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AA depreciation, what should we do?

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The friends of this blog should know AA depreciation using the new exchange table will be held on March 22, two tank Exchange mileage increase between China and America.So many hands have a lot of friends of AA miles wanted to burn before devaluation range in the hands of, such as change of Cathay Pacific or JAL first class home to enjoy.But Cathay Pacific airline two class, summer and winter are very sought after, is not very likely to grab tickets right before the devaluation.How to maximize the use of the AA miles for flight to want it?

AA kind change policy

Has the great advantage of AA mileage: mileage after changing the ticket for when you want to change, if your point of departure and destination are the same, accommodation and will not change, so you don't have to pay the extra money (tax gap is to be filled).By contrast, UA mileage change to $100, Delta mileage change to $150, add airlines ' mileage change to $90, you can say that AA is a conscience.Return mileage of the OneMoreDay in my book How to change a season ticket?(Article in the world) also said that Cathay Pacific is like last-minute business class and first class mileage, so better start booking position is to wait until former Cathay Pacific tickets Tickets.

Change before and after depreciation policy

But devaluation of the AA began on March 22, before the devaluation made airline reservations, the depreciation change, if the places of departure destination intact, how your mileage?If you devalue before the 55K business class, devaluation, I want to change into a first class (110K), that you will make up 1 time (55K) post to change, this is obviously not good, so OneMoreDay do not recommend transform air space after the devaluation.

If the places of departure destination intact, space does not change?AA official for such change has the following provisions:

If the places of departure destination intact, space-invariant, fly air Division and will not change, change will not fill the difference old and new standards.

Lift a example, if you from Dallas starting to Hong Kong, you if devaluation Qian out has Zhang DFW-LAX-HKG of business class tickets, DFW-LAX is AA practice fly, LAX-HKG is country Thai CX practice fly, devaluation Hou modified into DFW-SFO-HKG practice fly, is AA+ country Thai of business class tickets words, although turn airport variable has, but due to practice fly airlines Division not variable, so you on without pay post.But if you're into JAL's business class flight DFW-NRT-HKG, due to changing medical flight Division, therefore we're going out again, new and old standard deviation 70K-55K=15K AA need to pay mileage. (Update: according to reader LL link, changing air Division also may not need to add mileage.But to be safe, OneMoreDay suggest and objective air Division of course)

Coping strategies

If wants to summer or winter enjoy country Thai first class class words, can try try this approach, premise is time enough flexible (has a two or three days of window): first determine good starting and arrived airport, then set good route (AA+ country Thai or pure country Thai are can, but once determine airlines Division of select on cannot modified, selected has AA+ country Thai on don't wants to modified into AA+ JAL).Then flight early next year, next year's transatlantic Cathay Pacific first class or a lot of (each flight has a first class):

AA depreciation, what should we do? If you want to fly a-New York-Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific first class, or you can out of a A-first class tickets Los Angeles-Hong Kong, the last before departure, such as New York-Hong Kong line out of first class and then call the AA customer service change.

If double counterparts, can book tickets on two different flights (starting point and finishing point is still the same), and before departure into a favorite route.

Matters needing attention

  1. AA can change for free, does that mean that tickets can be unlimited push?That's not true, the ticket is valid for one year and begins the moment the validity of your ticket, and tickets are sold in March this year so you can only change a ticket for next March, and the ticket cannot be replaced next summer.
  2. If you have a first class ticket, wanted to drop before you start business-class online many DP show is $ 150, change fees, because this is a new ticket (YMMV, of course, there is no charge).But business class was changed into the first class tickets do not need to be modified, only need to catch up on the mileage difference.

AA depreciation, what should we do?
AA depreciation, what should we do?
AA depreciation, what should we do?
AA depreciation, what should we do?

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