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"Register to send $20+$5" Upromise cash back network usage guidelines

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Whether it is Haitao or shopping online, through the network of cash back to purchase something, and get an extra incentive, smart consumers has become a customary manner.If you are returning to what is now network, and its use is not understood, we recommend that you read the article "Introduction to cash back network".At the same time, cash back network now abound, and each have their own advantages and features, choose the one that suits your cash back network is also more important.Today to talk about one of my favorite cash back network Upromise.

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1. Register and signup bonus

Direct registration there is no account opening rewards.

"2016.4.13" by establishing new account recommended links now, 30 days return to network through the other things businesses buy more than $20, you can get $20.

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After the purchase of pending, once in a while you will find account $20 appear on your account, of course, the simplest way to meet will be urpomise to eBay, just buy a E-gift card (1% of eBay cash back)

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"2016.4.13" now owned by registered Upromise survey, finished the questionnaire could have additional $5 for the first time, link can be seen in your account.Need to register the best log in your account, and then point this start now register account.

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2. Basic functions

Cash back network

Upromise is, of course, the most basic function of a cash back network, every time you shop through Upromise search businesses to want to go, and then click on the merchant Web site to complete the purchase in the Upromise and Upromise can receive cash back.If you don't know the process, can refer to "cash back rebate network getting started" step of eBates, of course, you have to log on to Upromise.com and then search for businesses to go, rather than Ebates.

Track time and get the bonus time

In General, the 1-2 weeks, keeps track of your online gets cash back.General indicators are as follows:

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Bloggers probably looked at the list eventually gets the bonus time is probably posted in the three months after the date when the awards after the final account, you'll be able to take.Speed and eBates is three months.

Take money

Upromise is currently there are three ways to take money

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Check request is most commonly used, the minimum amount is $10, check sent to about 3 weeks or so.Student loans,saving plan and saving account needs to have a corresponding account, link can return to now every month Upromise automatically transferred to the corresponding account number.

3. Extra features

Upromise returned in addition to the basic function, but also has a lot of extra small fleece, listed below:

"Register to send +Upromise credit card

The credit card used with Upromise site is a hidden artifact, because as long as Upromise offer cash back on business, you are shopping through Upromise website and using the Upromise credit card payment, Upromise will then return are at the original site on additional 5% percentage of cash back.For example, eBay provides only the 1% cash back in Upromise, and add this after the 5%, you can get the 6% cash back.

Of course a prerequisite for additional 5% are: 1. your Upromise can be found in the online shop are (home) 2. You can get cash back shopping (such as purchase gift card on some sites are unable to get cash back)

Local store and service

Clicking once inside you can see a large number of businesses, and sometimes to provide additional small wool, such as the following

"Register to send +upromise restaurant

Return to understanding network if for dinner, this is essentially eating rebates network.Principle here is your registered credit card a is often used to eat, such as the PRG (can I get a 2x MR), gets a cash back credit card itself gets a rebate at the same time, Upromise will also provide an additional 5% cash back.Of course, you can check out if you go to the store in Upromise's list, or add a heavy.

Email rewards

Sometimes, Upromise will choose some extra promotion made by certain user groups, such as:

  • Add credit cards to Upromise restaurant, you can receive an additional $5, consumption, one can get $5 again (already qualified)
  • Using a cash back feature additional $5 (get)

4. Best programme

If you're like me, just everyday using the Upromise shopping, eat dinner, you do not need the following steps (see principle is of course).If you buy a lot, such as purchasing or are local, you can refer to the following ways to get the most cash back.

  • Items needed
    • Upromise credit card
    • Upromise account
    • upromise saving account
  • User Guide
    • Through Upromise cash back into the net to specify business (get back to a%)
    • Using the Upromise credit card (get back on 5%)
    • Get cash back after returning now to the saving account (get cash back at the end of 110%)


Buy 100 things at Staples, get cash back with 100* (5%Upromise+5% card) *1.1 (saving bonus) =$11, spent 89 bought 100 things.

Returning network series

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