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Befrugal Cashback Site Review【$10 Sign Up Bonus】

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Befrugal is also a veteran of the network back now, everyone in the mouth reputation is also good. Its 125% Best Rate Guarantee and Coupon Guarantee regarded as the most important feature. Today to tell us about it.

Net cash back Befrugal registered user guide [send]

1. Introduction cashback network BeFrugal

The name BeFrugal cashback network is also quite interesting, become frugal. Its main function is of course net cash back, through his family’s website go to the site you want to shop, and then complete the purchase, you will be able to get BeFruagal extra reward. In addition, its 125% Best Rate Guarantee feature allows you to rest assured that the return current network, without worrying about other sites have a higher cash back. Coupon Guarantee function also allows you sometimes get a bonus of $ 5. In addition, this customer service is also more to the force, not only to respond more quickly, and Online Chat feature, you can communicate in real time.

2. Registration and registration incentives

[ Limited time bonus ] Register now Befrugal cashback network through referral link, you can get cash back an additional $ 10. The total cash back after obtaining more than $ 25, you can extract together.

Net cash back Befrugal registered user guide [send]

After registration, My Account, click send password to email, to complete the establishment of the account. When finished, the My Account will be able to see the $ 10 registration bonus Pending friends.

Net cash back Befrugal registered user guide [send]

Total return is more than $ 25 (includes registration send $ 10), the money can be extracted together.

3. Basic Features

Net cash back Befrugal registered user guide [send]

3.1 get cash back

Get cash back process is very simple, first BeFrugal first enter the home page and search for the business you want to shop, such as Bestbuy.

Net cash back Befrugal registered user guide [send]

Then click on the shop Now, and then complete the purchase in Bestbuy website, you can get a percentage of the amount determined in accordance shopping cash back offer BeFrugal friends. There are some left Coupon, when you shop may also be used to get.

3.2 Click Tracking

In My Account, we can find Click Activity, which you can view our recent clicks. You can click finished shopping, click on this added a Note to remind yourself. So if did not get back now, you can click on this to find BeFrugal for money.

Net cash back Befrugal registered user guide [send]

3.3 extract cash back

Your cash back and confirm the total is greater than $ 25, you can withdraw cash up. Withdrawals There are three ways BeFrugal, Check, Paypal and Amazon Gift Card. Redeem Amazon GC then there will be a 3% bonus. If you are in the US sea Amoy, then choose Paypal payment is still very convenient.

Net cash back Befrugal registered user guide [send]

4. Special features

4.1 Best Rate Guarantee (BRG)

Cash back on all networks, BeFrugal provided 125% Best Rate Guarantee (BRG) is the highest. The so-called BRG is what you see now offer a higher return than the same business in other BeFrugal cashback network, then BeFrugal will give you shopping offer: the highest proportion of cash back * 125% cash back. for example,

  • If the current Ebates to Bestbuy offers 5% cash back, but BeFrugal only provide 1% cash back.
  • Bestbuy you to complete the purchase by BeFrugal, buy something for $ 100.
  • After submitting BRG to Befrugal, you can get $ 100 * 5% * 125% cash back

So when you have to choose cash back shopping network, which can be selected BeFrugal no brain, and when to see a higher cash back but can also earn 125%.

But BRG also has some restrictions, limitations as follows:

  • Only BeFrugal businesses have BRG logo can, a business only once
  • BRG need to submit the material required BeFrugal, every single BRG compensation up to $ 25
  • Detailed rules: BeFrugal explanation about BRG

4.2 Coupon Guarantee

This function is BeFrugal exclusive, meaning that if the Coupon BeFrugal provided if the inside does not work then. You inform the customer via a form, you can get an extra $ 5 cash back.

Net cash back Befrugal registered user guide [send]

So when shopping Coupon it can not be used if encountered, but also get a little compensation. Detailed explanation: BeFrugal Guarantee Your Coupon

4.3 Online Customer Service

This is also the exclusive function of Befrugal. Some cash back network can only contact via Email, to wait for weeks, boring. BeFrugal the Online Chat feature allows your problem resolved immediately, eliminating the need to reply to the e-mail reply to a long wait.

Net cash back Befrugal registered user guide [send]

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