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Best Credit Card for Grocery and Supermarket

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Supermarket to buy food (Grocery) Credit Card Comparison

As a Chinese American, the supermarket to buy food consumption is essential. Therefore, holders of a long-term consumption of high returns supermarket credit card is everyone’s first choice friends. It is suitable to compare various credit card spending in the supermarket today.

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AMEX Blue Cash EveryDay

American Express Blue Cash Everyday is a no annual fee credit card, its greatest feature is the supermarket (Grocery) shopping can get 3% cash back ($ 6000 limit each year before consumption, followed by 1%). In addition to the supermarket cash back outside, refueling and department store shopping is also a 2% cash back, be covering a large part of the life of the consumer. Redeemable for $ 25 cash back on, after the exchange directly into the inside of your credit card. After this card to open the card, and up to 12 months of interest-free shopping period, you can solve the urgent needs of the moment. In addition, AMEX will often release some money-saving AMEX Offer, such as Amazon $ 75- $ 15, Walmart $ 50- $ 10 and the like. AMEX service is also very good, processing fraudulent, shopping disputes is very timely, even made a free credit score each month.

Shortcomings, supermarket range AMEX card is not included Wholesale & Discount Store, such as Walmart, Target, Costco. But after testing, Walmart Neighborhood Market Operator within the range. In addition, some small Chinese supermarket may not accept AMEX card, but generally only receiving AMEX, you can normally get 3% cash back supermarkets.

Supermarket to buy food (Grocery) Credit Card Comparison

  • Open Card Reward: $ 100 ($ consumption before March 1000); the first 12 months of interest-free consumption
  • Credit card cash back: Supermarket consumption 3%; refueling, department stores, 2%; the remaining 1%
  • No Annual Fee
  • Application Links: AMEX Blue Cash EveryDay >>

AMEX Blue Cash Preferred

AMEX Blue Cash Preferred is an upgraded version of the Blue Cash EveryDay requires an annual fee $ 95. The biggest difference is the supermarket consumer can get up to 6% cash back ($ 6000 before consumption). We can simply calculate, if your annual consumption in the supermarket $ 3166 ($ 263 per month), then the Blue Cash Preferred get cash back just over Blue Cash EveryDay to more than $ 95. In other words, as long as your monthly consumption in the supermarket in the $ 263 or more, then hold this for years the Blue Cash Preferred fee can get more back now, then of course the Blue Cash EveryDay better choice.

In addition to the supermarket more than high cash back, Blue Cash Preferred refueling and department 3% cash back for the two categories of people who consume relatively high this card is also very good, because 3% unlimited categories. On the open card rewards, this card is also more than $ 50, equivalent to the first year only more than the annual fee of $ 49. The rest of the benefits and disadvantages AMEX credit cards are shared, not go into details.

Supermarket to buy food (Grocery) Credit Card Comparison

  • Open Card Reward: $ 150 ($ consumption before March 1000); the first 12 months of interest-free consumption
  • Credit card cash back: Supermarkets consumption 6%; refueling, department stores, 3%; the remaining 1%
  • $ 95 annual fee the first year can not help
  • Application Links: AMEX Blue Cash of Preferred >>

AMEX EveryDay Card

AMEX EveryDay Card is a no annual fee credit card, the consumer in the supermarket every $ 1 you can get Membership Rewards 2 points (referred to as the MR) . If you have a month more than 20 pen consumption on this card (any will do, is not limited to supermarkets), you can also get 20% of reward points, that is, the supermarket consumer can get 2.4x MR, the remaining consumption 1.2x . MR redeemable for cash and can not be directly used, but you can purchase tickets through the hotel or in the AMEX Travel, with a 1: 1 value. Best use of MR is converted to airline miles, redeemable for US domestic or international flight tickets China and the US, especially in business class can be swapped out high value. Generally, we believe that the value of MR is about 100 points = $ 1.6. So, supermarket consumption 2.4MR is equivalent to 3.84% can get cash back, spending the rest 1.2MR equivalent to 1.92% of the cash back.

If you air miles for a little understanding, or want to experience China and the US business class international flights, this card is definitely the best choice to get started. In addition to open the card and consumer incentives for MR, but this card and other benefits are similar to the previous two AMEX card, up to 2.2x MR supermarket is also a former consumer can get $ 6000. The only drawback is the need to consume more than 20 times per month in order to have 20% bonus, but if some small consumer can use this card to pay, I believe the number is still very easy to achieve.

Supermarket to buy food (Grocery) Credit Card Comparison

  • Open card reward: of 15,000 the MR, worth $ 240
  • Bonus points: the supermarket highest 2.4x; 1.2x other top
  • No Annual Fee
  • Application Links: AMEX EveryDay Card >>

AMEX Everyday Preferred

AMEX EveryDay Preferred is an upgraded version of the EveryDay Card requires an annual fee $ 95. Its most prominent feature is the supermarket consumer has 3x MR, refuel there is 2x, but if the total consumption of more than 30 items per month (discretionary spending, is not limited to supermarkets), you can get 50% of reward points. In other words, the supermarket becomes 4.5x MR, refueling 3x, the rest of 1.5x. MR value calculated according to 1.6c, equivalent to 7.2% cash back supermarkets, gas 4.8% cash back, and the remaining 2.4% cash back consumption. God is doing my level of card!

If you already have some understanding for the mileage, this card can truly rely on in supermarket to get free of the Sino-US round-trip ticket! If the supermarket is the annual consumption of $ 6000 if ($ 500 per month), you can accumulate up to 27000 MR, MR and then count the remaining fuel or consumption, about a year can save 45000MR. The MR 1: 1 mileage partner ANA (All Nippon Airways) round-trip economy class Sino-US exchange requires only 60,000 points, while business class need only 95000MR. So, really good cards can brush out a free business class return tickets China and the US. I myself have used this card points and other points cards in exchange for a total of four people of China and the US round-trip business class both parents, so that they are considered to enjoy a blessing.

Supermarket to buy food (Grocery) Credit Card Comparison

  • Open card rewards: 20000 the MR, worth $ 320
  • Bonus points: the supermarket highest 4.5x; refueling highest 3x; other top 1.5x
  • $ 95 annual fee
  • Application Links: AMEX EveryDay of Preferred Card >>

Bank of America Cash Rewards

BOA Cash Rewards is a no annual fee credit card with a 2% cash back on supermarket spending. The greatest feature of this card is the supermarket category contains Whole Sale Store, such as Costco, Sams Club, BJs consumer can get 2% cash back. In addition, fuel can get this card a 3% cash back and monthly fuel consumption and the sum of the supermarket pre-consumer $ 2500 can get 3% / 2% cash back. If your supermarket consumption is particularly high, then this card is a good choice. But also as a VISA card, almost all supermarkets can all be brush, apply more widely in Chinese supermarkets. In addition, if you are checking in BOA, or deposits is particularly high, you can get 10% to 75% cash back reward. In theory, supermarkets consume up to get 3.5% cash back, come to have a 5.25% cash back. Cash back is also very easy to exchange, cash can be deducted directly into credit card bill.

BOA credit card also provides free credit scores, in addition to the first weekend of every month with BOA credit card can enter free museums, or very good. Open the card within 12 months of interest-free consumption, it is also very good.

Supermarket to buy food (Grocery) Credit Card Comparison

  • Open Card Reward: $ 150 ($ 500 required within three months of consumption); open 12 months interest free card
  • Consumer cash back: Come 3%, 2% of the supermarket (before $ 2500 per month), other 1%
  • No Annual Fee
  • Application Links: Bank of America Cash Rewards >>

Other credit card

  • Freedom Chase : no annual fee, a quarter past two years, has a supermarket 5x cash back, one quarter whole sale Store 5x cash back. UR acquired credit card points can be 1: 1 direct cash, or a senior version of the card can transfer air miles.
  • Hilton AMEX : No annual fee, supermarket consumer 5x Hilton points, equivalent to 2.5% cash back.
  • The Surpass AMEX : annual fee of $ 75, in supermarket 6x Hilton points, equivalent to 3% cash back
  • Premier Rewards Gold AMEX : annual fee of $ 195, supermarket 2x MR, no upper limit. Annual fee scary, but you can earn $ 100 by air reimbursement. MR can turn air miles.
  • AMEX Blue Cash (old version) : No annual fee, $ 6500 after discretionary spending, supermarket consumption to 5% cash back, the upper limit for the former 50k consumption for the consumer in the supermarket super and more people.
  • Altitude’s Bank Reserve, US : $ 450 annual fee, you can get brush mobile payment 3x points in the supermarket, equivalent to 4.5% cash back. Airlines can get reimbursed $ 325 per year.

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