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United States talking about the car rental

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Chanye ran a few days ago Pasadena, CA meeting, go look at the Rose Bowl (unfortunately wood games) and Cal-tech (is not no meet Sheldon).Want to like us for so many years, rent a car, but luckily this BLOG seems to be the other two gods also wrote a related article, I don't stink face, said his views on strategy

United States talking about the car rental

Prepare project (check-list)

This is very simple, check and prepare projects.If not, see behind the solution.

  • Valid United States driver's license
    • No, he didn't?Domestic driver's license there is wood there?Look it up if you have to drive the State's provisions (not just car rental), if allowed, bring your own home because a notarized copy of the driving licence rental.
  • Over 25 years
    • Vvv age not enough?Good underage fee …Alternatively, you can try a USAA CDP, HERTZ/ENTERPRISE/AVIS/BUDGET may be exempt from the fee, but strictly speaking belongs to the abuse of CDP, checked documents, then slightly belch fart …So slightly at your own risk …P.S. USAA, if not military families or car rental, and discount codes can be used, but there is no membership …See this India Guy article.
  • Have a car and insurance
    • His wooden car?Slightly then had to buy the car rental company's Liability insurance
  • Provide Primary Coverage had a credit card (Chase UA, CSP, Amex card and enroll "PREMIUM CAR RENTAL PROTECTION")
    • Wood?If you have a car and are semi-protected, so whatever, take a credit card to rent …Wood had a credit card?Good to buy the rental company's CDW slightly.
  • Car charger, charging line, navigation support navigators/mobile + navigation software
    • No, he didn't?Then to borrow one, or find car rental companies rent (paid).P.S. A lewd trick is to return law does not spell out.

Select the car rental company and channel

Hotwire&Costco Travel

If no preference for a car rental company, the first step should be to check the Hotwire car rental prices, since Hotwire car rental price than the car rental company website prices (without any discount codes) of the lower price.So first check the Hotwire price, and price as the bottom line, look at other sources of rental cars.Costco Travel the same way.

Priceline – Name your Own Price

We go out and play, not less to bid with Priceline bid features hotels, also bid the car rental here is much the same, it does not spell out.

The car rental companies

Personally, I prefer to go to HERTZ rental cars, this may and Hertz has been giving me a good experience (such as CDP with USAA before the age of 25, never check my documents), and Hertz Rent a car, condition is fine, open also to one's liking.

Combined with my personal experience, I put the car rental companies are divided into following categories

First, the three major car rental companies (Enterprize/National/Alamo,Hertz/Dollar/Thrifty/Firefly,Avis/Budget), and other (Sixt,Advantage)

My personal feeling, General Hertz,National,Enterprise,Avis,Budget,Sixt's condition will be better, of course, prices are more expensive.

About discount codes

Discount codes are divided into two categories, one called the protocol code (CDP), the other is the real meaning of the discount codes (PC)

  • Agreement code CDP
    • This is the rental company and related companies negotiating the price of the agreement after using code, strictly speaking, for the identity of the users is limited (such as the company's employees, and so on).But the current situation is, first lax car rental companies for identity check and, secondly, code authentication is very easy to get some agreement, like the major airlines give my frequent flyer membership registration agreement number (for example, I personally like to use AA, prices are also generally good), and registered the company's frequent flyer is very easy and free.
    • Risk warning: for use with an identity code of restricted protocols, agreements with other preferential price (such as USAA from underage fee and incidental liability insurance), but if the car rental company teller insist that you produce documents, if you are unable to produce the relevant documents, then it is likely that you will have with the current retail price payment.And if you had an accident, and you want to claim some benefit within the agreed price, and you are unable to produce the relevant documents, you may be rejected.So, at your own risk.
  • Discount codes PC
    • As long as you have the code can use.General access is Google, keyword "car rental company +coupon".
    • Pay attention to the terms of use of the different discount codes, either to rent 7 days in a row, have weekend use, etc.

About insurance

Insurance, have mentioned this in preparation for the project, once again.We take it personally

  • Have their own cars, insurance, primary coverage of credit cards
    • Credit cards directly with primary coverage for rental car, remember to decline the rental company's insurance
  • Have their own car, have full coverage, only credit cards with no primary coverage
    • There are two options: 1. buy car rental company LDW;2. use either credit card rental cars, but take the risk of accident to claim your insurance
  • Have their own car, all risks, no credit card
    • There are two options: 1. buy car rental company LDW;2. not to buy, but after the accident, their insurance deductible part of preparations
  • Have their own car, only half insurance, credit card
    • The most simple, direct car rental by credit card, remember to decline the rental company's insurance
  • Have their own car, only half a risk, no credit card
    • LDW obediently bought car rental company
  • No, credit cards
    • Darling bought car rental company SLI, and then use the credit card rental cars
  • No car, no credit card
    • Darling bought car rental company SLI and LDW

Term notes

  • CDW/LDW (Collision/Loss Damage Waiver), damage deductibles: full coverage equivalent to protect their car parts.
  • SLI (Supplemental Liability Insurance): the equivalent part of auto insurance among others.
  • Primary coverage, first priority guarantee: If an insurance policy is the primary coverage, so in any case, the insurance will be applied first (AKA, the highest priority).
  • Secondary coverage, the second guarantee: If an insurance is secondary coverage, so if and only if no other insurance may be applied or insufficient amount of cases, this insurance will be covered (AKA, priority is not a maximum)

Supplementary explanation

  • Secondary coverage
    • If you're only half risks, well, secondary coverage to carry for the primary, since no other insurance may apply
    • If you have insurance, then secondary coverage only your insurance deductible portion.
  • On the limit on credit card auto insurance provides protection to car rental:
    • MasterCard is 15 days, or 31 days (International)
    • Visa is 15 days (individual and national) or 31 days (business or foreign)
    • Discover is 31 days
    • Amex is 30 days, or 42 days (the same car rental companies, RADIUS 75mile)
    • Other, please refer to the Wikipedia page
  • Non-United States credit card and debit card with rental car insurance
    • Short answer: no!
    • Strict: see the card's user manual
  • Where to purchase CDW/SLI
    • If it is made in the official website, on selected models of the next page, you can choose whether or not to buy
    • If Priceline OTA, such as ordering, online orders on the way, will pop up to buy Priceline offer insurance
    • In any case, are available at rental stores when required to purchase additional insurance

Cars and cars

About car and vehicle, note

  • Check vehicle appearance
    • Non-airport stores tend to have the Clerk to check with you, see appearance Fender-Bender, asked the clerk records
    • If the airport stores, will generally go to the wagon, Fender-Bender and if appearance is not written on the car rental or Fender-Bender without marking, even if staff report
  • Check the amount of oil
    • If the level is incompatible with the car rental on the record and report
  • If this car mileage, mileage check
    • If the mileage and car rental on the record, and promptly report
  • Check car rental information
    • Check the information mentioned above
  • Return the car, if you want to change a card check, must be presented.There is a trick from Amex $24.99 premium, very simple, but not carefully spoken.

Additional considerations

  • Car rental receipts away, allows for the accumulation of air miles, to save fast expired UA/AA help mileage (P.S. And do not require passenger car rental)
  • If the car had an accident, first call 9-11, and then call the corresponding number on the rental list.Subsequent insurance claim, follow the procedures on the line.
  • A tip: when my rental car, prefer to rent a Full size, as compared with the lowest level of car and not much dearer.But the probability will give a free upgrade, and Full size car prices on your strategy.
  • Additional driver fee, if you are a couple car rental is generally do not need to pay additional driver fee.Some of the CDP will waive additional driver fee (for example, AAA,AARP,USAA).But don't let someone else on the list no additional driver driving the rental vehicle!!Because if an accident, the insurance company or citing this refusal.Personal understanding is that the owner of the vehicle is the car rental company, but the rental car customers and additional driver authorized to drive the vehicle, other people driving this car is unauthorized.Unauthorized, insurance exclusions, be careful.

United States talking about the car rental
United States talking about the car rental
United States talking about the car rental
United States talking about the car rental

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