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"5/26 update: still valid" Western Union short–$5 for $20 Amaozn Gift Card

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Bloggers on Twitter before a Western Union money transfer activities, has received a gift $20 a few days ago the Amazon gift card.Give you detailed steps and considerations listed below, I wish everyone can pull a little.

1. Introduction

First use of the new users of the Western Union money transfer remittance function and remittance $50 to get $20 for free Amazon gift card and above.Basic methods are: Western Union account registration from the link below, and send $50 to each other (fee + $4.99/$5), each of you are $20 the Amazon gift card.Now do not need to get the promo code directly on the link below to register

"5/26 update: still valid" Western Union short--

2. step (10.2-update procedure)

"5/26 update: still valid" Western Union short--

  • After the registration is complete, click on the Send Money Now
  • QQ picture 20150614002203 Enter $50 to remittance, bank accounts receivable (subject to each other's checking account number and routine number), or choose to take the money directly (need to go to your local Western Union counters).Should be careful to choose a bank account as a payment method ($5 fee), because credit card payments will need additional cash advance fee (about $10 $5+), is not cheap.

"5/26 update: still valid" Western Union short--

  • Next fill in the recipient's information.If you want to take money in the local, just fill in the address information, such as name.If it is a direct money transfer to bank account, just fill out the account and the routine a number (recommended).
  • Bank remittance of about 2 working days to, in about two weeks you will receive the following message, Amazon gift card issued to you $20.

QQ picture 20150614003709

3. Possible ways to save money

3.1 using a rewards debit card transfer (thanks Macromol ideas)

If you use the Paypal Business Debit Card/SunTrust/Discover Debit card cash back debit card used to pay 1% or may be able to receive certain mile.If it is a Paypal debit, I tried online shopping, although it is not know what channel, but also took the 1% cash back.I think Western Union can get to 1% is 50%, but since it is a debit card, there is no Cash Advance, so give it a try without risk.SunTrust is sure get a mile.And Discover Debit seems to be a return to $0.1, then double recent activity, using a $0.2 should be, haha.

3.1 distribute money to other countries (thanks daxihe ideas)

Netizen daxihe said that sending money to other countries charges will likely be sent to the United States, sent to a Bank of China account to receive equivalent RMB $2.99 fees, sent to India even without charges.If interested in this way, can also be sent to China's own or family member's bank account, books, $2, of course.Of course the money received is how many I don't know, shows the estimate exchange rate

"5/26 update: still valid" Western Union short--

4. Matters needing attention

  • Payment must not select a credit card, or cash advance fee
  • Payment choice of banks is the fastest if you a person who wants to use this activity, payment methods can be written as yourself, go to your local Western Union money.
  • Banks need to $5 fee, and the back is $20 Amazon, is also good
  • The activity due date is unknown, to receive the message, whichever
  • Through the above link, directly on the official website to register Western Union account may not get the $20, follow the above steps to implement
  • If a computer wants to register multiple accounts, use stealth mode.The best is to switch the agent, changing IP.
  • Is not clear whether enter promo code in the promo code will affect the $20 gets, try students can look over.

"5/26 update: still valid" Western Union short--
"5/26 update: still valid" Western Union short--
"5/26 update: still valid" Western Union short--
"5/26 update: still valid" Western Union short--

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