AMEX Platinum-- high-end benefits card [Update 3/30: 60k bonus + benefits card to open a comprehensive update]

[ 3/30 Update ] comprehensive update this welfare card, open the card rewards increased to 60k Membership Rewards.

AMEX Platinum (Platinum) Introduction

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Basic Features

  • Open card reward: 60K Membership Rewards (need three months to spend $ 5k)
  • Save credit card MR: specific flights and hotels 5x, other consumer 1X
  • MR Redeem : it can be exchanged for a number of air miles, hotel points
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Annual fee of $ 550 (the first year annual fee can not help)


  • Open card rewards high: open cards to send 60k Membership Rewards can be 1: 1 into a number of airlines mileage, used to redeem mileage points for each international ticket valued at 1.6cent, so open the discount card reward worth about $ 960.
  • Air reimbursed $ 200:  Nature of aviation fees reimbursed $ 200, equivalent to an annual fee of $ 250. In the first year can be reimbursed, the reimbursement beginning of the second year, the equivalent of the cardholder reimbursed twice a year. Reimbursement can easily get through the purchase of aviation gift card, see: AMEX aviation reimbursement analysis
  • Get each year Uber $ 200 Credit + Uber VIP Member: Add your Platinum Card account to Uber, Uber account will become VIP, you can enjoy better benefits like models. And every year, the first 11 months will get uber account Credit $ 15 and get $ 35 in December, Credit expired end of each month.
  • Tickets and hotel 5xMR welfare: tickets need to buy the airline’s official website, or amextravel buy to get. Personal guess only if the airline can activate direct charge of 5x, such as orbitz, but needs to be verified. As MPX able to get 5x, also need to experiment. Specific provisions can be viewed in Benefit Platinum card inside. The hotel needs to reservations, sometimes you can use in conjunction with AMEX Offer. (This benefit applies to all versions of the Platinum card, including: ordinary white gold , Mercedes-Benz platinum , Schwab platinum , Ameriprise Platinum )
  • High-end aviation Lounge: free access to the Centurion Lounges, Delta Sky Clubs, Airspace Lounges, Priority Pass
  • Comes with a large number of high-end benefits ( official website welfare description ):希尔顿金卡members enjoy free breakfast; Starwood (SPG) Gold members can upgrade free of room to enjoy high-speed network; reimbursement Global Entry and TSA Pre costs; Fine Hotel Accommodation comes Deals ( introduction ); Boingo wireless network Master members; free magazine, inCircle members, Car Avis, Hertz, National Car rental senior members etc; after adding platinum vice card (second card requires an additional annual fee), or more deputy welfare card holders You can also register (need to call)

Rewards Membership (the MR) :

  • MR Points are multiple cards together, it can be exchanged together. Just hold a save all the points MR points card will not expire. If you do not want long-term retention of this card, you can apply for no annual fee AMEX Everyday credit card , you can keep on MR but at the same time, can continue to turn air miles.
  • It can be 1: 1 transfer of air miles. Turn ANA ANA Mileage, 60k mileage to and from China and the US can change ( ANA mileage description) . , And switch to AC Air Canada can change 32.5k Sino-US one-way ( AC mileage description ). There are activities turn when BA British Airways mileage change US short-ticket is also good ( BA mileage description ).
  • For more details see: Membership Rewards Guide

AMEX card comes with benefits

  • The offer AMEX : Amazon over 20 back 20, Wal-Mart 15-5, pay the bill 75-10. AMEX cardholders often generous to send some good Offer, allows you to get a cash bonus at the same time consumption. With particular reference to: the recent good AMEX Offer , once good AMEX Offer induction , AMEX OFFER Detailed
  • Small Business Day: every year AMEX credit cards are involved, Small Business Day activities, there is an additional incentive in the designated merchants consumption. See: Small Business Day Activities
  • Free Shoprunner Member : You can enjoy more than two days to the point of online shopping with free shipping details please read: official website link
  • Extended warranty : Using the full amount AMEX card to buy things, factory warranty period is automatically extended for another year
  • Free Report : Credit card users can query free credit bureau scores EX, see: free Compare Credit points


  • This card is a charge card, after the bill needs the money to pay off completely, or high interest violence
  • $ 550 annual fee, added deputy Platinum card also requires an additional annual fee

My review:

Hold a year : The purpose of my application is not for long-term holders of this card, or less than temporarily because so many high-end benefits. If you hold this card a year, you can get a return of nearly $ 1,000, which for opening a card is very cost-effective. Moreover, although the first year annual fee looks horrible, but can be reimbursed $ 400 back by air, in fact, they only dig the equivalent of $ 150, if the lingua franca words uber $ 200, in fact, AMEX also lose you $ 50. Also, you can enjoy year AMEX Offer, and welfare of the tall variety, is still very cost-effective. Purchase Protection This card is very good, buy the things lost can be reimbursed in full, often throw things for some people is a good alternative card.

Long-term holding : For people who want long-term holders, mainly to see you do not need them each year with a $ uber credit 200, and comes with a series of high-end benefits, as well as airfare and hotel 5x. From the perspective of the annual fee, $ 550- $ 200 (Aviation reimbursement) – $ 200 (Uber credit) = $ 150. Only $ 150 you can have a lot of benefits and a metal card, I personally think it is a good deal.

A few things do get the card

While this card comes with a lot of benefits, but different cards and in general, a lot of welfare needs its own registration to take effect, so here specifically list what, I hope you do not forget to register: