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Play UA mileage (1): simple one-way mileage

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Play UA mileage (1): simple one-way mileageHello, OneMoreDay talk about United Airlines today (that is, everyone says United Airlines) mileage Exchange.

Tip 0: why is everybody loves UA mileage

UA mileage should point to Chinese in North America are being discussed the most, for what?There are four reasons:

  1. Best points: the Chase of the UA card often has opening to offer 55,000 miles, plus the Chase Ultimate Rewards of their (UR) points can 1:1 into UA miles.UR points can accumulate credit card includes:
  2. Wide coverage of Southeast Asian routes up.Not only is home of route up, where of stars Union (stars Union of introduced can see aviation Union introduction) also provides has up of Sino-US roundtrip select, UA, air, full-time empty, Hana, Thai airlines, Lufthansa, long wing, even is new airlines are has Sino-US between roundtrip flights, and many are provides has quality of service (UA I didn't in said you).Air exists to facilitate domestic two or three tier TX, you can take all major foreign airlines Air China arrived in the big city and then to the door, and this without too much mileage.You know United States small city to small city ticket prices tend to be expensive, one advantage of this is the miles-for-votes.
  3. Mileage Exchange started.Equal to UA mileage actually very simple, today I will speak on UA mileage ticket exchange method in detail.
  4. Rewards rules and generous.Exchange tickets for one-way, for a round trip ticket (or open) can stay, stay on opening and could see the introduction of this article, the following example I will mention.

Tip 1. How to register the UA account: 

Well said so many benefits, and how to exchange it?First of all, you have a … … ….UA membership number, how to get it?

In the browser, typing United.com, Home long this way, register where I have marked out:

Photo Apr 23, 20 36 37

Click inside to the registration page:

Screenshot 2015-04-23 17.04.19

Note Register address it is best to write Chinese, primarily taking into account the PQD question, as to what is the PQD we will post details later.

Received an activation email after filling out all the information you can visit it!

Tip 2. How to search for a milestone tickets:

For example, if you want to look at Thanksgiving Day ticket from Los Angeles to Shanghai this year, left corner of the home page has a place is the booking, also can check the mileage and the mileage, as long as you enter the airport and date on the red box again in the following section, "One Way" and "Award Travel"

Play UA mileage (1): simple one-way mileage

You will get this interface:

Play UA mileage (1): simple one-way mileage

Then click on "Search" which flights have the mileage on a date to see which ticket:

Screenshot 2015-04-24 12.30.49

On each flight, option is the blue one we usually say "mileage", or Saver.In this example, we can choose the 35000miles for a flight from LA back to Shanghai.

In the calendar, a date appears yellow mileage only economy class tickets on the day, if blue that day, only business class mileage ticket or first class, Green said both business-mileage tickets in first class in economy, trade and industry.In this example all dates are green, that mileage is quite adequate.The first result is direct, well, of course, also have a connecting flight from San Francisco.

Tip 3. What if I only want to look to direct?

Very simple, in the interface, the roller to the bottom of the page there is a section in the red box "Nonstop Flights Only" hook points "Search":

Photo Apr 24, 13 33 53

The calendar above become like this:

Screenshot 2015-04-24 12.44.29

Can see direct economy class options are many, but fewer business class.Winter lined the little, understandably, when airlines make money at this time, is unlikely to direct reward for playback.

Tip 4. How to book?

On the 19th day we can see the following interface, which lined the good days, I intend to set it up:

Screenshot 2015-04-24 12.53.26

Click on the blue "Select", you can see your trip:

Screenshot 2015-04-24 12.55.29

Click the "Continue to traveler information" will be left and the book is no different.

Tip 5. Return to do?

Simple round proposals is split into two one-way, there is also a lot easier to change if such trips.

Tip 6. Travel is what?How travel tickets?

For example, if you wanted to play in Seoul en route from Los Angeles to Shanghai for four or five days and then return to Shanghai, Los Angeles, then fly directly from Shanghai, Seoul is a stay in the city.UA mileage ticket policy was generous, and one round can include a stay in the city.Then how does this ticket?

First look LAX-ICN,ICN-PVG in the Tip2 method above, PVG-LAX miles, for example I saw on November 10, November 15 and November 25, respectively, LAX-ICN,ICN-PVG, PVG-LAX flight mileage, then I went back to UA Home the familiar interface of the upper left corner:

Play UA mileage (1): simple one-way mileage

Click the "Multiple Destinations" will come to this interface:

Screenshot 2015-04-24 13.12.36

As long as a trip to feed you in, then click on the "Search" there will be flights let you choose, a pick after the flight you want will find their itinerary has given you good:

Screenshot 2015-04-24 13.17.08

You see, we spent 70,000 UA mileage plus more than 60 knives you can change to a ticket value containing travel 4277 knife, each UA mileage here worth about 6 cents!!

Tip 7. One way can I stay?

Unfortunately, no, if you Tip on 6 November 10, LAX-ICN ICN-PVG of November 15, the final interface, which is long:

Screenshot 2015-04-24 13.25.52

50,000 UA mileage is that LAX-ICN and ICN-PVG separated by a separate bill your mileage, this change is not cheap.

Tip 8. All tickets can be checked with UA Star Alliance mileage?

UA check engine is powerful but not omnipotent, such as do not see Singapore Airlines SQ miles tickets and Brussels Airlines SN.How to use UA SQ flight mileage to people like that?

First tickets on Aeroplan official website, tickets we will speak later.

Look it up on Aeroplan votes, we can only call the ticket, but UA telephone votes out of the 25-dollar charge for the tickets, how to avoid the 25 votes out of the cutter charges?In here OneMoreDay on to told you a small trick: we can first set a UA of flights, then out votes Hou 24 hours within call to UA customer service requirements modified sign we check to of SQ mileage votes Shang, due to UA provides out votes Hou 24 hours within can free modified votes, so we on can such not spent a points money on can with UA mileage set to tall Shang of new airlines flights.A380 first class suite is not, of course, that'll put SQ their mileage to.

Play UA mileage (1): simple one-way mileage
Play UA mileage (1): simple one-way mileage
Play UA mileage (1): simple one-way mileage
Play UA mileage (1): simple one-way mileage

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