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Discover IT Credit Card Review

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Discover IT Credit card [7/20 Update: Added new SSN protection and welfare accounts remind]

[ 7/20 Update ] Discover card user now offers two new benefits: SSN security will remind you when a suspicious site, prevent identity theft in your SSN; new accounts will remind you have a new credit card, such loans account appears in the Experian credit bureau when you send e-mail alert, so if your account has not appeared in time you will be able to find. (HT.doc)

Discover IT Credit card [7/20 Update: Added new SSN protection and welfare accounts remind]

Discover IT Credit card Description:

Application Links :

Basic Features

  • Open card reward : $ 50 (within three months of brush) + the first year all back now redouble (including open card rewards $ 50)
  • Credit card cash back : 5% cash back in the fourth quarter rotation; include household items, food, fuel, all online shopping, department store, etc. (the first quarter of 10% cash back) regular consumption of 1% cash back (the first year of regular 2% Cash back)
  • Cash back redemption: it can be directly exchanged for cash or discount gift cards to purchase multiple businesses
  • No foreign currency conversion fee
  • No Annual Fee


  • Cash back doubles: now a new application user activity automatically get double the cash back, get all the cash back will be doubled, double reward get a bill in the first year of the card. Equivalent to 2% level, 10% of the quarter, discover deal double cashback. Open card bonus $ 50 will be doubled to $ 100. More details: the Discover double cashback analysis
  • 5x quarter cash back : This credit card offers every quarter, a 5% cash back in different categories including household items, food, fuel, all online shopping, department stores, AMAZON, etc., is a good shopping card purchasing. See specific circumstances ” credit card cash back 5x summary “
  • Good student awards: the Discover recently launched a good student reward, if you are a US college students each academic year GPA> 3.0 can get a bonus of $ 20 for 5 years. Discover IT Student Edition reward good students receive link
    • Only account new applications to be able to get (to take effect from now on), users can not enjoy the old
    • When applying must fill in their identity as Student College (does not have an impact on other benefits of your credit card)
    • Reward good students could get up to five years, or get you graduate
    • If the combination of recent applications can get double cash back, reward good students this year also doubled becomes $ 40
    • Specific steps and see the official explanation: official interpretation of the link and get rewarded steps
  • Cashback flexible: not only can be converted directly into cash to banks, can also be purchased at discounted prices to the shell, staples, starbucks and other store gift cards, some cards also support electronic gift cards, that is, you need to use the time, discover inside immediately with account to get cash back Exchange, an electronic gift card will be sent directly to your mailbox. The details look at ” the Discover Cashback Guide “

Discover IT Credit card [7/20 Update: Added new SSN protection and welfare accounts remind]

  • Price protection: the purchase price of the goods within a certain time, the credit card company may be required to return this part of the difference.
  • No credit card fees abroad: all free offshore credit card fee card, discover in China is taking the CUP channel, so returning to use the most convenient , VISA and Master Card are many small places do not accept.
  • Extended warranty: For items purchased with a credit card, auto manufacturers extended warranty for one year.
  • Cashback network (the Discover Deal): the Discover their cash back network also provided, including Wal-Mart, sears, staples, apple store and other businesses at least 5% cash back, and this may be part of cash back credit card itself perfectly superimposed. discover discover deal with the fourth quarter of net purchases back now, coupled with the recent doubling back now, in some stores can do 30% cash back. The details look at ” the Discover the Deals Guide “

Discover IT Credit card [7/20 Update: Added new SSN protection and welfare accounts remind]

  • It offers free credit points : discover monthly real time your TransUnion credit score (FICO), so you can track changes in their credit score up. This is the best credit score several banks provided a detailed comparative look at ” free credit points Which is strong .”

Discover IT Credit card [7/20 Update: Added new SSN protection and welfare accounts remind]


  • Lower limit : For students zero credit, it is very likely only amount to $ 500. But the basic consumption or no problem. Brush six months or so will begin to rise limit

My review:

This is my first credit card, he walked with me to the United States six months ago. Grocery shopping, eating, online shopping, I can still clearly back the card number. The overall feeling is that as the first credit card, very appropriate. This card has no credit history students have school work (TA, RA) is easy to apply and cost benefits of this card and be the highest in all of no annual fee credit card.

He provides credit scores can make a novice time aware of their credit score, quarter, 5% cash back is also very consistent with everyone’s spending habits, get back now can buy discounted gift cards, but there is this one back now discover deal boost It provides high power and cash back credit cards can be stacked in various businesses, as CUP channel, returning the card is also very convenient. Recent double cashback incentive is Guards, get all the cash back, including discover deal, open card rewards, reward good student, credit card 5%, 1% bonus, will be doubled. The new reward good students also encourage everyone to not forget their studies. In short, this card for students is concerned, be very comprehensive God card.


  • Difficult to apply : apply for this card relatively low threshold for zero credit history or for people who just got SSN is well suited as the first card
  • Application Status : official website link to apply inquiries
  • Precautions
    • This card directly in the official website of the application is no incentive to open the card, and use our links for $ 50 * 2
    • Discover the company after you may need to apply for your SSN to submit photos and bank statements to verify your identity and address.
    • If you want to meet the conditions of good students each year awards $ 20 at the time of application must be filled to the identity of the student
    • If you are a second application, be sure to read this article: Second Discover credit cards

Application Links :

  • Discover IT Application Links: (open the card after three months of consumption sum of any amount, you can get cash back $ 50, get $ 50 a year after the first year of all open card cash back all doubled.)