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Chase Freedom Credit Card Review

Credit Card Review ymlulu 2年前 (2017-08-09) 22646次浏览 0个评论

Chase Freedom Credit card open card sent to 0, quarter 5x, no annual fee]

Chase Freedom credit card introduced

Application Links

Basic Features

  • Open card reward : 15K Ultimate Rewards (within three months of opening the card consumption 500 $) + 2.5K UR (plus a supplementary card)
  • UR save credit card points :  in the fourth quarter rotation 5X rebate (5UR / $), others are 1x
    • First quarter : Contains refueling, subway and other public transportation, do not include parking, tolls, US railroads.
    • Second quarter : pharmacies and supermarkets (excluding Wal-Mart, target)
    • Third quarter : restaurants and movies. June 15 begins to activate.
    • Fourth quarter : Amazon and others. September 15 began to activate.
  • Redeem: 100UR = $ 1, under certain conditions, can be converted airline miles or hotel points
  • No Annual Fee


  • 5X save points, speed : supermarkets, online shopping, department stores, refueling. Can save at least a year have 30k UR points. See 5x Category: Credit Card quarter 5x summary
  • UR Strong points Flexibility: can be 1: 1 exchanged for cash.
    • Owns Chase CSP later, also you can order tickets at UR travel. Tickets can be exchanged with 100UR costs $ 1.2, than the direct exchange of cash for many (tickets $ 1000 worth of only $ 800 points, equivalent to a value of 1.2 points amplification times) cost-effective.
    • It owns Chase CSP , the UR can be converted into airline or hotel points or free accommodation ticket ordering mileage, blink of an eye can magnify the value of UR points to 1.6 times. ( Stamp here: Entry points system )
  • Net cash back (UR Mall) : Chase also offers its own rebate net rebate including Wal-Mart, sears, staples, apple store and other businesses, is also a good way to quickly save points


  • If you need to convert into miles or hotel points need Chase CSP cooperation

My review:

This card is my fourth cards, but it is my first card to accumulate points. If the equivalent number of points and cash back up the card and Discover IT compare like with like. But the point to make this card has been a qualitative leap, with a Chase CSP after UA mileage points can be converted to change flights or turn into a Sino-US exchange Free Hyatt hotel accommodations are good. 5x save this card strong point in the quarter, a little bit tricky to use, you can brush full. See: categories Conversion


Application Links:

  • Freedom at Credit Card Chase ( open card spending over $ 500 for three months can get 15k points UR, plus a supplementary card, you can then get 2.5kUR)

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