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Points system getting started

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Points system getting started1. What is a number system

All major banks, airlines, hotel chains often offer a Rewards Program (rewards systems) or Loyalty Program (frequent flyer systems) to increase the viscosity of the user, and allows users to select a subconscious choice when the products are already familiar with system-provided service.These returns system commonly used points in return, such as airlines will use the mile, hotel Points will be used, and so on.These points can often Exchange related to the company's products, such as Singapore Airlines award ticket or free hotel accommodation.

As a wise consumer, colonizing these points exchange law and access to law often allows us to use the same Exchange a higher value of points.


2. Why are we concerned about points system

First of all, the same points under the skilled use, can be exchanged for a better value.Such as:

  • As we know, 6W ANA (all Nippon Airways) points can be exchanged for a round-trip ticket between China and (average value as $1200) and MR (AMEX points) can exchange into ANA points.If 6W MR points for ANA point and ticket purchase, which is equivalent to MR points at every point with a 2C (1200/60000=$0.02=2cents) value.
  • 1W SPG (Starwood Preferred Guest) points you can exchange for a day of its hotels (average price $200) is the equivalent of each point value SPG from 2C ($200/10000=2c).

In turn, since points can exchange good value, so to obtain these credits credit card of course is worth of applications, such as

  • God of AMEX cards EDP (stamp here to see more), grocery shopping can earn 4.5 per brush $1 $ MR.In accordance with the above example to change Sino-US air MR 2c at every point, then make every brush $1 9C (2c*4.5=9C), it is equivalent to credit card return 9% (9C/$1=9%).You buy automatic 90 percent, are you willing to do?
  • Brush the SPG AMEX card, any cost $1 can be 1 SPG.In accordance with the above example Exchange Hotel, that is equivalent to any consumer $1 return 2% (2c*1=$0.02).Consumption when you would usually choose only 1% cash back card to brush?

Points need to exchange skills, of course, is not as simple and crude as cash back card cash directly.But this is playing the point, playing card charm.

3. What are the points

All major banks have their own points system, some real return (which can be converted into other points), or spoofed rebate (only exchanged 1:1 for cash) need to distinguish.And that hotel and airline points isn't much trick points is the Exchange Hotel and airfare,.

Typical points system has the following categories:

  • Banking points
    • MR(AMEX Membership Rewards)
    • UR(Chase Ultimate Rewards)
    • TYP(Citi Thank You Points)
  • Airline points
    • AA (American Airline)
    • UA(United Airline)
    • Ba(British Airline)
    • ANA (all Nippon Airways)
    • AC (Canada Aviation)
    • ……
  • Hotel points
    • SPG(Starwood Preferred Guest)
    • IHG(InterContinental Hotels Group)
    • HH(Hilton)
    • HYATT
    • ……

Analysis of specific points here: remarks on various points

4. Points conversion

Because most aircraft points and hotel points are relatively simple, best way is to set the flights and hotels, and need not be discussed here.For some special points can be converted to another point, while not reducing its total value.In this way, we can save only one point, and when I am in need of an air or hotel, points equivalent converted past reservations.So our point is not scattered at the same time, also can be scheduled at any time needed.Flexibility is the essence of points converted.

Common system of points can be converted as follows (just list some of the usual more turning point partners):

  • MR
    • May, turned aviation: a total of 17, ANA, AC, BA (1:1)
    • Transfer hotel points: altogether 4, General hotel points came close when turned in an emergency.
    • Transfer time: most of the turning-point moments to account
  • UR
    • May, turned aviation: a total of 5, UA,BA (1:1)
    • Transfer hotel points: a total of 4, commonly used HYATT (1:1)
    • Transfer time: most of the turning-point moments to account
  • TYP
    • May, turned aviation: a total of 4, Singapore Airlines
    • Transfer hotel points total?General hotel points when almost, turned in an emergency.
  • SPG
    • May, turned aviation: AA,AC
    • Transfer hotel points: General do not turn and fall ~
    • Transfer time: most take about a week
    • Turning point rewards: 2W point per turn, with 5,000 reward points!(God cards)

5. How to get points

Airline and hotel points

  • House flying save or save point (specific number see the da net)
  • Branded credit card and the card to save some (stamp here: points card stock)
  • Brand shopping rebates network (here: the rebate cash back network getting started)
  • Eat brand rebate network (here: eat rebates network getting started)

Banking points

  • The credit card, or card rewards (here: points card stock)
  • Banking online shopping rebates network (here: the rebate cash back network getting started)

Points system is large and complex, involving multiple banks, hotels and airlines, to know well is not easy.This article only gives you a basic understanding, counts as an entry.

Points system getting started
Points system getting started
Points system getting started
Points system getting started

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