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Why the credit card was fraudulent?What should I do?

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In the United States, the use of credit cards is very popular, from physical store to shop online, from supermarkets to buy food to school tuition 99% of consumption can be done by credit card.However, when you use a credit card, we do not enter a password confirmation, and sometimes even the signatures were not.You will worry if my credits lost thousands of tens of thousands of dollars in credit card, was picked up by others to brush yourself, are we going to buy them.Today I'll give you a little about credit card fraudulent causes and effects, treatments and methods of prevention.

Why the credit card was fraudulent?What should I do?

1. the credit card was fraudulent because

Credit card is fraudulent (unauthorized charge) tend to have a lot of possibilities, especially in this age of information.Sometimes, credit cards with him or kept at home, has received calls from banks, ask for some questionable spending.Let me summarize what I know the reason why the credit card was fraudulent:

  • Credit card loss
  • Merchant database hacked or sold
  • Personal information theft (Identity Theft)

1.1 credit card loss

It is easy to understand, someone finds your lost credit card, you can store.Although businesses may need to be checked after the credit card ID or the signature, however, tend to be big retailers when shopping or shopping less, few will check ID to confirm your name, check if it is consistent with card behind the front is even more rare.I have only one behind Toy r Us credit card no signature was denied credit card, also once in Office Max closing after being carefully check the credit card's signature and card behind the signatures are the same.These two are Visa Gift Card purchased, maybe just because of that, so the second alert.

If you lose your credit card, but it will be in-store to be fraudulent.Because on the Internet using a credit card, in addition to the card number, expiration date, security code, you also need your billing address (Billing Address), the information on the credit card must be invisible to the.Of course, if you lose your wallet, there are driver's license ID, it is possible in some shopping sites to purchase some electronic delivery products.

1.2 business database hacked or sold

Happened the last few years several businesses such as Target,Kmart databases hacked, hackers aim primarily to merchants to store our credit card information.When we were in the business of consumer credit card data will remain in the hands of businesses.Although the data is encrypted, but once compromised, hackers will be able to reproduce them by means of decompilation of your magnetic stripe, then put it on a blank credit card, consumer credit card can be used to directly.Of course, this method may not be able to get your credit card number and security code, it is generally still in stores were mostly fraudulent.

Another scenario occurs, is some small businesses and groups the stolen card will be swiped credit card information after you sell them in bulk.In the United States of Chinese, this dining in Chinatown shops especially the common.Often someone after spending a few months at home had somehow stolen the credit card brush.Internet search, many people are against.

1.3 personal information stolen

This situation is often more complex, you may lose your wallet, may be the Bank's database to be invaded, there may be certain your material body was invaded.This is the most serious, because all of your credit card information can be stolen, and you might also "by" applying for credit cards, your information may even be used for crime.So, don't look at credit card is fraudulent is a trifle, it is possible there is a very serious situation.

2. What brush after it was stolen

2.1 contact the Bank stolen

Either credit card or wallet is lost, or loss of data caused by fraudulent, the first thing to do is to contact the Bank and tell them the situation.In General, banks will stop the credit card that you used, to send you a new card.If you don't have a credit card number, telephone directly can also be found on the official website, put in the direct report card lost, usually directly to you through to the correct Department.Contact please ready about the identity of the material, such as SSN, date of birth, billing address, spoken passwords, and so on.

2.2 to view bills, speculated reasons, monitoring other

If you didn't lose your credit card, and the credit card was fraudulent, it is best to think recently where the card is used.For example, ever in some remote stores, Chinese restaurants, little-known stores, tourist shops, and so on have suspicious consumption.If so, the best monitor of others in this business over credit card and see what the consumer does not know.Need to be aware of is that those stolen card is often the first brush a small consumption, so as not to attract the attention of others, so it's best to look closely at each.

Also, if there are certain business data breach news, you pay special attention to your fraudulent card is also a business and a consumer.In General, these big business to the data being compromised customer compensation, such as target and Kmart after the data breach, giving customers a free identity monitor service, help everyone monitor their credit cards and credit reports of suspicious information.

2.3 Replace stolen cards

If in the previous step, you think of your other credit cards may be stolen, you can call the credit card company one by one, using the credit card is replaced.Just so you know, credit card companies give you only need very little cost, but if you were fraudulent, the credit card company also posted a loss, to investigate the situation, this is a big overhead.So bold a change card.New credit card magnetic stripe information, security code, card number, expiration date, and the credit card that you used are different.If not the identity theft problem, change card can usually be avoided continue to be stolen.

2.4 check credit report monitoring of personal information

If you are a wallet or an agency data breach that holds your personal information, your credit card is fraudulent, some stain on personal credit records.You have to do is get your three credit bureau reports, monitoring and control of personal information.If your personal information has been stolen, you can receive a free credit Bureau report, on the monitoring of personal information (Identity Monitor), there are many products on the market today, and find a good reputation, reasonable price on the line.If you find that the stolen information had a very bad effect on you, it is recommended that alarm solution.

2.5 payment of fraudulent amount?Don't need it!

I think this is my United States safe to use a credit card, even recommend no SSN also apply for the use of debit cards, cashless main reasons.United States most Bank credit card (credit card), the token card (debit card), prepaid cards (prepaid card), gift cards (Master&Visa Gift Card) provides a: Zero Liability policy, which is defined as follows (from here):

  • Zero liability policy:Major credit card issuers, concerned about public reactions to identity theft and fraud, have voluntarily adopted zero liability policies to product consumers. Zero liability policies go beyond the requirements of federal law, which limit individuals' out-of-pocket expenses to $50 if a credit card is lost or stolen and then used fraudulently. As the name implies, zero liability policies mean that consumers pay nothing if their cards or account information are stolen and used fraudulently.

Idea is that the law requires, customers only pay for fraudulent $50, but the $50 are removed.If it is fraudulent, no obligation on customers.So, feel free to use a credit card, fraudulent Bank of responsibility.Of these amounts, as well as the interest and we have no relationship.

3. How to prevent fraudulent

Credit card is fraudulent, and although in most cases our responsibility for fraudulent to pay for what, for a card on the line.However, sometimes fraudulent and would not be detected by banks and we.If you don't watch Bill each month, it tube to pay, is likely to become a pig in a poke, paying for the thieves.Here, we divided into two parts, first Merchant Bank to prevent fraudulent, we introduced how to prevent it.

3.1 vendors and banks how to prevent fraudulent

For merchants and banks, the fraudulent investigation of responsibility and obligations can they afford.So, they don't want to give the robbers money.Therefore, merchants and banks all have their own ways to prevent fraudulent.

Businesses generally have the following three ways:

  • Check the ID and the name on credit card
  • Check after the signature behind the credit card and credit card signature
  • Enter the last four digits of the credit card (copy the magnetic strip cannot get the last four digits)

Banks generally have the following several ways:

  • Where is very far from common credit card city credit card
  • Is different and your spending habits before (disposable brush a lot of money, or how small)
  • To you check a few common Pirates of the cardo business consumption

So, if you regularly consume time, ask to see ID verify the signature and confirmation, please do not feel uncomfortable, normal provisions are merchants and banks.

3.2 How to prevent fraudulent

  • Reduced in special small business using a credit card, you can pay in cash.View business evaluation before purchasing to make sure it wasn't stolen in the network card
  • Cards sign behind the name
  • Set the big-ticket consumer credit card SMS/email alerts
  • Feeling suspicious of phone card
  • See Charge does not know, search-related charge on the Web see what people say

Why the credit card was fraudulent?What should I do?
Why the credit card was fraudulent?What should I do?
Why the credit card was fraudulent?What should I do?
Why the credit card was fraudulent?What should I do?

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