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AMEX EveryDay Credit Card Review

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AMEX Everyday Card (ED) credit card [8/7 Update: Consumer send additional 10k / 12.5k MR, ymmv]

[ 8/7 update ] section cardholders receive mail, you can get an extra 10k or 12.5k of Membership Rewards post-consumer $ 1000. You can log in below link, inquire to see if you are eligible for. (HT. Doc )

AMEX Everyday Card (ED) credit card [8/7 Update: Consumer send additional 10k / 12.5k MR, ymmv]

[ 2/2 update ] this card open card reward increased to 15k Membership Rewards. As a no annual fee, the supermarket can save multiple points, points can turn mileage credit is still good. If the AMEX Offer to play slide, but also a year to get a lot of extra cash back. Of course, remember to open the browser before applying swipe incognito mode, there may be a higher reward.

AMEX Everyday Card (ED) credit card [8/7 Update: Consumer send additional 10k / 12.5k MR, ymmv]

AMEX EveryDay Card Profile

Application Links

Basic Features

  • Open card reward: 15K point of the MR, worth $ 240 +
  • Credit card Points: Supermarket Consumer 2.4X points (credit card more than 20 times, or 2X); other consumer cashback 1.2X points (credit card more than 20 times, or 1X)
  • Redeem: can be exchanged for a number of air miles, hotel points; can be used to pay bills, AMAZON, McDonald’s, consumption in the official website Mall, redeem gift cards
  • No Annual Fee


  • Save of the MR ( Membership Rewards ): high value (1.6c), the use of flexible, cost-effective can turn major airlines in exchange for tickets. ( 60K rpm ANA point you can change the China-US round-trip , 95k may point out the Sino-US round-trip business class ). For more details see: the MR Guide
  • Consumer Rebate good: Brush twenty times, this card will have the ability to store food 2.4x rebate, which is not bad for a no annual fee card. 1.2X rebate for no reward categories quite good, if MR requires a certain number of points, do not want to pay an annual fee, you can choose from. But if you no reward categories of consumption is particularly high, such as insurance, rent, electricity and so on tuition fees can be paid by credit card, they are interested in redemption tickets, it is recommended to select AMEX Everday Preferred credit card, 1.5X MR points can not be overlooked.

AMEX Kafu Li

  • AMEX offer: What? amazon 20 back full 20? Wal-Mart 15-5? Pay the bill 75-10? AMEX cardholders often generous to send some good Offer, allows you to get a cash bonus at the same time consumption. Referring specifically AMEX OFFER explain .
  • Amount to high: AMEX for customers are very generous, often higher than other banks give more credit. When I apply directly to the $ 10,000, and scared me
  • Three times the amount raised: AMEX card in the first 61 days after the cardholder can go to three times the original amount of increase through the official website.
  • Free Shoprunner Member: You can enjoy more than two days to the point of online shopping with free shipping details please read: official website link
  • Extended warranty: Using the full amount AMEX card to buy things, factory warranty period is automatically extended for another year
  • Free reports: some users can check free credit scores can get one free credit report per year


  • Save points can not be 1: 1 convertible into cash (who would be so foolish as the high value of MR points 1: 1 into cash it)
  • Brush 20 times a month a little tired (really, but if you do not brush over the number of times the problem can be solved by purchasing $ 0.5 amazon gift card; in fact, a cup of coffee a day more than enough)

My comment

Application of this card has no annual fee to retain the other AMEX cards save the Membership Rewards is good, but also by the card can still be converted to airline miles MR. In addition, the supermarket 2.4MR the save point is also quite competitive.

If you want to toss, you can invest $ 95 application fee for years version of the AMEX Everday Preferred credit card , rewards card to get a higher open, save and enjoy high-speed point of the year. After a year, if not satisfied, you can back this a no annual fee while Everyday Card preserve their strength can also be redeemed when necessary.


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