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"Updated BP risk" levels and risk control of credit card (2)–Chase,AMEX,Citi

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In the previous article "summary risk behaviour", we introduce some of the more common behaviour it may increase your risk, includes two categories: increasing bad debts and in violation of the basic credit card bill.However, the different credit card companies, risk assessment is not the same for each behavior.So, if we know each of the banks high risk behavior, can be targeted to avoid.And not just scared, feel like doing something to worry about checkpoints.This paper describes the three major credit card issuing company Chase, AMEX, and Citi features.For the remaining companies, because the data is not much, only briefly.

"Updated BP risk" levels and risk control of credit card (2)--Chase,AMEX,Citi

"2016.2.10" Discover,Citi credit card has recently been closed, be treated with caution.See chapter 3rd

1.Chase minefield and response

Chase has its many easy to use credit card, such as the Ultimate Rewards good friend of Chase Freedom, Sapphire Preferred, open air name card rewards are high cards and drive Hotel Hotel signed a card each year.However, a good card at the same time, the risk control Department of the Chase were not idle, watching your every move.For Chase, much higher risk in the following:

  • Large cash flows
  • Within a short time a large number of open card
  • Abuse of the Ultimate Rewards points system

1.1 large cash flows

First of all, we have to have a concept in the United States tend to be more suspicious of large cash flows.Because the United States wage most of them go Direct Deposit Bank accounts, consumer and repayment are also using a credit card and Checking Account.If you are holding a lot of cash in businesses spending or large sums of cash in the Bank each month and fixed, are likely to be suspected of money-laundering.Chase is particularly sensitive about this, possible causes are: used to Chase because money-laundering are detected and not reported being fined billions of dollars.So, it was derived from the following mine-and cash-related areas:

  • Chase often counter by cash or credit card
  • Often have a large cash deposit/into the checking account (checking account)
  • Others often use their own account Bill Pay with your credit card

Commonly used cash payments and cash in the account, you are always a lot of cash on hand.Once you can't very well explain the source of cash is not only Chase will pay attention to you, FBI may also ask you for tea, your sources of cash.So will avoid large cash receipt and deposit the best Chase.If with cash to United States ready to pay tuition, other banks such as BOA,Citi or small local bank or Credit Union, and then directly to the payment of fees.If you want to transfer to the United States to buy housing, tuition, invest, or you can select other banks to receive.Of course, if not cyclical receipts, the number is small, do not have to worry too much.Chase was not, after all, a madman, not others ' accounts.And others through Bill Pay your credit cards also have a certain risk.Because once the Bill Pay link you and money-laundering, Chase will follow to touch you, you would probably be joint checkpoints.

Require special attention is that Chase has been identified as large cash flows and money laundering, all of your accounts, including credit cards, checking accounts, savings accounts were closed (kills the whole family).Of course, checking account savings account money can take it back, but also have to obediently pay off credit card bills.Confiscated by the Chase credit card to earn points.Been points when released, and it is anyone's guess, you are not on the blacklist of Chase.Once someone feels innocent, to Chase through the small claims court to this part of the points Chase eventually make concessions to put points into cash back to him, but the man can't even run by life-long blacklist.

On this point, no matter how much money you Chase and Chase has a long history, should be careful to avoid.Personally, occasionally several existing sources is not a problem, then also nothing, in a desperate situation.

1.2 within a short time a large number of open card

In the previous article, we analyzed the short time a large number of cards for the banks is more a signal of danger.Treated on a Chase credit card application, the novice can easily go astray, select large open card.There are several reasons:

  • Apply for a Chase credit card on the same day, there will only be one Hard Pull
  • Chase well Kato, Kato worthy of long-term, high card rewards more
  • Five-card policy forced open the Chase card

"Bank property" we introduced the Chase credit card application in a few notes.Some people like to hold HP to save every one-time application in the province for Chase credit card, Chase and especially there is no novice to build long-term relationships.I personally think that, if you intend to stay in the United States, apply for a credit card you can take your time, don't rush.First of all and bank relationships and continuous, on the one hand you can and getting to know the credit card number using the skills will get rewards on the edge, on the other hand you can also wait for the banks to some Offer, then apply.

Because of this Chase points (all credit card accounts) who is often and Chase the relatively short history of people, generally have a Chase Checking account, Chase credit card is more than a year of crossing probability is relatively small.

1.3 the abuse of points system

Illegal turning-point: in the previous article, refers to the little bird will Chase UR points go to UR account of others, examples of found and confiscated by Chase points and checkpoints.Everybody just has to avoid.If you really want to buy points or tickets for others, UR number can be in the UA account to go to your own, and then give out tickets.After all, the airline management is not as strict, generally with the other ticket, your account, if you can provide each other's passports and information is generally not a problem.

5x cash back: in some forums to see someone suggest that Chase could turn off those who only use 5x cash back credit cards, for example, only with Chase Freedom quarter 5x and Ink series of office supplies category.I personally think that although this user is certainly not making money for the Chase, but because of the cap on its Freedom and Ink are returned, so the Chase is not so cheap and want to level.Of course, if you feel uncomfortable, for Chase to make some money, you can choose categories also brush a little bit of 1x, let your bills up.

2. AMEX minefields and response

Compared to the Chase,AMEX mined area is mainly focused on "total risk behaviour" referred to in these points and underline two points:

  • Payment is not successful (return payment)
  • Short time many AMEX credit card
  • Short-term high consumption, consumption pattern change
  • Inflating revenue, or income and expenditure risked
  • Through the high/lines and the total revenue ratio is too high
  • Credit and Charge Card Balance is too high
  • Secondary card
  • Open business credit cards, consumption is large (very easy to trigger FR)

And Chase is different, if AMEX that your risk is higher, first triggered their company-specific Financial Review (FR) program.

2.1 AMEX Financial Review process

FR is the AMEX requires you to provide proof of income or assets, to verify that your income can support your expenses.When FR when the program is triggered, the general process is:

  • All of your AMEX credit card accounts will be frozen (suspend) is not available
  • Received a phone call requires that you submit the tax inspection form (Form 4506-T)
  • AMEX to IRS check your last year's tax records, to determine your income
  • Verify your income and whether you fill out
  • Final three results
    • By FR, all credit cards and normal, limit unchanged
    • Through the FR,Charge line of cards has increased, other credit card reduces the amount
    • Not by FR, all credit cards are kept

If you are a student or have no income, you can communicate with AMEX, the Statement submitted to the Bank a few months to prove that you have the ability to pay.If you have a job this year, you can also submit monthly payroll.While in FR, if you think you failed, you can call ahead to the AMEX credit card points into air miles, cash all CashBack, reduction of losses.

If FR triggered because business credit card Business Card, if there is no corresponding Biz tax returns after being FR the best active checkpoint, so as not to affect the personal card.

2.2 How do I avoid FR

If you fill in the salary there is no problem, your income can actually support consumption, FR just a process need not worry.If you don't want to get into this trouble, there are some civil summed up ways to avoid FR:

  • Total amount of all AMEX card <$35k single card credit <$20K
  • Deputy cards per card < 5, best secondary card holders with SSN
  • Do not repeatedly within one month
  • Every time you apply for a new card to fill the difference in income don't apply for too much
  • If there is no business tax, best not to touch the business credit card.Really applied, slowly opening the task

3. Citi and other banks of mined areas and respond to

"2016.2.10" Discover,Citi credit card has recently been closed all about Bill Pay.Especially with other people by the way they give you a credit card Bill Pay.In General, the Bank's Bill Pay would have been better, if the accounts of people who pay you no problems are generally not linked to you.But if their accounts were frozen, tracing down and your account might be involved.There are people paying you money when using Greendot (prepaid card), the card heard quite high risk of, and easily found in relation to money-laundering.So, it was split into several big Bill Pay 500 times, to pay special attention to.In short, my suggestion is to try not to not your name Bill Pay.

Moreover, Citi has recently been closed the whole family, one of the more likely is that Churn out so many credit cards, MS particularly heavy traffic with a credit card.But close range is not very large, we also need to be careful when using cards, spread in the middle of each bank card as well.

Citi is nervous?Whether saving Bill Pay, shift points (allows itself to anyone) do not have any problems.Was played before only checkpoint record is overdone and Shanghai immediately after a card reward points, also took back all year, finally, Citi back card rewards.There is no particular minefield, recommendations see "summary risk behaviour" as a code of conduct for insurance.

Discover a mysterious wave of hurdles once, still not settled.

BOA good card is not much nerve also belong to the large-type, rarely heard of the checkpoints, that kind of thing.Only relevant that someone applied for many Alaska Airlines signed a card, first give all the rewards, then they were back.

US Bank has heard few level examples, see the "summary risk behaviour" as a code of conduct for insurance.

4. Summary

Banks discussed in this paper corresponds to the following areas and response measures, banking on the behavior of individual sensitivity, but see the "summary risk behaviour" as a code of conduct is still relatively safe.These mined areas and terms, how will we deal with in order to reduce the possibility of credit card points?The next article, I will briefly introduce my own application and some tips for using credit cards.

"Updated BP risk" levels and risk control of credit card (2)--Chase,AMEX,Citi
"Updated BP risk" levels and risk control of credit card (2)--Chase,AMEX,Citi
"Updated BP risk" levels and risk control of credit card (2)--Chase,AMEX,Citi
"Updated BP risk" levels and risk control of credit card (2)--Chase,AMEX,Citi

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