Chase Sapphire Preferred (CSP) - the absolute core [55k open card rewards, travel 2x]

Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card Chase 

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Basic Features

  • Open card reward: 50K Ultimate Rewards (need to open the card to spend three months of 4000 $) + 5K points (plus a supplementary card)
  •  Credit card Points: travel-related consumption (including meals, rental cars, air tickets, hotels, etc.) 2X; other consumer 1X
  • Redeem: 100UR = $ 1; can be 1: 1 exchanged for airline miles or hotel points; can be 1: 1.25 to pay for travel expenses
  • FTF no foreign currency conversion fee
  • Annual fee of $ 95 (the first year annual fee waiver)


  • Travel Consumer 2X : coverage is very wide, no foreign fee; car rental, hotels, cruise ships, theme parks, dinner, tickets and even parking fees are included. For frequent travelers or people who eat out save points quickly
  • Enlarge exchange ratio : UR Points tickets can be ordered directly at UR travel, have the post cards, can be exchanged with 100UR ticket fee of $ 1.25. This is to be cost-effective than direct exchange of cash many (tickets $ 1000 only points worth $ 800, equivalent to the number of points to enlarge the value of 1.25 times)
  • Revitalize Points : You can name all of their points UR 1: 1 to aviation or hotel points, view buddy lists . Turn UA words, only 70k UR points can change a Sino-US round-trip ticket, the transfer of BA, then the United States the lowest one-way needs only 7.5k, turn HYATT then 10k points about can redeem the value of $ 160 hotel, turn SW, then you can exchange cheap Flights United States territory.
  • Car Rental Insurance: and UA cards, this card provides Prime Insurance, car rental using the card to pay, you do not need to spend extra money to buy the insurance.
  • Card Good work : metal cards, heavy, difficult to break.
  • Net cash back (UR Mall) : Chase also offers its own rebate net rebate including Wal-Mart, sears, staples, apple store and other businesses, is also a good way to quickly save points


My review:

This card open card reward 55k points, is still very generous. Direct purchase tickets or book hotel, you can use the value of $ 680. If converted to a Hyatt hotel points or airline miles in exchange for mileage tickets or free hotel room, you can use a value of about $ 1000. Can get such a large value, because this card is a senior Chase card, can Ultimate Rewards (UR) converted into airline miles or hotel points. If only just chase freedom or freedom unlimited, no annual fee for this type of card it can not be done. So, if you accumulate a lot more Ultimate Rewards, then apply for this card allows you to zoom 1.25-1.8 times the integral value, is still very worthwhile.

Of course, you can also took the open card rewards, after the transfer finished UR points, relegation to the second year no annual fee chase freedom or Freedom Unlimited , only to retain the credit history, but also increase the chase freedom upper limit of the quarter of 5x cash back.

Application :

  • Application of difficulty : medium difficulty apply for this card, it is recommended more than one year or have a chase credit bank checking account to apply for.
  • Note : If the application does not pass right away, you can call requires manual review (Reconsider) , can increase the probability; now chase has a policy within two years, only five cards, this card has been affected. Details can be read: Chase 5/24 rule and ” Chase Bank properties “

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