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AMEX Hilton Honors Credit Card Review【75k HH bonus】

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AMEX Hilton HHonors Credit card open card to send 75k points, no annual fee]

[ 7/27 Update ] apply for the card’s official website links only 50k points, but by applying referral link can get 75k points of the open card rewards. As a no annual fee, as well as a supermarket meal card rebate is good times. hilton points although only 0.5c / p, but also 5x equivalent to 2.5 percent of the cash back ~

AMEX Hilton HHonors Credit card open card to send 75k points, no annual fee]

AMEX Hilton Credit Card Description:

Application Links

Basic Features

  • Open card reward: 75k Hiltion points (three months need to open the card to spend $ 1000)
  • Consumer return Hilton Points: Hilton Hotels consumption 7x, supermarkets, restaurants, fuel consumption 5x, 3x other
  • Redeem : convertible Hilton’s hotels
  • No Annual Fee


  • Open card reward 80k: used to redeem Hilton’s hotel, can change the value of an average of about $ 400. Exchange value in different locations vary greatly.
  • Good times cash back categories: In addition to 7x consumption outside the hotel, food, fuel consumption supermarkets have 5x, so HH accumulate points fast. And, if they can use a good HH points, then select the card at the supermarket MS also possible
  • Relegation to take 50-100k: After 12 months of holding the card, you can upgrade to a fee for years AMEX Supass credit card (no Hard pull), obtaining consumer upgrade was $ 3k reward 50-100k of. AMEX HH upgrade link (enter the card number can query whether the upgrade requirements). After a period of time to obtain rewards can be downgraded, then wait for the next opportunity to upgrade

AMEX Kafu Li

  • The offer AMEX : Amazon 20 back full 20? Wal-Mart 15-5? Pay the bill 75-10? AMEX cardholders often generous to send some good Offer, allows you to get a cash bonus at the same time consumption. Referring specifically AMEX OFFER explain .
  • Amount to high : AMEX for customers are very generous, often higher than other banks give more credit.
  • Three times the amount raised : AMEX card in the first 61 days after the cardholder can go to three times the original amount of increase through the official website.
  • Free Shoprunner Member : You can enjoy more than two days to the point of online shopping with free shipping details please read: official website link
  • Extended Warranty: use the full amount AMEX card to buy things, factory warranty period is automatically extended for another year
  • Free credit points : the card user queries per month free credit score credit bureaus EX


  • HH points value is lower, on average 5x this card and cash back almost 2.5%

Hilton loyalty program members and Introduction

Hilton Hotels Corporation currently a worldwide total of about 5,000 hotels and resorts, which owns 13 hotels and resorts brand.

  • Member introduction : Gold and Diamond members can enjoy a complimentary breakfast as well as possible upgrade of room
  • Points Description : integration value in 0.5cents / points (Hotels $ 100 on average 20k Hilton points); the lowest exchange from 5k to 95k a night, depending on the hotel and the price level. There is a continuous exchange points four nights get one night of concessions; the whole family will soon open barrels (integral members of the family can be combined together)
  • Play Introduction : redeem points for room accommodations can also participate in some activities to send points, back to the blood quickly; usually a lot of activity, it is easy to earn points; redeemed Hilton points in Asia, very cost-effective; you can quickly get used status match hilton Senior Member
  • Details : Hilton Raiders 1 , the Hilton Raiders 2

I am with this card:

I do not want to apply for this card has been before, because the total number of points that Hilton is not worth the money, does not work well. Later, taking advantage of the offer the highest applied for one. The reason of course is the next there are some travel plans, and AMEX Platinum Card also comes with a Gold Hilton Hotels Corporation (free breakfast), also prompted me to carefully consider the Hilton hotel group’s loyalty programs and loyalty programs, and finally decided to apply this card.

First, this card is a no annual fee card co-branded hotel, is relatively rare in the. This card accumulate points HH the speed is very fast. Hotel consumption 7x, 5x while covering the most common of food, fuel, supermarkets (can MS), other consumer 3x. In addition, in December, after the card, you can choose to upgrade to a fee for years AMEX Hiltion Supass credit card , a chance to upgrade 50k reward. After the downgrade, upgrade, repeatedly take 50k reward. And as the AMEX card brings AEMX Offer, Shop runner, extended warranty and other benefits are also good. So, this card is suitable for long-term holdings.

Of course, HH points of moisture than other hotels in points (SPG, Hyatt, etc.), have some more. The average value of the exchange is only about 0.5c (an average of $ 100 of property 20k HH points), and a floating exchange value is very large. Exchange of good can reach 1c (40k HH = $ 360 hotel), and some even exchange metamorphosis to the hotel $ 200 required 90k HH points. However, Hilton’s hotels are located very wide, can always find a decent exchange value. You can use this tool to query the following points need hotel:

Now you have this card people can now see the upgrade  AMEX Hilton Surpass  of 100k reward Offer, equivalent to get free HP 100k points. This link is no bonus once per life time words, suggest that you had a choice surpass this link upgrade. (HT. DOC )


Application Links :

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