AMEX Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card [7/18 Update: double cashback registration link, ymmv]

[ 7/18 Update ] was received target offer, spending $ 15k 15k send extra points, or send additional spending $ 10k 10k points. We can offer the following two links Login Register try, usually in the SPG card consumption is relatively high, people tend to successful registration. The offer is equivalent to 2x, so it is still very to the force. (HT. Reddit )

AMEX Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card [7/18 Update: double cashback registration link, ymmv]

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AMEX Starwood Preferred Guest American Express Starwood Hotels Credit Card

Application Links :

Basic Features

  • Open card reward: 25K Starpoints (three months need to spend $ 3k)
  • Consumption was Starpoints: in SPG / Marriott Hotel consumption 2x, 1x other consumer
  • Starpoints use: can be fixed Starwood (starwood) of Hotels, up to 1: 1.25 turn into airline miles
  • No credit card fees abroad
  • $ 95 annual fee the first year free


  • Open card high reward, practical: 25K SPG points can be converted into a 30k AA or BA mileage mileage, used to redeem machine : See this article ; 25k SPG SPG points can stay 12 nights hotel’s cat1, cat2 up to 8 nights hotel, Up to 3 nights hotel cat3
  • High credit card reward : While this card is $ 1 Brush get 1 point, but due to the widespread use SPG points, exchange high-value hotel, exchange air miles (1.6c) up to 1: 1.25, the credit card rate of return equivalent to 2% the above. This ratio is generally 1% cash back credit card is better.
  • Enjoy the free high-speed internet within the hotel: SPG ordinary free wifi network to a peak, directly into a turtle speed. This time the cardholder can access the heart. This welfare spg membership levels had only reached gold or platinum only, or like $ 20 a day
  • Boingo free Wi-Fi hotspot: up to four devices can be used for Internet access, there are 1 million hotspots worldwide can access, details: boingo official website . boingo hot spots are located inquiries please see: . Spg card has been registered user please Click here:
  • No foreign use fee: AMEX credit card without a credit card overseas DCC, is to use local currency and US dollar checkout conversion rate is the same, do not worry about that as visa with local currency when the exchange rate is poor. Do not worry about it later to book hotels outside of the United States

AMEX Kafu Li

  • The offer AMEX : Amazon over 20 back 20, Wal-Mart 15-5, pay the bill 75-10. AMEX cardholders often generous to send some good Offer, allows you to get a cash bonus at the same time consumption. With particular reference to: the recent good AMEX Offer , once good AMEX Offer induction , AMEX OFFER Detailed
  • Small Business Day: every year AMEX credit cards are involved, Small Business Day activities, there is an additional incentive in the designated merchants consumption. See: Small Business Day Activities
  • Amount to high : AMEX for customers are very generous, often higher than other banks give more credit.
  • Three times the amount raised : AMEX card in the first 61 days after the cardholder can go to three times the original amount of increase through the official website.
  • Free Shoprunner Member : You can enjoy more than two days to the point of online shopping with free shipping details please read: official website link
  • Extended warranty : Using the full amount AMEX card to buy things, factory warranty period is automatically extended for another year
  • Free Report : Credit card users can query free credit bureau scores EX, see: free Compare Credit points


  • Save points can not be 1: 1 convertible into cash (who would be so foolish as the high value of SPG points 1: 1 into cash it)
  • In addition to consumer SPG hotel, but no category of multiple points. By consumption difficult save points

Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) points Introduction

  • Valuable : in-house can be achieved by 2c + (5K can be converted point average $ 100 worth of hotel SPG), may be changed to a 5C, see reservation combat . And if the hotel is set cat 3 and above, can enjoy four nights give away a given night discount. Weekend predetermined number of points need less than usual 1000.
  • Comes the turning point discount : 2W per revolution point to the air miles (such as AA, AC, ANA), will be presented additional 5,000 miles. Equal SPG hotel consumption, the highest was 2.5 airline miles (original inn consumption 2x points * 1.25). Other consumer discretionary spending has 1.25X airline miles (originally of other consumer 1X points * 1.25).
  • Turning Point partners are : including ANA, AC, AA, Alaska Airlines, BA
  • Turning Point partners can sometimes provide additional preferential turning point : for example, to turn 2W AC / AA, sending 5K points. That is 2W starpoints able to turn into points 3W AC / AA mileage.
  • For more details see: SPG Points Guide

My review:

Eighteen months ago, just an understanding of the credit card, see the unknown space forum many people discuss this credit card. I did not think, go with the flow also applied for one. This choice proved how right: the amount has risen to more than 1w, nothing brush pressure (tall). The points can be saved to multiple airlines, but also to stay well (Smart). No reward for the main brush daily consumption (the Queen). I went to Disney with five points given night room, 19k points over 1000 swap out a $ value: booking combat .

This card and AMEX Everyday Preferred same card can be used as the main consumer, because the consumer can be equivalent to + 2% cash back (if redeemed for hotel or airline miles, then turn into). Moreover, this card can turn into AA miles, the equivalent of $ 1 can get 1.25AA mileage than AA and citi of co-branded cards $ 1 1AA get better mileage. Card annual fee is not high, with the AMEX Offer fully able to earn it back. So, I’ve been holding this card.

Detailed analysis of the open card rewards, see: AMEX SPG rewards card use open


  • Application difficulty : the difficulty in general, more than six months can apply to. In a year when my credit history to apply, when the amount directly to the 4500
  • Application Status : official website application status inquiry link
  • Note : Before applying please read the ” AMEX Bank characteristics “; this card can no SSN application , the application is rejected or pending may consider calling  reconsideration ; and SPG hotel because it is co-branded credit card, if you already have SPG number may fill in the application go (if not automatically assigned)

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