AMEX Platinum Delta Credit card 50k + 0 + 10k reward]

7/28 Update ] now through referral link applications, but also to get mileage 50k + 10k MQM + bonus $ 100 (official website only 35k + 10k + $ 100). If you want to impact delta senior member, or obtain long-held annual peer-ticket (buy one get one), this card can be considered

AMEX Platinum Delta Credit card 50k + 0 + 10k reward]

AMEX Platinum Delta SkyMile credit card Introduction

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Basic Features

  • Open card reward : 50K Delta mileage 10kMQM + (within three months of consumption 1000 $) + $ 100 (Delta consumption sum)
  • Save mileage credit card Delta: Delta consumption 2x, 1x other
  • Delta mileage redemption : Delta flights and can redeem SkyTeam partner Flights
  • FTF no foreign currency conversion fee
  • Annual fee of $ 195 (the first year can not help)


  • Open card reward good: open cards to send 50k mileage can be redeemed for flights up to six times the United States, at least 35k can be exchanged for one-way flights of the China-US. The average figure, 70k mileage value of the open card rewards around $ 850. In addition to send $ 100 to pay taxes by Delta mileage ticket, purchased Delta tickets at the official website, or shopping on the official website of Delta aircraft purchase Delta’s Gift Card to activate. Gift 10k MQM impact can only be used delta senior member, and tickets can not be redeemed mileage
  • Renew send a Companion Certificate: From the second year, you paid the annual fee you can get a Companion Certificate (CP). CP can use this free ride with peers who carry a delta flight. CP usage restrictions as follows : Return economy flights only 48 US states, more than 14 days prior to departure tickets, tickets must pay tax money and peers who use this credit card, you need to stay in the destination of 3-30 days position is L, U, T, X, V. Use specific terms and See: Delta’s official website explained
  • Annual awards : in each calendar year – spending $ 25K 10K send Delta mileage + 10K MQM (1 January 31 December), spending $ 50K 10K sending Delta mileage + 10K MQM (that is, spending send a total of $ 50K 20K Delta mileage + 20K MQM). If you open the card’s date is completed next year, but spending $ 50K in the next year, then we can get 20K MQM (annual bonus), so do not fly could get Silver to reach the United States. And do not forget spending $ 25K can automatically exempt MQD requires senior member of the Delta, so the impact of Delta’s senior member also can be more relaxed. (The annual and annual bonus can not be other Delta credit card reward overlay).
  • Vice card reward : this card to add a supplementary card, you can get bonus 2500, from the need to add the following link to sign. 2500 mileage plus supplementary card to get links ($ 500 with a brush, Vice card within 3 months)
  • Delta Flight welfare : take Delta flights can enjoy priority boarding, free checked piece of luggage, shopping 20% off the machine, lounge discount
  • Borrowing mileage : AMEX to this card adds new benefits. If the current mileage is not a Delta ticket, you can borrow mileage, prior to a vote, and then pay off within six months there would be no fee, no pay off a portion of the fee will be charged 2.5c / mile is. This is good news for people who want to rush a vote, and because the delta is the turning point of the MR partner, not clear when the time should be able to transfer points also. But have yet to see the official page, only some card users receive the benefits of this introduction.AMEX Platinum Delta Credit card 50k + 0 + 10k reward]

AMEX Kafu Li

  • The offer AMEX : Amazon over 20 back 20, Wal-Mart 15-5, pay the bill 75-10. AMEX cardholders often generous to send some good Offer, allows you to get a cash bonus at the same time consumption. With particular reference to: the recent good AMEX Offer , once good AMEX Offer induction , AMEX OFFER Detailed
  • Small Business Day: every year AMEX credit cards are involved, Small Business Day activities, there is an additional incentive in the designated merchants consumption. See: Small Business Day Activities
  • Amount to high : AMEX for customers are very generous, often higher than other banks give more credit.
  • Three times the amount raised : AMEX card in the first 61 days after the cardholder can go to three times the original amount of increase through the official website.
  • Free Shoprunner Member : You can enjoy more than two days to the point of online shopping with free shipping details please read: official website link
  • Extended warranty : Using the full amount AMEX card to buy things, factory warranty period is automatically extended for another year
  • Free Report : Credit card users can query free credit bureau scores EX, see: free Compare Credit points


  • This card’s annual fee of $ 195 is a little high, peer ticket to next year before they take, and the use of more limited.
  • Unless there is a lot of consumption in the Delta above, or save mileage with no annual fee AMEX EveryDay Card (1.2x-2.4x) or fees for years EveryDay of Preferred Card (1.5x-4.5x) better

Delta SkyMile Description :

  • Value: mileage value of about 1.4 cent / mile, mainly due to exchange forms often have to change for votes, unlike AA, UA and other stable mileage
  • Exchange: at least 35k convertible Sino-US one-way, 5.5k way to change the United States, 7.5k way to change Chinese territory, 80k United States and Australia for business. Short artifact in the United States , especially for the Spanish-American living in the northeastern US friends.
  • More : accumulate and redeem mileage tips see: Delta SkyMile Introduction 1 ; Introduction 2 ; Introduction 3

my comment

From the opening card reward point of view: This time 50k + $ 100 bonus is good, but inevitably the first year annual fee. From the point of view held by year earnings point of view, the first year annual fee waiver of Delta Gold credit card in the first year is 40k + $ 50. Choose which to see if you can make good use of the Delta mileage. Short-term holdings a year, then two cards are good. If you need them to hit the MQM senior member or the lingua franca of the annual peer-votes, this card is right for you.

From the mileage use to see: Delta mileage redemption form is not particularly stable, the number of miles required ups and downs compare people may feel tired, fuel tax is relatively high. However, there is one that one, is good mileage with Delta can also very interesting. For example, Delta mileage can be exchanged for tickets SkyTeam partners, parents used to redeem China Eastern Airlines and from China and the US is still quite good. After all, their country’s airlines, it is no obstacle to the exchange. Delta value exchange activities in the United States is compared to AA, UA to cost a lot . Another point, the international flight meal service, Business Class AA than the quality of the delta and the UA are much better.

If you are still not sure whether you want to apply, it is recommended reading:


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