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We focus on what mileage?

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We focus on what mileage?Mileage Plan abound on the market, each airline has its own mileage plan, are to spend a lot of time to study.If each of the mileage accumulated a point not only to expend extra energy, also change not because of the mileage scattered to the right ticket.So, how do we choose the concerns range plan?Today, let us discuss what mileage plan is best for you.

If you don't know what is the air miles and don't be discouraged, see our introduction of airline miles and hotel points.

Perhaps you will say, I buy one ticket which mileage accumulation.It really is the best choice?Sometimes accumulate to the Alliance partner frequent flyer might be more helpful.Airline alliance briefing article examples and in the second example, we analyzed the accumulated which plan is better, we can see that sometimes is not necessarily the highest cumulative return on their mileage plan.

So what are the factors of influence we choose mileage?


1. Cumulative mileage wanted to change what kind of ticket

Mileage you can under YY before what kind of mileage you want to swap out the tickets, so that we can target, faster implementation of your cumulative Canadian-cycle.Below we have listed some of the affordable range project:

For example, if you want to change your ticket to Southeast Asia to play in East Asia, China, we recommend that Air Canada AC, because round-trip economy class for China to East Asia Southeast Asia just 20,000 miles, round-trip business-class only 30,000 miles.So if your Air Canada mileage may soon be able to get the tickets you want.

Not familiar with the acronym commonly used abbreviations and introduction to reading this.


2. Mileage from the other points system

For example I have 34,000 UA mileage, but I'd like to get a return one-way ticket (requires 35,000) UA mileage, mileage is not enough to do?If you have a Chase Sapphire Preferred, 1000 points into UA mileage credit card for return tickets.So if a certain mileage from your favorite big points system and the SPG turned, so the mileage is very good.Mileage is not enough?Points to make up.

It appeared most of the mileage you can get from UR,MR,TYP,SPG transfer:


3. Like what?What price to buy tickets?

If you like Cathay Pacific economy class return, then flight AA mileage accumulation is definitely not a good choice, since most Cathay Pacific economy class are unable to accumulate AA miles (see Cathay Pacific table of cumulative AA), when better options are cumulative Asia Miles or British Airways Cathay Pacific home of BA Miles.Then I don't have to concern about AA miles?No, AA miles for Cathay Pacific flight home (and for business and first class quite a deal!), AA miles through Citi Bank Citi AA credit card and turn SPG points to get.

Well, if I was sitting economy class return on United Airlines, UA?Accumulated in the aviation Union said flight Singapore Airlines SQ will be better.Likewise, we must not overlook the UA mileage because Exchange UA flights, UA mileage is of great advantage.

If you are Hao, like business class first class home of the UA do?Without thinking, without the knowledge let UA directly.UA flight accumulation is based on fares to, spend, the more you accumulate, the more.


4. In the city where you

Traditional airlines have their own air hub (HUB).What is a hub?For example, if you are from the San Jose (San Jose) to fly to Tampa (Tampa), appeared in the Google top Flight searches so few choices:

We focus on what mileage?Can be seen to turn US Airways in Phoenix PHX, UA will turn in Houston IAH, Delta at Atlanta ATL go.The three airports is the hub airport for the three companies.United States air company transport capacity is such that each airline has several HUB, most of the flights from the HUB city of departure or arrival.So to be shipped from non-HUB airports to non-HUB airports will have to transfer at HUB airports.United States HUB of several major airlines list is as follows:

United Airlines, UA: Washington DC (IAD), Houston (IAH), New York/Newark (EWR), Denver (DEN), Chicago (ORD), San Francisco (SFO), Los Angeles (LAX), Guam (GUM), Tokyo (NRT).

AA AA+US: Dallas (DFW), Philadelphia (PHL) to Charlotte (CLT) and Los Angeles (LAX), Miami (MIA), Washington (DCA), Phoenix (PHX), New York (JFK/LGA), Chicago (ORD).

Delta DL: Atlanta (ATL), Minneapolis (MSP), Cincinnati (CVG), Detroit (DTW), New York (JFK/LGA), Salt Lake City (SLC), Los Angeles (LAX), Seattle (SEA), Memphis (MEM), Tokyo (NRT).

Alaska Airlines AS: Los Angeles (LAX), Seattle (SEA), Portland (PDX), anchorage (ANC).

These select mileage plan has anything to do with us?If your city is a HUB of aviation, it is best to select the air mileage plan, or the Alliance partner frequent flyer so that Exchange mileage tickets have more choices.For example, if you're in Dallas, then select AA or BA frequent flyer will do just fine, AA used for long-distance flights, BA for short trips.If you want to fly to Beijing, it can exchange direct DFW-PEK 35,000 AA mileage.But if the UA mileage Exchange, go at least once, than easy direct replacement.

If you have any questions please leave a discussion well.

We focus on what mileage?
We focus on what mileage?
We focus on what mileage?
We focus on what mileage?

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