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Chase Marriott Premier Credit Card Review

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Chase Marriott Premier Credit card open card to send 80k + 7.5k Marriott points! ]

Chase Marriott Premier credit card introduced

Application Links :

Basic Features

  • Open card reward: 80k Marriott points (three months need to open the card to spend 3000 $) + 7.5k Marriott points (plus a supplementary card)
  • Points to consume Marriott: Marriott / SPG / Ritz-Carlton Hotel consumption 5x; airfare, car rental, restaurants, 2x; other 1x
  • Redeem: Redeem free nights or Marriott spree
  • No credit card fees abroad
  • $ 85 annual fee the first year can not help


  • Free room vouchers per year: after the second year, annual pay an annual fee, you can get a free room Marriott hotel vouchers cat1-5 of (one year overdue). Advanced cat5 hotels are generally required $ 200 per night. Long-held properly properly worth the annual fee
  • Marriott points : 7500 change cat1 minimum one night, maximum 25,000-for-one night, the average value of each point 0.7cent; and others can share points, called the merger (50k per year) time of redemption
  • Marriott spree : Marriott Points can be redeemed highest value packs may be part of the major points into airline miles +7 free room night voucher; see the detailed analysis and techniques: Marriott packs analysis 1 , Marriott packs Analysis
  • Marriott membership benefits: cardholder automatically get Silver Membership: official website ; presented 15 night beneficial impact gold membership (50night); consumer credit card every 3k, will receive more than a night
  • Metal Material : This card is made of metal, holding in your hand feel first class


  • Usually credit card only 1x, as with the Chase CSP , AMEX SPG , AMEX EDP by credit card (1.5x) credit card and earn points worth more

my comment

Since Chase’s ” two five cards rule ” has been spread to this card, so I’m going to long-term holding this card. First, open the card this card reward good, can be exchanged for several nights hotel, the Marriott and the accumulation of a certain number of points, you can redeem great Hotel + Air spree. Secondly, because after a year paid the annual fee, you get a free room voucher, the value of this coupon is higher than the annual fee. However, free housing vouchers in the United States with them in general, because Marriott cat1-5 quality is not high. Marriott in Asia would be more cost-effective.

If you do not have access free room voucher each year, it opened a year after the card is also possible to switch off, after all, spend $ 89 to get 87.5k Marriott points is good.

Open card laws reward : the emergence of the time difference and the disappearance of three steps, in 1-2 days.

  • Appearance : some people receive a large offer Mail -> official website released a large offer links -> third-party affiliate link emit large offer
  • Disappeared : the withdrawal of large third-party offer link -> official website to take down the big offer, but the original link is still valid -> official website link failure

Open card rewards can match : a lot of people through the Secure Message letter to Chase, Match this time 100k Offer, provided that the card did not open for three months and requires spending of $ 5k. If you can spend in the remaining period $ 2k, can match 100k Follow these steps to open the card rewards

  • Chase sent to the Secure Message ( transmission method ), accompanied by pictures of 100k offer
  • General replied that allows you to receive $ 5k after spending a Message Reply
  • Completed within three months of consumption, reply Secure Message, to match the offer 100k

Chase Marriott Premier Credit card open card to send 80k + 7.5k Marriott points! ]

Readers receive a reply


  • Application Difficulty: recommended credit record apply for more than six months after entry to chase easy to apply
  • Application Status: Online inquiry (log in chase account); Telephone: 888-338-2586
  • Note 1: Before applying please read the ” Chase Bank properties ” + ” Chase two years, five card rules “; do not pass, you can play right away 888-270-2127 accelerated approval, for details see ” Reconsider skills .”
  • Note 2 : Because this card is and Marriott hotel co-branded credit card, if you already have Marriott number, when applying can fill it; not registered Marriott account through our link to register, accommodation may obtain additional rewards (official website direct registration no reward)
    • Marriott Account Registration recommended links (within one year after registration to pay each time a live, 2k can get extra points. After registering will receive a confirmation message and rewards number, receive welcome email after 48 hours, and then you can register online account)

Chase Marriott Premier Credit card open card to send 80k + 7.5k Marriott points! ]

Application Links:

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