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Best Credit Card for Resturant

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Credit Card Comparison restaurant meal

If you dining out frequently, you should have at least one of the following cards to maximize your rewards. Today we introduce the cards that can get more than 2% cash back in dining and resturant.

Chase AARP

Chase AARP credit card is a no annual fee credit cards, eating in category 3% cash back, there is no upper limit. As a VISA card, the size of the restaurant are very high acceptance. In addition to food, but also fuel 3% unlimited cashback. Although the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) is a retired American organization, but everyone can apply for this credit card it is. But when the restaurant brush, AARP understand people who may give you cast a strange look oh ~

Credit Card Comparison restaurant meal

  • Open Card Reward: $ 200 (for three months to open card fee of $ 500)
  • Consumption get cash back: eat, come on 3% uncapped; other consumer 1%
  • Cash back redemption: $ 20 or more from the exchange
  • Application Links: Chase AARP at Credit Card >>

Capital One Premier Dining Rewards

Capital One Premier Dining Rewards is just out of a recent no annual fee credit card in the restaurant consumption 3% cash back. In addition to a restaurant, this card at the supermarket also has a 2% cash back. Can be said for eating mainly outside, people cook their own food supplement. And this card is no foreign currency conversion fee (Foreign transaction fee), it is also suitable for use when traveling outside the United States, regarded as a meal card all over the world.

Capital One Premier Dining Rewards credit card to open the card prize [0 + 3% eat]

  • Open card reward : $ 100 ($ 500 required within three months of consumption)
  • Consumer cash back : eat 3%, 2% of the supermarket, and the remaining 1%
  • Cashback exchange : direct exchange of cash
  • No annual fee, no foreign currency conversion fee FTF
  • Application Links : Capital One Premier Dining Rewards >>

Chase Sapphire Preferred

Chase Sapphire Preferred is a $ 95 annual fee credit cards, there are 2x Ultimate Rewards (UR) on a meal. Ultimate Rewards can be 1: 1 exchanged for cash, chase travel booking value is 1: 1.25, can also be converted to airline miles and hotel points through this card. UA transferred to the US-China Economy Class flights or flights within the United States are good, then it can also be transferred to BA some AA flights within the United States. The highest value, then turn Hyatt hotel can be out. So, in general we believe that the value of UR is higher than some of the cash, the value of 1.6c (100 points = $ 1.6). So 2x on eating, equivalent to 3.2% cashback friends. In addition, this card in all travel related consumer has 2x UR, and there is no foreign currency conversion fee. More people travel, 2x categories this card best suited to return to the number of points can also be re-used for travel, can be said to be a double benefit.

Especially if you care about the annual fee, but do not have access function temporarily turning point may be downgraded to no annual fee version of the Chase Sapphire card this year after holding the same category at dinner there is 2x UR, but all other the advantages are gone.

Credit Card Comparison restaurant meal

  • Open card reward: 50K Ultimate Rewards (need to open the card to spend three months of 4000 $) + 5K points (plus a supplementary card)
  •  Credit card Points: travel-related consumption (including meals, rental cars, air tickets, hotels, etc.) 2X; other consumer 1X
  • Redeem: 1: 1 gold to cash, the hotel can book a ticket with a higher value
  • Annual fee of $ 95 (the first year annual fee waiver), no foreign currency conversion fee FTF
  • Application Links : Chase Sapphire of Preferred >>

Chase Sapphire Reserve

Chase Sapphire Reserve is a $ 450 annual fee credit cards, there are 3x Ultimate Rewards (UR) on a meal. This card is equivalent to high-end version of Sapphire Reserve. Although $ 450 seems a terrorist, but the card comes with an annual consumption of aviation welfare reimbursement of $ 300, this card can be automatically reimbursed with tickets. Therefore, the equivalent annual fee of only $ 150. In addition, in the rest of the travel consumer is 3x points, also comes Airlines lounge free access to welfare. Card holders can also increase the value of UR in the chase, with UR to pay for the value of aviation, hotels, rental cars can reach the 1.5c. If you consume a lot of tourism, but also like to enjoy the benefits of high-end, then this card is more suitable than the Sapphire Preferred for that.

Chase Sapphire Reserve (CSR) Credit card [5/16 Update: Aviation card instead of reimbursement]

  • Open card reward: 50K Ultimate Rewards (three-month spending $ 4000)
  • Bonus points: restaurants and travel consumer 3x, 1x other consumer
  • Redeem: 1: 1 gold to cash, the hotel can book a ticket with a higher value
  • Annual fee of $ 450 (the first year can not help) no foreign currency conversion fee
  • Application Links: Chase Sapphire Reserve, >>

AMEX Premier Gold Rewards

AMEX Premier Gold Rewards is a debit card annual fee of $ 195, you can get Membership Rewards 2 points in the supermarket consumer $ 1 each (referred to as MR). MR redeemable for cash and can not be directly used, but you can purchase tickets through the hotel or in the AMEX Travel, with a 1: 1 value. Best use of MR is converted to airline miles, redeemable for US domestic or international flight tickets China and the US, especially in business class can be swapped out high value. Generally, we believe that the value of MR is about 100 points = $ 1.6. So, eat the equivalent of the consumption of 2xMR can get 3.2% cash back. In addition, this card in there air ticket consumer 3x points, refueling 2x. It can be considered a meal card for the trip. This card has an annual aviation fees reimbursed $ 100, the equivalent of an annual fee equivalent of $ 95. In addition, AMEX card comes with AMEX OFFER property also can save a lot of money every year.

Credit Card Comparison restaurant meal

  • Open card reward: 25K Membership Rewards (required three months of consumption $$ 2000)
  • Credit card integration: the major aviation official website tickets 3X; food, fuel, supermarkets 2X; other consumer 1X
  • MR Redeem : amex travel can be in the 1: 1 tickets, airline miles turn have a higher value
  • Annual fee of $ 195 ( the first year annual fee waiver ), no foreign transaction fees
  • Application Links : AMEX Premier Rewards Gold >>

Other credit card

There are some hotels offer co-branded card rebate eat high category, but points can only be used in this hotel. If you love a hotel, these cards can also brush

  • Hilton AMEX : No annual fee, food consumption 5x Hilton points, equivalent to 2.5% cash back.
  • The Surpass AMEX : annual fee of $ 75, dinner consumption 6x Hilton points, equivalent to 3% cash back
  • Hyatt Chase : annual fee of $ 75, dinner consumption 2x Hyatt points, equivalent to 3.2% cash back

Citi Thank You series, individual points on the Thank You Points valuation is relatively low (1.25c), so do not start introduced.

  • Thank by You of Preferred Citi : no annual fee, meals 2x, equivalent to 2.5% cash back.
  • Thank Premier by You Citi : annual fee of $ 95, dinner 2x, equivalent to 2.5% cash back.
  • Prestige Citi : annual fee of $ 450, dinner consumption 2x, equivalent to 2.5% cash back. After deducting aviation reimbursed $ 200, equivalent to an annual fee of $ 200.

In addition to the consumer in a restaurant above a fixed cash back credit card, there are some credit card at a quarter of the year there will be 5% or eat 5x reward points. Common are:

  • Freedom Chase : No annual fee, the third quarter of 2017 meals category has 5x UR reward. If UR senior card holders would be the equivalent of 8% of the cash back.
  • IT the Discover : no annual fee, the third quarter of 2017 meals category 5% cash back. If you just apply for it, under the first year of double cashback role, 10% cash back.
  • Bank Cash + US : No annual fee, each quarter can choose fast food (fast food) 5% cashback and restaurants (restaurant) 2% cash back
  • 5x quarter 2017 cash back summary

to sum up

If you usually travel much, recommendations or choose cash back no annual fee credit card. Travel more can choose a card annual fee according to their consumer demand, like the point system and welfare point of view. If the love of a hotel, you can choose the hotel’s co-branded cards.

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