Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit Card

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Basic Features

  • Sign Up Bonus: $ 150 ($500 Spending within three months)
  • Earning Rate: 3% in Gas Station;2% in Grocery including wholesale store, others 1%
  • Cash back Redemption:  statement credit
  • 0 APR : 12 months Purchase 0 APR, 60 days Balance Transfer 0APR
  • No Annual Fee


  • BOA Account Bonus: If you are a have BOA checking account. You can get  bonus cashback in addition to 3% 2% 1%. It even apply to sign up bonus!
    • BOA basic Checking / Saving the user can get more than 10% cash back bonus
    • BOA Gold (Checking + investment accounts> $ 20k) can get 25% cash back bonus
    • BOA Platinum (Checking + investment accounts> $ 50k) can  50% more cashback bonus
    • BOA Platinum Honors (Checking + investment accounts> $ 100k) can get 75% more cashback
    • Specific requirements See: Official Links
  • 0 APR: Balance within 12 months of consumption produced only pay off the minimum each month would not have to pay interest. Please read “carefully credit card 0APR pay back the money .” The Balance Transfer zero interest within 60 days, but require a 3% charge, see: Balance Transfer Profile
  • From Security card : BOA Security Card ( no SSN can apply ) can be product to this card.
  • Refer a Friend bonus : now part of the card user can refer this card to a friend. Applicants can obtain conventional sign up bonus, and you can get a $50 reward. Try this link to refer: Cash Rewards the Refer A Friend link. See more detail in : How to Refer A Friend Program Works

BOA Card Benefit

  • Free museums : the first weekend of every month, BOA cardholders can get free entry in a lot of museums. You can add your family members as authorized user and they get free entry too. Check here to see the list: click here
  • BOA Deal: you can get additional 5% -15% cashback in various stores, such as sears 15% ($25 cap), nordstrom rack($ 37.5 cap). For more details, check ” BOA the Deals Guide “
  • Free credit report : BOA credit card now offers a free TransUnion credit score. See: Free Credit score summary

My review:

This card is good for newcomer with no/limited credit history. It covers supermarket and fuel , two main categories. If you have a BOA premier checking account, this card becomes one of the best none annual fee card, with up to 5.25% in gas, 3.5% in grocery and wholesale store, and 1.75% for everything else.

AMEX Everyday Preferred credit card is also a good choice for grocery spending, since it earns up to 4.5 Membership Rewards per dollar. In addition, using categories swap and AMEX OFFER, you can save even more. But this route is just for more experienced card player.


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