AMEX Blue Cash Everyday (BCE) credit card [4/19 Update: 3% cash back is calculated supermarkets slight changes]

[ 4/19 Update ] from 6/30/2017 to start, $ 6000 a year before the 3% cashback in supermarkets year, calculated in accordance with full calendar year 1 / 1-12 / 1 to (now a complex that contains January statement number of the last statement in December next year calculation). In short simplifies the calculation is still good for us.

[ 4/12 Update ] Now add this card to card through the following links deputy, Vice card can get 250 for three months of consumption, the additional send $ Offer 25.

AMEX Blue Cash Everyday (BCE) credit card [4/19 Update: 3% cash back is calculated supermarkets slight changes]

AMEX Blue Cash EveryDay profile:

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Basic Features

  • Open Card Reward: $ 100 ($ consumption before March 1000)
  • Credit card cash back: Supermarket consumption 3% cash back ($ 6000 cap), department stores, 2% cash back (such as nordstrom, may’s, sears), refuel 2% cash back, other consumer 1%
  • Cash back redemption : you can redeem $ 25 for every $ 25 added to the account (statement credit), and occasionally a discount gift card redemption
  • 0APR: open card 12 interest-free monthly consumption
  • No Annual Fee


  • No annual fee simple good application: a simple return to the current structure, the same year round, unlike the Chase Freedom and Discover IT as concern; no annual fee for the main consumer is to buy food, fuel, department stores, and consumption is not high students; relatively easy to apply, usually six months would be sufficient to win this card.
  • Discount redeem gift cards : During the event back now can get a discount redeem a gift card, $ 100 gift cards as macys needs only $ 90 cash back redemption
  • Consumer 0APR: Balance within 12 months of consumption produced only pay off the minimum each month would not have to pay interest. Please read the ” credit card 0APR pay back the money .”
  • Refer a Friend Bonus: Refer a friend Shen, can get $ 50- $ 100 / person bonus, see: AMEX REFER Projects

AMEX Kafu Li

  • The offer AMEX : Amazon over 20 back 20, Wal-Mart 15-5, pay the bill 75-10. AMEX cardholders often generous to send some good Offer, allows you to get a cash bonus at the same time consumption. With particular reference to: the recent good AMEX Offer , once good AMEX Offer induction , AMEX OFFER Detailed
  • Small Business Day: every year AMEX credit cards are involved, Small Business Day activities, there is an additional incentive in the designated merchants consumption. See: Small Business Day Activities
  • Amount to high : AMEX for customers are very generous, often higher than other banks give more credit.
  • Three times the amount raised : AMEX card in the first 61 days after the cardholder can go to three times the original amount of increase through the official website.
  • Free Shoprunner Member : You can enjoy more than two days to the point of online shopping with free shipping details please read: official website link
  • Extended warranty : Using the full amount AMEX card to buy things, factory warranty period is automatically extended for another year
  • Free Report : Credit card users can query free credit bureau scores EX, see: free Compare Credit points


  • Cash back redemption needs to be a multiple of $ 25

My review:

Similar card comparison : If you have only a supermarket cash back, and if the supermarket consumption of the year is $ 6000, using a no annual fee Blue Cash Everyday credit card altogether can get cash back $ 180, but using for years fee AMEX Blue Cash Preferred Total you can get $ 360 cash back – $ 95 = $ 265 annual fee, and an annual fee cards can be selected so the extra $ 85 cash back better. And if you consume supermarket is $ 3160, then two cards to obtain cash back flat, are $ 94. If you consume less than $ supermarkets year 3160, then choose no annual fee Blue Cash Everyday credit card  better.

However, you can apply for a fee for years AMEX Blue Cash of Preferred , take away more than $ 50 reward card, and then downgrade to no annual fee version of this long-term holding.


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