selected your payment method, it will be paid in accordance with the time given above for you to pay.

Net cash back Giving Assistant Guide

3. Payment

The site in addition to providing a Paypal, Check by mail, but also provides a Debit payment. Officially, more than $ 5 to get back now, more than three ways are free. among them,

  • [ New users can not adopt ] Debit payment once a day (Pacific time 3pm)
  • Paypal once a week
  • Check is three months

4. donations,

You can set up their get cash back a certain percentage to charity, which can be considered a major feature of this site. You can find this option in myaccount-setting inside

Net cash back Giving Assistant Guide

The default is donated to a food-related charities, you can change your favorite charity, search directly on the line. Of course I would choose China-related matter (these agencies should all be in the United States and China-related charitable organizations should not project what China hopes)

Net cash back Giving Assistant Guide

In addition to your cashback will donate a certain percentage of your shopping on Amazon 1.5% cash back will be 100% of all donations to the organization you specified, be it for the motherland contribute to charity.

5. Notes on the AMAZON

I use the main purpose of this network is to get cash back AMAZON cash back for donations, because many other sites offer only certain categories of cash back above the Amazon, and this network basically cash back offer cash back. Therefore, we analyze in detail the precautions used on AMAZON. Mainly to note the following:

  • To allow the browser cookie
  • Close Ad-blocking software
  • AMAZON before buying empty cart (starting with the site into AMAZON, then add the desired items in the page that opens)
  • After the goods shipped, you can receive a cash back

Officials say the situation does not offer cash back are:

  • Use the gift card shopping or shopping at third-party sellers
  • Buy AMAZON.com CreditAMAZON . COM at Credit
  • Monthly delivery (Subscribe and save)
  • Shipping and tax, wireless operators related shopping, alcohol products, AMAZON APP store, activation fee
  • …… (full list can be found at the official website)

6. Tips [now applies only to double the 1.5% contributed]

[ To be verified ] The main trick is to use cash back on AMAZON with relatively high credit card used together, you can not only get the cash back credit card itself (5% -10%), but also to get back to the network to provide cash back now (5%). Some netizens claimed that, go back to the existing network, purchase the Gift Card AMAZON can get cash back, you should first buy a gift card with a credit card, and then use the gift card shopping, so you can do the Double Dip, equivalent to two to go net cash back once, it took a total of 5% + 5% + cash back credit card. Whether this is not a BUG, a pay day to pay the money first, then talk.

5.1 which credit card to use? (Fourth quarter)

IT the Discover : In the fourth quarter, with the use of the best credit card than Discover. Because, Discover IT credit card itself provides the AMAZON 5% cash back, and the users and some new applications have been registered user Double CashBack, and can then access and total cash back equal amount of cash back this year, next year (such as this year He had a total of $ 121, next year they can get white once $ 121) which is equivalent on AMAZON by credit card you can get 10% cash back. Discover credit cards can not yet see the ” Discover credit card IT introduction ,” this card application

Chase Freedom: The same AMAZON Chase Freedom in the fourth quarter also offers 5x rebate, which points to another card by Sapphire Preferred to put points into air miles in exchange for UA ticket, this rebate is also equivalent to 5x 8% cash back up. So, add 18% cashback , second place. Interested in this card can be found in ” Chase Freedom credit card introduced ” to apply this credit card.

SallieMae Barclays : This card offers year-round AMAZON 5% cash back, in third place . Unfortunately, this card has not applied for.

Of course, if you have the old version of the Citi Forward in AMAZON has 5x rebate is also very good. Tips on saving money AMAZON, specifically to see the following articles:

5.2 Specific use process

As a specific example, to say something about how Doulble Dip. Suppose we adopt Discover credit card to buy a SLR camera worth $ 100

  • AMAZON account login, empty shopping cart, and then close the interface
  • Open GivingAssistant page
  • Search AMAZON, click on the Shop Now link (this page automatically jump to the AMAZON.com)
  • Search Amazon gift card, buy E giftcard worth $ 100, choose to send their own mail, pay by credit card discover ( get 5% + 10% )
  • After receiving giftcard, close the interface AMAZON
  • Reopen the pages GivingAssistant
  • Search AMAZON, click on the Shop Now link (this page automatically jump to the AMAZON.com)
  • You want to search for SLR lenses
  • At the time of check out, use the giftcard to pay mail received ( get 5% )

So when the first purchase giftcard, we received cash back 5% cash back offer and Discover Network provides 10% of the cash back. In the second time to buy real camera lens, we received cash back 5% cash back web provides.

5.4 Considerations

Because cashback network’s official website said he can not guarantee to pay using gift cards can get cash back, so the final payment of 5% is not officially protected. So get them just fine, do not get Kudiehanniang, character quietly accumulate it.

6. Summary

Net cash back now more and more important to select a relatively easy to use. If you always buy on amazon buy to buy, you want to chop hand, may wish to use this cash back 1.5% of net free donations to charity motherland, can alleviate a little guilt, ha ha.