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Virgin Atlantic miles (1)-get mileage, mileage Exchange highlights (updated 9.14)

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Virgin Atlantic Airways (translated as Virgin or Virgin Atlantic Airways, abbreviation VS) is a company based in United Kingdom Crowley of the airline, founded in 1984, are the United Kingdom ranked second, behind the famous United Kingdom Airlines (British Airways, BA for short).Its parent company owned by the Virgin Group has many airlines other than Virgin Atlantic, also established in 2000, Virgin Australia (Virgin and Qantas, VA for short), and soy sauce of small companies such as Virgin Virgin Nigeria and Samoa.Established in 2004, Virgin America (Virgin United States airlines, cheap airlines, referred to as VX), is a United States company, though not owned by the Virgin Group, but has ties to relationship with Virgin Group.Virgin Group boss Sir Richard Branson is a romantic mood (this preparation for Virgin Galactic is responsible for commercial space travel!)。 Shares of Delta and Virgin 49%.

Virgin Atlantic miles (1)-get mileage, mileage Exchange highlights (updated 9.14)Virgin Atlantic Airways official outlets here.

VS affiliate program called the Flying Club, registered address in here.

1. VS which air Division flight mileage can I change?

And we mentioned before Alaska Airlines like Virgin Atlantic does not belong to any Union, but there are a lot of good friends partners, of which we are very familiar with Delta, Air China, Malaysian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, ANA, of course, can not be less good brothers Virgin Australia and Virgin United States and Virgin Galaxctic, detailed as follows:

Virgin Atlantic miles (1)-get mileage, mileage Exchange highlights (updated 9.14)

If you do these airlines flights can accumulate mileage VS or VS flight mileage to change these flights of the aircraft Division, can only change an aviation Division, cannot mix and match several aviation Division, exchanges of different Airlines flight Division of the forms vary, some very good and some was cheating.And VS is the most mileage Exchange fuel surcharges, which to some extent weaken the advantages of Exchange.

2. VS mileage how to get?

VS mileage achieved is quite easy, because it's turning point partners includes the following four:

In other words, whether you're Chase powder, and Citi party, or AMEX MR points die-hard, even the SPG card for all occasions, can go to points VS miles for tickets, if you are much more is scattered points together to get maximum benefits, this comprehensive only Singapore Airlines (SQ), mileage can be comparable.

Airline mileage than VS mileage point is, airline mileage in the United States and there is no credit card, and VS and BOA have to launch joint credit cards Virgin Atlantic World Elite MasterCard ® credit card, 90K card rewards for a long time, but want to take full 90K to open first-year spending card $25K!For students of the spending power is not high, this Offer can be seen as 75K offer, need to open card within six months of spending $12K, want to skip this Offer students consider their spending power.

3. VS mileage for China and to and from any highlights?

VS mileage change to Delta flights only for round trip, mileage required is as follows:

Virgin Atlantic miles (1)-get mileage, mileage Exchange highlights (updated 9.14)

We can see that China and the mileage required for round-trip economy class 80K, business-class 120K.Need Delta miles for their flights in economy class 70K, business-class 140K.So it can be seen that the Exchange economy class flights on Delta miles mileage of a few, and exchanged an advantage VS miles for business class.VS Delta mileage Exchange no nasty fuel surcharges, taking into account the mileage VS easy access (you can put your MR,UR,TYP into VS such as mileage), although Delta VS mileage Exchange there are Blackout Dates, but may well be a better choice.

Sino-American Exchange routes there is a ANA,VS on the official website of ANA form has been temporarily removed, but according to OneMoreDay speculation will exchange according to original form, because the official website reads:

Round trip redemptions on International flights from:

15,000 miles in Economy, 30,000 miles in Business Class, 40,000 miles in First Class

Agree well with the old tables, the analysis is based on the old table to analyze.Original form is measured in accordance with the total flight mileage, are as follows:

Virgin Atlantic miles (1)-get mileage, mileage Exchange highlights (updated 9.14)

For example, if you want to change ANA San Francisco-Tokyo-Shanghai round-trip, because total flight distance is 12484 miles, falls to 11,001-14,000 miles that range, so the Exchange economy class 65K, business class, then you need to 95K VS miles, equal to first class, you need to 120K VS mileage.Compare with ANA 60K/95K/180K, VS ANA than in economy class, business class and ANA flat (actually worse than ANA because ANA Mileage exchange allowed to stay, VS miles Exchange is not allowed), and first class is finished and explosive ANA Mileage.

If you are walking from the East Coast, for example, New York-Tokyo-Shanghai, total flight distance is 15724 Miles, three tanks required 70K/110K/140K.

So we can see that VS miles for ANA flights the most cost-effective is exchanged for a simple round-trip first class between China and only 120K/140K miles +$200-300 fuel costs (one-time application for Citi ThankYou Premier + CSP + AMEX PRG will be able to do things), in contrast, ANA Mileage is 180K+$200-300 same flights need fuel, UA mileage is 240K,AV miles is 180K.And VS miles for ANA flights can also have an opening at the end.If caught with MR and TYP conversion Bonus, this Exchange is value-for-money.Specific methods for ANA flights is, first, on United Airlines, UA website and look it up first class AC official website, then call VS customer service request tickets.

Of course, the above analysis is based on the old table to analyze, if OneMoreDay moved to a new exchange table will update the first time.

4. What's on Air China highlights?

You may ask, VS partners clearly has our beloved big air, how Sino-US round to ignore it?Because VS mileage can only be the London-Beijing flights on Air China (did too T_T).However, the Exchange standard is exciting: economy class return 56K, business-class return 63K, first class roundtrip as long as 75K!And the lines are not the same, in this line of business and first class air tickets unusually generous, look straight in the UA Green:

Virgin Atlantic miles (1)-get mileage, mileage Exchange highlights (updated 9.14)

First class round trips use UA need heinous 230K+$297!Cheating United Kingdom airport departure tax (APD) used on UA Exchange is also inescapable, if with VS miles for first class round trip just 75K+$600-700.If there is a round in the European needs, then this is good.

But you say I want to go shopping in Paris or Milan do not want to go to London to do?London to other cities in Europe directly with the Avios BA Miles in Exchange for you!Specific mileage requirements could look at the article.London to Paris or Milan one way as long as 4500 Avios, off-season is just 4000 Avios.    Comment according to wool station in North America, and this only for the London-Beijing round trip from London, so the Base London friends is more suitable.If you want to return home, for United States-United Kingdom, and on the London-Beijing round trip in first class, is equivalent to returning on the road in the United Kingdom playing in a circle, is also a benefit.

5. S Virgin America United States domestic flight like?

VS Virgin America flight mileage Exchange vest is also a good choice, because of the mileage is not required and there are no pesky fuel surcharges, let us take a look at some good exchange (Virgin America VS Exchange can only be exchanged to and from, so the following mileage based on round-trip tickets, and best short economy class, so only economy class):

Virgin Atlantic miles (1)-get mileage, mileage Exchange highlights (updated 9.14)

Artifact and short compared to the BA, the red circle is the box VS distance routes less than BA Miles required (San Diego-San Francisco appeared on two occasions I was drunk), blue box both draw, which depends on the reward ticket number and how many you VS and BA Miles.So if you want to fly these short flight, then you can consider VS mileage.

6. The ultimate Exchange: the biggest bright spot is always placed at the end

If you have 1,200,000 VS miles, "" can change to Necker Island for two seven-day romance tour, diving all inclusive dinner and drinks.Necker Island can be introduced at his official website.The Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson's private island, Sir eats is personal chef-crafted cuisine, and Richard Branson's talk about life on the ideal would be a good experience.But the ticket to Necker Island is not included, but since you want to 1.2M VS miles, will you still care about ticket costs?

Virgin Atlantic miles (1)-get mileage, mileage Exchange highlights (updated 9.14)

Specific methods of Exchange can refer to this link: http://www.Virgin-Atlantic.com/us/en/flying-club/Flying-Club-partners/Virgin-Group/Necker-island.html

6. Exchange Notes:

Aviation is to call the Exchange exchange partners, customer service is as follows:

United Kingdom 0344 412 2414
United States +1 800-365-9500
South Africa +27 11 340 3535
Hong Kong + 2532 6060
County +86 21 5353 4600
India +1-800-102-3000 (Toll Free)
Caribbean + 800 744 7477

According to FT data point shows that United States and United Kingdom customer service Exchange mileage are not so powerful, don't know if it's because the United States line VS too much mileage.While Shanghai and Hong Kong, customer service professional lot, change is much higher, it is recommended that you have the chance to play for Shanghai and Hong Kong service give it a try.

Virgin Atlantic miles (1)-get mileage, mileage Exchange highlights (updated 9.14)
Virgin Atlantic miles (1)-get mileage, mileage Exchange highlights (updated 9.14)
Virgin Atlantic miles (1)-get mileage, mileage Exchange highlights (updated 9.14)
Virgin Atlantic miles (1)-get mileage, mileage Exchange highlights (updated 9.14)

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