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Welcome to the new site

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Spent the day yesterday, the official website of the original WordPress on the site moved to its new servers.Old site is also pretty strong staying power, after all, traffic and search engine traffic are now coming up.However, since the decision to do this site, do the most professional.Here are moving notes, to the new site and blog are interested can look at, not interested can skip it.

Welcome to the new site

The advantages of WordPress on my server is still pretty much, the most important is the ability to install plugins, like the left, do not like to immediately remove.DIY and still feel good.Here to talk about how to set up a server and WordPress.com on the original page move.My stupid, welcome to the experience of divine guidance.I purchased the domain name on GODADDY and space, offer a total of $12 for the first year, is very good.This is not a technical paper, key ideas on how to spend the least amount of money to establish server.

  • Go to GoDaddy.com register an account
    • Then go to Ebates.com cash back network search for GoDaddy.com, you will find some promo code
    • GoDaddy page before you turn off, and then into the GoDaddy from eBates (can get cash back with 7%)
  • Select economic Web hosting packages and domain name a year (with eBates promo code using only $1 per month)
    • Note Web hosting to choose Linux server, I chose Windows, interface sucks, super slow speed is the most important, on the back not at all.
    • 50-20 new AMEX OFFER GoDaddy recently, if you pay the annual fee can be less 20, are well suited for long open Server.
  • Setting up the server and WordPress
    • Exports the previous site XML file (Tools Options in WP sidebar, select export, free line, $129 that are so expensive)
    • Access to their server, add the WordPress APP, then you can go into a sample interface of WordPress.In WP tools select Import, import will remind you to install WordPress plugins
    • Import XML file after the install, I imported a number of times, beginning to end of the server is not responding (in fact, some of the files have been copied to the server), guessing Server CPU use may be too large to cause replication failure.Imported more than once, and finally import all files
    • Import XML contains only blog posts, comments, pictures, all format files are incorrect, the theme no, menu also has a problem.So the next step is to slowly step by step set to return to the original blog
    • Once you have set all the themes menu, and so on, the internal link or link to the original blog post, so I'm a a modified (may have missed, welcome that)
    • Export the email subscription lists, importing to the new site
    • Eventually installed several plugins, recommended WordPress Jetpack, after installation and in WordPress's interface is much like the original, data and statistics are similar.
  • In the original blog post, moved.

Record of this article would be a move.Everyone interested in blogging or message exchange, the stones together.

In the end, welcome ~

Welcome to the new site
Welcome to the new site
Welcome to the new site
Welcome to the new site

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