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Interview with God (1)–WayneWayne: fly with wife's son

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This site's new "God talk" column, each will find a play card to play some more experience of interviews, hoping that their first-hand experience to help you.Today we are WayneWayne share their playing card history and experience.


Very happy to share my credit card and credit cards 101 tips.I it code name, coordinates are LAX.My credit history is quite long already for 6 years, but the actual beginning mileage/points is only about 2 years.

Now credit card on hand include: daily favorite Freedom/EDP/forward, CSP/PRG of travel when necessary, there is also Hotel card CitiHiltonReserve/IHG/Hyatt/ClubCarlson, Aero has only 1 card is Barclay Aviator. And Jane (Chou) reservoir (TI) flexperks card (Visa/Amex) Arrival (No AF), Discover, there is also BizGoldReward.A total of 16 cards. Daily/tourist card can also be seen by me I majored in UR/MR two-line.

Interview with God (1)--WayneWayne: fly with wife's son

Once had the card includes: Prestige/SPG Personal/BCP/Ink/Ink Bold/AmexHilton ArrivalPlus.
Through these opening Bonus cards and the usual brush, probably integral with 70W at hand since, it has 30W is the hotel points. Spent without statistics, but the last 2 years to Seattle/Hawaii/NewYork/LAS and various California Roadtrip lodging tickets are basically spend points.But these where tickets are flying economy class, only X3. Yes, go pick his wife son ~ haha.Interview with God (1)--WayneWayne: fly with wife's son

1. what was your first credit card?What happens now

America first credit card with you, is a secure card, BofA. Is now cancelled.Although the first card cancellation of credit history is bad, but BofA to charge me an annual fee, call talk also refused to go card.I tore myself (in fact, anger to turn off).

In addition to this card, is tied for the Amex and Discover bcp. However, BCP also was closed, in order to make room for EDP …HA HA HA HA. So the only remaining is to Discover the real.Amex then back to back date, so he can now see on the EDP Member since 2011.In addition, the beauty is the first mileage card CSP.Save UR card is the first Freedom, but Freedom doesn't understand when miles, so CSP is the real significance of the first mileage card.

2. When did you start playing cards?What is the reason you play the card?

At home when they are already using a credit card, so come and logical nature continue to use. First United States credit cards easy to use, received almost everywhere, in addition to considering the future buying, credit history is also important, credit card rewards, time is the most important, original concept to North America credit card cash back is the simple brush 1 knife to 1cent.
When started, then, have little understanding of credit card products in North America, begin to rotate 5% cat cards, is naturally to be attracted, and Max the Cat 5% undoubtedly is, of course, want to Max/cover more different cat, as well as increase return on everything else, fire, began playing (LU) card of no return …

3. When did you contact miles, hotel points and frequent flyer Member?What makes you focus on the content?

Contact miles, as mentioned earlier, when you start to want to Max everything else after spending, 2% and mileage is nothing more than two choices, in fact, I preferred 2%, but in the process of research, slowly learning to a range of knowledge, thus steering mileage.
Hotel integration, I am concerned about hotel points earlier.First time out is to use a Priceline bid.But slowly found that Bid is not for me, one is the talk is our first bid cannot select room types or, and I travel is a family trip, we imagine, couple with a son, check in check to a Queen bed is absolutely want to die there. Second is if it is a Roadtrip is OK, if it is a holiday, they want Hotel in good location. This bid would be impossible. But the good location of the hotel is expensive, paying for good heartache. Attention naturally turned to other options at this time. Thus began to focus on hotels.
Hotels, and when you start to focus on how to Max everything else spending time, naturally begin to receive air miles.

4. What is your favorite Exchange?Can you elaborate on that

Next time I'm most proud of is the exchange of course——Exchange Ah! HA HA.

In fact, this is not entirely a joke, I think miles/credits are for travel services. God said: spend mileage is really valuable. Otherwise it is just a bunch of numbers. How much mileage the dollar is not important, important is and their families can go to any place.Reading lines thousands of miles.So I'm more concerned about my next where to travel (she) (CI), mileage is what helped me to where I want to go.

For example, recent trip to NY. This travel planning of early has many adverse Yu exchange of congenital factors, a is due to ld leave early, time was completely set died, II is lift all travel, points to cover 3 a people of tickets, more increased difficulty of is also has other people peer, to consider others tickets of spending not increased others burden, again is season, summer is Exchange of difficulties one of, last also to account turn times, after all with child.Alan old also, in fact, the whole planning process, I haven't seen more than 3 lax-NYC (UA/DL/AA) the flight award ticket. Final arrangements into the open jaw of a Las-PHL JFK-Las, round and PHL-NYC lax-Las car cover. A NY trip and its chuanyou arranged into 3 cities, ticket confirmed directly by the TYP AA, as well as flexperk points out, by Hyatt hotel room voucher, there's UR turn Hyatt Grand Hyatt NY against in the end, we all play well live well.

Of course, playing integral so long, naturally no exception, hope points out, the higher the value the more rewarding.Air miles, though he knows two is the most against the dollar reflect the mileage value, but just needed a huge, every ticket is X3, mileage is only enough against the economy.Tried 12.5k BA against one way OGG-LAX. Cash buy 400+.About 3+cent/mile.I think eco is almost the case.

As for hotel points, because I plan to travel during the peak season (summer and Christmas). So instead I Exchange in and out of hotels tend to be good value, including 4W points against 300 + Hilton, 8k score against Hyatt, 200+, also lived with Marriott's cat 4 coupons for 300+ Fairfield! (Yes, it's Fairfield, not JW Marriott, you're not seeing things …I had seen thought he had Vertigo).

5. in your opinion, how to plan a trip using mileage points?

Above mentioned many unfavourable factors encountered my planned trip to NY.Summed up in one word: flexible. If flexible enough such difficulties were not difficult.Therefore, you want to plan a trip mileage points, the most important thing is to fight for their own flexible conditions. Pick a season, taking a few days off, go 1-2 time machine, try to change the destination, and even today a few different points can help Exchange.

Secondly, it is not willing to spend miles, said miles was for travel services, go to the destination is the most important, comfort is the most important thing, don't think mileage is hard not to spend.

Then, don't just spend mileage. This and the previous article is just the opposite, mileage is actually a kind of currency, not only to save money, all with integral, as long as the next start, why rush to run out of mileage/points?Mileage is hard to save (brush/MS/MR), brush was killed at least 2cent/p the opportunity cost of making, naturally can not do 1cent things which we have (except hotel points).

6. the cash back points vs miles accumulated which do you like better?

In front of so much, you know what I like??The answer is———-depends.

Actually I ld home cards are double cash + freedom. I recommend to surround and double cash + freedom? Because either they did not like it so much, with not so much mileage/points program. Second is 2% everything is money, by comparison, not brush 2% brush AA/UA only 1 miles, for most people, is definitely worth the candle.

But me?Contrary, I sometimes know a portal back to CB, is not much different from but I chose miles.Why? Personal mileage is also an investment, mileage points by itself does not add value, but at a speed faster than the currency devalued, can make it value-added only knowledge and good use of 2 years of study and practice, I have a self-confidence can make good use of the knowledge and ideas to better service to take advantage of the mileage I think and the goal of families around the world.Only if we have the knowledge to use, to integral value available to spend over CB.

7. When you play them, and what your life has changed?What do you think about these things now?

Change one of the biggest, no doubt out more often!Sometimes even family to mattress run, lol.Travel time is also of high quality or luxury.Status or privilege from credit cards most of the time still satisfy the vanity.Hehe

Negative impact there, sometimes in order to study the brush, working both in the raffish. These tell myself when, in fact, this is a hobby … do not delay the right action.
Mentioned the mileage is an investment, it is actually a very good budgeting tool. Learn to mileage prior to my travel Budget often lost control, and now, investment range, is to save money, but also their earmarking, and usual daily expenditures do not interfere, save enough to spend there is absolutely in line with our excellent financial management of Chinese tradition.

Interview with God (1)--WayneWayne: fly with wife's son

8. What are your novice new to credit card or frequent flyer advice?

First of all is to have the plan gets (line) integrals.Integral is depreciated faster than cash, not a bunch of points, or that God saying, only points against the dollar is worthless, otherwise it is just a bunch of numbers.

Second is first of all a few frequent flyer program will enroll or feels good again.But don't jump, carefully selecting the most suitable program, co-branded credit card provides the high open bonus is actually a great opportunity to try each program, try again after you have had more experience of the chain/Union/program.

Finally, and most important, to learn and apply what they have learned, worrying about blog/Forum, for example US101 and the cloud. HA HA.

9. do you have any suggestions for this site?

Mileage now leading or to North America a few old blog pilot, very happy to see this Chinese website for the benefit of the people, I hope bloggers stick.

Interview with God (1)--WayneWayne: fly with wife's son
Interview with God (1)--WayneWayne: fly with wife's son
Interview with God (1)--WayneWayne: fly with wife's son
Interview with God (1)--WayneWayne: fly with wife's son

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