Barclays Aviator Red credit card [Update 5/31: 50k open card rewards come]

[ 5/30 Update ] opened quietly rose to 50k reward card up! Although there is some discrepancy limit award from Citi version of 60k, but it is possible we will have benefit from competition. If you applied for a few months inside this card, you may send Secure Message requirement Match, usually can be successfully compensated to the 10k.

Barclays Aviator Red credit card [Update 5/31: 50k open card rewards come]

Barclays Aviator credit card

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Basic Features

  • Open card reward : 50K American Airline mileage (within three months of consumption sum can get)
  • Credit card Points: AA’s official website, telephone booking 2X; other consumer 1X
  • Use Points: Redeem mileage AA and oneworld airline tickets
  • No foreign fee
  • Annual fee of $ 95 (old card or $ 89)


  • Air welfare: priority boarding (Group 2); first free checked baggage within the US (including four fellow members);
  • Mileage Redemption 10% return : if you hold this card, use the account in the AA mileage mileage ticket, you can automatically get a 10% return redeem miles. Equivalent to 10% of all mileage redemption tickets. Mileage limit annual return for the 10k, which is convertible in front 100k mileage is 10%. See: Mileage Redemption 10% return analysis

AA mileage redemption :

  • Flexible exchange : directly against the AA flight, can also be redeemed for flights with oneworld members, Sino-US common Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines; domestic flight with Dragonair. See detailed exchange: AA mileage introduce primary , Advanced articles
  • Discount Exchange: AA when it will introduce some mileage discount ticket, this credit card holders can use less mileage (eg 7.5k) redeem mileage tickets in the United States. For more details, see: AA Reduced mileage Award . In addition there is the off-season mileage AA exchange policy details please read: Off Peak 
  • First Class and Business Exchange cost-effective: compared to UA, DELTA AA mileage redemption class and business class need less mileage, but also a 10% return, particularly cost-effective.

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Relegation analysis

You can downgrade this card without an annual fee to the Blue version, retaining the possibility of future upgrades. You can upgrade to version sliver, benefits are as follows:

  • AA mileage credit card return: AA’s official website, telephone booking using this credit card payments have 3X; hotels and car rental paid is 2X; other consumer 1X
  • Air card basic welfare: priority boarding (Group 2); first free checked baggage within the United States (including eight fellow members); redeem mileage for return of 10%
  • Air card Advanced Benefits: , Ltd. Free Join the Entry reimbursement of $ 100; 30k full flower delivery tickets peers ( using the method see article ); full flower 20k, send 5k EQM, 40k 10k EQM send
  • No foreign fee
  • Annual Fee $ 195

This card history

At the time when the application of this series of card has a main body, Barclays is offering US Airways credit card. When the blogger or beginner, when this card Flyertalk set off a reign of terror, because every six months, will be able to repeat the application (churn) once, which means that every six months, will be able to get back to open a card reward (30k US Airways mileage). Moreover, there have a link to apply for the card through this link to apply when the annual pay an annual fee of an additional gift 10k mileage, so some people have a good few hands of such cards. Did not last long, us airways and AA merger news, this card also endangered, because AA is and CITI together a joint card, after the merger, there is no Barclays anything, so B home on the eve of the merger vigorously promotion of this card, the card will open reward raised to 50k, and 50k mileage automatically converted into the AA mileage after the merger. Bloggers and finally his wife at that time (October 2014) into the pit, very lucky, then the link is a link with the sending 10k AA miles an annual fee after the first year continued, it will be retained until at least the first year annual fee when.

B home is certainly not willing to give up this co-branded cards, so, in addition to enhancing the open card rewards, but also gives the next plan. This card is divided into four, four grades, respectively, basic, blue, red and sliver, all usairways original card holders automatically become Red, you can choose to upgrade or downgrade. By self-replication, the credit card rich product line, so that more people hold. It is worth noting that the red card and CITI AA card is very similar, but a bit better everywhere; and AA Silver is aimed at high-end customers, we launched a series of benefits for travel and relegation. It can be described as positive, divided by four to put up resistance.

In early 2017, Barclays finally got his wish, aviator can continue to apply for the card! Currently citi and barclays can issue their own branded credit card AA, similar to the AMEX and Citi can issue their own branded credit card hilton.

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