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Barclays Ring Card Review

Credit Card Review ymlulu 2年前 (2017-08-15) 5407次浏览 0个评论

Barclays Ring Card-- low-cost low-interest

Barclays Ring Card Introduction

1. The card positioning

  • No annual fee for long-term holding, cash withdrawal fee is low, Balance Transfer Low Interest No fees

2. Basic Features

  • Open card reward : None
  • No cash back consumption
  • No Balance Transfer Fee
  • Cash Advance Fee $ 3 each
  • All APR (APR) 8.75%
  • No Annual Fee

3. Highlights

  • Monthly free to send FICO score: You can have the number of their credit score, see: free Compare Credit points
  • Blance Transfer Artifact: This card has no fee Balance Transfer, so you can transfer balance to other cards come at any time. Also, Balance Transfer annual interest rate of 8.75%, much lower than many other credit cards. For the balance on the card, reduce the interest. See: Balance Transfer Profile
  • Cash Advance Artifact : When this card cash charge of $ 3 a fixed, regardless of how much to take. This is better than the traditional credit card a 3% charge. Moreover, the annual interest rate is 8.75% compared to 20% + of other cards is much lower. See: Cash Advance Profile

4. shortcomings

  • No open card rewards, credit card and no cash back

My review.

If you often have trouble funding Zhouzhuanbukai, this card does fit as a long-term holding of operating cash (balance transfer) credit card. Moreover, there are certain advantages on cash (cash advance). Long-term holders of this card, you can save a lot of BT and cash advance fees. Note that this card does not swipe back now, do not usually used to buy things, BT and CA focused on it.

I personally have not applied for the card, as yet there is no demand in this regard.


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