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Barclays Cash Forwards Credit Card Review【$200 bonus】

Credit Card Review ymlulu 2年前 (2017-08-06) 5892次浏览 0个评论

Barclays CashForward credit card limit [0] open card rewards

[ 4/7 Update ] to open the card limit increase to $ 200 bonus, we need to consume $ 1000 within three months. As a long-term hold no annual fee and cash back 1.5% of all consumer card, regarded as good.

Barclays CashForward credit card limit [0] open card rewards

Barclays Cash Forward introduce credit card

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Basic Features

  • Open card reward : $ 200 ($ 1000 required 90 days of consumption)
  • Consumer cashback: All consumption 1.5%
  • Cash back redemption: $ 50 from redeemable for cash, gift cards; exchange also has a 5% cash back
  • Balanc Transfer 0APR
  • No Annual Fee


  • $ 200 reward card limit open: count in no annual fee card is relatively high
  • 1.5% rebate: as a no annual fee card, all consumer 1.5% cash back can be considered good.
  • 5% convertible Rebate: Every time you redeemed for cash or gift card, the bank will return your exchange 5%
  • Monthly free to send FICO score: You can have the number of their credit score, see: free Compare Credit points
  • Blance Transfer 0 APR: in 45 days to open the card can enjoy doing Balance Transfer for 15 months 0APR, but BT is to pay attention to fees. This is suitable for Zhou Zhuan capital or to reduce the total APR credit cards. See: Balance Transfer Profile

4. shortcomings

  • Less play, only flat brush

My review.

No annual fee for this card party. All consumption 1.5% + 5% cash back redemption return, still no brain flat brush. If you have some other credit card reward categories, this card can not be used as supplementary award categories. No annual fee to keep this card in a drawer for an increased credit history, credit score free look good.


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