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Barclays Arrival Plus Credit Card Review【$500 bonus, 2x everything】

Credit Card Review ymlulu 2年前 (2017-08-06) 4133次浏览 0个评论

Barclays Arrive Plus Credit card open card to send cash back 0,2x]

Barclays Arrival Plus credit card introduced

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Basic Features

  • Open card reward : 50K Arrival points (90 days consumption required $ 3000)
  • Consumer Rebate: All consumption 2x
  • Redeem: 1 point = 1c exchange for travel expenses, 2mile = 1c redeemed for cash. Redeem 5% bonus.
  • FTF no foreign currency conversion fee
  • $ 89 annual fee the first year free


  • [ Limit ] open card rewards 50k: normally open card incentives for 40k. 50k worth $ 500 for travel expenses, which is not bad for the first year no annual card fee is. Including convertible 5% bonus, equivalent to $ 525 bonus to open the card.
  • Redeem easy : This is not the mileage points, but can 1mile = 1c, offset by direct consumer travel, including airfare, car rentals, hotels, cruises, etc., a wide range. After you use this card for travel-related consumption, select exchange points, and then select this consumer exchange on the line (from $ 100 against). Redeemed for cash value halved (1mile = 0.5c), so we do not consider them.
  • 5% convertible Rebate: Every time you exchange, the bank will return your exchange points of 5%
  • 2x rebate: this card are all 2x consumer rebate, if all convertible travel consumption, can be regarded as a 2% cash back of credit cards. Plus 5% convertible return, be more than 2% cash back up.
  • Monthly free to send FICO score: You can have the number of their credit score, see: free Compare Credit points
  • Blance Transfer 0 APR: in 45 days to open the card can enjoy doing Balance Transfer for 12 months 0APR, but BT is to pay attention to fees. This is suitable for Zhou Zhuan capital or to reduce the total APR credit cards. See: Balance Transfer Profile


  • Travel redeem $ 100 onwards, the year after the second year fee worth slightly

My review.

The benefits of this card is that all consumption 2% cash back, if you consume relatively large amounts, without belonging to certain categories of reward credit cards (such as supermarkets, fuel, travel), then use the card or return ratio ordinary 1% cash back credit card twice of. Redeem this card it is also quite easy to save more than 10,000, a one-time ticket exchange swap on the line.

However, I personally feel that this card is just a piece of card holders a year. No annual fee the first year, $ 500 was very good. But the second year to pay $ 89 annual fee just for 2% of the return is not worth existing points, cash back in order to cut costs last year more than 1% cash back credit card, then, need to consume $ 9800 more than the job. So, you can choose to apply for this white card to get $ 500, after a year in the past, first of all try to call there is no Retention Offer (usually no annual fee); If you did not want to, you can choose to switch to a no annual fee version arrival on the line. See: credit transfer card introduction , credit card Retention Offer Introduction


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