Chase IHG Rewards Club credit card [80k Match 100k Success Stories]

[ 7/9 update ] Some readers have applied for 80k, then match 100k success. The steps for everyone to summarize it:

Chase IHG Rewards Club credit card [80k Match 100k Success Stories]

  • You should receive a response within 1-2 business days, similar to the following:

Chase IHG Rewards Club credit card [80k Match 100k Success Stories]

Thank readers Screenshot

  • Do not delete this a Message, consumer $ 2000 on a three-month internal IHG credit card. After the consumer are out post, reply to this Message, said that it has to meet the requirements
  • Customer will be within a certain time you add a general statement to wait until the next time post with a 80k + 20k
  • In fact, match than directly to get better 100k, 20k because the match is counted as ihg qualified points Earned, as long as a year full of 75k will be able to upgrade to the highest level of Spire members.
  • If you are a 80k link within 90 days of application, according to Chase match the open card incentives , we should be able to match. If you are applying for 60k link, there is likely to be rejected (readers DP), you can also re-issued several times, maybe it will be successful. .

[ 7/6 update ] today opened fresh baked 80k + 5k reward card link. 85k open card reward worth about $ 600, if the value of the combined points break even. In addition, this card is only $ 49 annual fee, no annual fee the first year, every year gave a limited level of free night, you can stay at any of its hotel, worth at least $ 200 +. So from the open card rewards are good and long-term holders of the card! This card is temporarily not chase 5/24 impact, if there is a need to quickly start it!

Chase IHG Rewards Club credit card [80k Match 100k Success Stories]

Chase IHG InterContinental Hotels Chase Credit Card Introduction

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Basic Features

  • Open card reward: 80K IHG Points (three months consumption 1K) + 5K (add additional cards)
  • To consume IHG Points: In IHG consumption, 5x points / $; restaurants, supermarkets, gas stations consume 2x; other consumer 1x
  • Redeem : IHG hotel accommodation directly convertible
  • No credit card fees abroad
  • $ 49 annual fee (first year free)


  • 1 night each year coupon, value hold: this year to send a card to any level IHG night hotel accommodations, IC popular area can be used up to a value of $ 400. The annual fee is only $ 49 a year, hold real value.
  • Redeem 10% Rebate: after you hold this credit card, redeem all IHG integration activities can get a 10% return. Such as Exchange hotel accommodation, transfer air miles, redeem senior member.
  • Gift IHG Platinum Member: Enjoy your stay integration times return, room type upgrades and other benefits IHG hotel. You can also obtain refueling Fuel Rewards extra discount .
  • Deputy reward card : This card is added to the card and vice sum of consumption, you can get extra bonus points in the 5k. Vice card information see: credit cards, Vice card full resolution

IHG Points:

  • Value 0.7c / p: redeem when the average value of 0.7c / p, which is $ 70 hotel takes about 10k IHG points;
  • Points Break Activity : 5000 points during the event will be able to change a night hotel stay, and even the highest level of IC, is simply great value. See ” Basics – hotels articles -IHG “


  • IHG points value of each point only 0.7c, so this card can not be used as daily consumption card to brush

My review.

This card is considered a conscience value hotel cards, gift vouchers every year free room is not high enough to cover off the annual fee ($ 49). BUFF plus 10% of wards, for those who like to travel friends, basically there is no reason not to have it the same card. IHG and widely distributed, high-middle and low grade Jie also, so no worries about no place to spend IHG points, with Points Break IHG, the point is value for money!

Match open card rewards

According to  Chase match the open card incentives , in addition to target outside the open offer reward cards can be matched. So when we apply can choose one of their own, if they feel need another offer, you can also contact the chase changed to another. For example, there are the fake offer 100k (can only see the interface, but can not apply), you can apply for the current offer, made after receiving the card Chase’s Secure Message  seeing a 100k reward, and then attach a map. Then match up,

Chase IHG Rewards Club credit card [80k Match 100k Success Stories]

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  • Difficulty of application : General, chase after as long as the entry next card is rushing. The minimum quota is 2000.
  • Application status: Click here to find out ; Automated Phone: 888-338-2586
  • Precautions:
    • Before applying please read the  Chase Bank properties , this is not a temporary card  Chase two years, five card rules  limit
    • Did not get through this card within 24 months to open card reward applicants who can get open card rewards, details see ” Churn introduce “
    • By not immediately be hit 888-245-0625 accelerated approval, for details see ” Reconsider skills “
    • Because this card is co-branded credit card and IHG hotel, if you already have IHG number, fill in the application can go in (if not automatically assigned)

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