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Barclays Jetblue Plus Credit Card Review【40k Bonus Miles】

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Barclays Jet Blue Plus credit card [8/12 Update: 40k open card reward link]

[ 8/12 Update ] readers receive a reward card 40k open mail, looks like a link that everyone can use. If the lingua franca jetblue aviation, then this card is well worth holding. Points needed for redemption Jetblue and then about flight prices, the value of 1.2c, which is the equivalent of opening the card to send $ 500 + $ 50 (count 10% return). In addition, this card provides Jetblue Airlines redeem 10% of the integral annual return of + 5k reward points, largely offset the annual fee. Links are as follows:

Barclays Jet Blue Plus credit card [8/12 Update: 40k open card reward link]

Barclays JetBlue Plus Card Introduction

Application Links :

Basic Features

  • Open card reward : 30k Jetblue mileage (90 days consumption required $ 1000)
  • Consumer Rebate: Jetblue consumption 6x, restaurants and supermarkets 2x, 1x rest
  • Redeem: Redeem Jetblue flights, the value of each point 1.2c
  • FTF no foreign currency conversion fee
  • $ 99 annual fee the first year can not help


  • Air welfare : first checked bag free shipping
  • 10% Exchange Rebate: Each time you redeem Jetblue, will return 10% of your exchange points. Equivalent to the open card is sent 33k mileage, mileage to obtain all consumption is 1.1 times the original.
  • Annual 5k mileage awards: From the second year, after paid the annual fee, will receive Jetblu mileage reward of 5k. According to the count value of 1.2c, the equivalent of reducing the annual fee of $ 60.
  • Large consumer incentives: a year after spending $ 50k can enjoy a year of JetBlue Mosaic  , enjoy two free shipping, priority boarding and other benefits
  • Travel Packages minus $ 100: With this card in Jetblue Gateway Vacation Package order more than $ 100 Vacaction Package, you can enjoy $ 100off. In particular, the cost-effective for those particularly close to $ 100 Package.
  • Monthly free to send FICO score: You can have the number of their credit score, see: free Compare Credit points


  • Mileage can only be redeemed for flights within the United States and neighboring countries, Central America and the United States and Europe can not be redeemed.

Jetblue Profile

Jetblue is America’s sixth largest airline in the eastern United States very intensive route, other large US cities have routes. In addition, there are also international routes to and from the Caribbean, the Bahamas and Bermuda.

Mileage description : Jetblue mileage is fixed value, probably in 1.2c / p or so. No matter what jetblue of flights can be redeemed with points, and the number of flights using points related to the current price. There are family bucket function, you can put your mileage and family members put together to use. Mileage never expire. In addition to the accumulated mileage credit card. Purchase tickets by price accumulate points to 6-8 / $ accumulated according to different seating levels. Some incentive programs.

Member Introduction : In addition to your credit card, you can get through 30 flights or 15,000 flight +12000 flyer points JetBlue Mosaic . JetBlue Mosaic can enjoy priority boarding, two free checked baggage, additional 3:00 accumulated mileage and other benefits.

My review.

The card holders can often take a long time for Jetblue Jetblue flight or mileage that can use people. Equivalent annual fee due 5k annual award reduced to $ 30, count 10% of the mileage return, basically the equivalent of a no annual fee. The city is also very simple to use, can be exchanged for any Jetblu flights according to a fixed proportion, do not worry about can not find the ticket or exchange value of ultra-low situation.

If you just want to take the opening card reward, then the first year income is $ 33k * 1.2- $ 99 = $ 297. After no annual fee may be downgraded to a version of Jetblue credit card.


  • Application of difficulty : Medium, we recommend less than three new credit cards when applying for six months
  • Application Status : Barclays official website online inquiry
  • Note : Before applying please read ” Barclays Bank characteristics “; this card co-branded cards for aviation, can fill in their own Jetblue membership number when applying, if not automatically assign a

Application Links